Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Blood Talk

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Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Blood Talk

Postby admin » Tue May 15, 2001 1:53 am

>>> Just missing nicole was billy bob thornton. Absent was his wife angelina jolie who's sex talk in a recent magazine raised some eyebrows, not that anything would shock billy bob.

>> We signed off recently in blood that we'd never go apart. We had it notarized. Made it legal.

>> Reporter: First there were the vials of each other's blood that billy bob thornton and angelina jolie wore around their necks. Now they're swearing to stay faithful by signing a contract in blood. But don't think the tattoo-loving couple stopped there. To celebrate their first wedding anniversary, what else did they do? Got more tattoos.

>> I can show you a couple there's one. And we both got this one. It's a symbol. Angie drew that, and it means something to us.

>> Reporter: Billy, in cannes to promote his new coen brothers movie, 'the man who wasn't there,' wasn't surprised by the unusual comments his wife made in the current issue of 'movieline' magazine discussing the strength of their bond. She said, quote, if billy was a woman, then I'd be a lesbian. If i was a man, we'd be a gay couple.

>> If your souls are connected, then it doesn't really matter what you are, does it? You could be like a pig and a goat. It wouldn't matter. Or a stick and a rock.

>> Reporter: Angelina was also quoted as saying, I've told billy if i ever caught him cheating, I would beat him up.

>> She probably would, but she knows that's not going to happen, so she can say that.

>> Reporter: Determined to make their marriage work, billy says they'll even turn down movie roles to be together.

>> We are going to trade off from now on, like she'll go with me on a movie, and then i'll go with her on one. We're going to trade around like that so we don't have to be apart anymore.

>> In case you were wondering, billy bob plays a barrer who schemes his wife in the man who wasn't there this fall.

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