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Postby admin » Mon Mar 26, 2001 11:02 pm


>> Listen, this is the major fashion statement.

>> Is it?

>> Weari pantsuit to the oscars?

>> I'm going to get in trouble again for something.

>> What's underneath the jacket, anything?

>> A bra.

>> Where's billy bob tonight?

>> He's in louisiana filming.

>> Say hi to

>> i don't kno he'll be watching. Hi, honey.

>> Reporter: Less than five hours, angelina told billy bob hi for herself so to speak.

>> What was the best partevening for you?

>> Talking to my husband on the phone on the way over here. Y to him?

>> That i missed him, wished i was in bed with him.

steven cojocaru:
Ah, the lovely angelina jolie. Very simple in a nice white dolce and gabana suit. Just look at her. Everything's really right, except, ow! Look at those bad lee press-on nails. Acrylic, cheap. I'm gagging.

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