How can you call yourself a fan?

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Postby dancingsenorita » Fri Jun 01, 2001 3:05 pm

I have to say, that lately, I've been pretty dissapointed in some so called 'Angie fans' out there! To spow you, the readers what I mean, I will use a post I just read (no offense to the auother of this comment).
'I have to say I'm losing interest.
First, Angelina stops drinking and starts working out during Tombraiders.
Then she and Billy Bob quit smoking.
Then they're photgraphed shopping on Rodeo drive like they're Brad and Jennifer or something.
Now there's a post saying Anglelina's banned candy bars from their house and turned into a health freak. '

I have not heard this from just this person, but from several. I do not understand, please enlighten me, but why in the world would you want her to be unhealthy, rather than healthy? i just don't get it! Let's start of with the drinking and smoking first. Do you know what excessive drinking causes? You are bashing her because she stopped drinking? I'm proud of her! She may just socially drink. Also keep in mind, for Tomb Raider, she had to do this. Who wants to see a stunt double, because Angelina is too out of shape? If you ask me, that would be pathetic! If she can do it, and wants to do her own stunts, like she did, more power to her! If you ask me, that makes her even more of an excellent actress. Now the smoking part. Now this really ticks me off. Why in the world would you want her to smoke? My mother smokes, and do you know how angry it makes me to know that she does. I truly worry for her health. I know that smoking is not a guarantee that will bring you lung cancer, but do you even know how much higher the risk becomes? I've seen the effects of smoking, and the last thing I would want, if for someone to start such an awful habit. It's incredibly disgusting and not attractive and appealing in the least. And don't give me the bull excuse 'It's not that easy to quit'. I know it's hard, but you CAN do it. It is 100% possible. But n e way... Next, ok, so someone photographs the two of them on several occasions. If you haven't noticed, Angelina Jolie has become more and more known for her work and as an actress in the past year. She has become incredibly popular since her first magor movie came out, and has been compared to many famous actresses in history. How can you exspect her not to get photographed? And what, she's not allowed to walk down Rodeo Drive with Billy Bob? And what in the world is wrong with Jennifer Aniston? Do you think she automatically changed personality because of a picture? If she wants to hide from the public and does not want reporters to invade her privacy,or if she doesn't care, that is her choice and she can do whatever she feels like doing about that, without fans negative comments. The fact is, if shes healthier, good for her! I really doubt she is going to start some sort of 'save the animals' or 'no red meat' cult. Please, get real. Personally, I want her and her hubby to stay as healthy as possible, because I would like to be her fan as long as possible, while she is living (and after she is, but it's not like she is that much older than me)! Considering no sudden car crash or cancer or something like that, heaven forbid! On to the next part!

'Where's the pshcyo-Gia-walking-on-the-edge-dancing-with-a-death-wish girl that lived for the twisted?
What happened to sleeping with knives and tattooing yourself like there's no tomorrow?
And where's that WallMart-shopping-aneroxic-orange-food-eating-chain-smoker that made me love Billy Bob?'

Hello, but her and her husband just got a tattoo! So, if that's what really dissapoints you, no problem there! And I'm sure she still loves her knives, and Billy his Walmart. A healthy new life style, does not change all of this. Now the anorexia, that is just sick! I hope he is over that, becuase Anorexia is not something I wish upon anyone! It's a horrible and awful illness that can bring death to the person. Since when is starving yourself attractive? If this is what makes you like Billy Bob, instead of his talent, then you are definetly not a fan!

'What's next, they start hanging out with Britney Spears?I'm going to stay positive, and believe all these freaky reports are just gossip.'
Now, that's just a really dumb, not well though-out comment. How do you know Ms. Spears does not drink alcohol on occasion. And have you forgotten of the hundreds of celebrities out there who smoke non stop?

I'm not trying to put down smokers or drunks or people who live on the edge. I've suffered from mild depression at times, I have to deal with real life stuff, I'm no perfect angel, but who is? And the fact is, that Angelina has just changed her health habits, not her personality in the least bit. Why do fans put her down for being happy with Billy Bob. Why put her down for becoming a better person? yes, I love that wild part of her, the tattoos, the sex appeal, the whole package, but that is not gone. If you haven't read the March issue of allure, read it, and you'll see. And even if she did change, everyone is allowed to change. And if she makes a mistake, she is allowed to. Im not her best friend or her neighbor, but just a mere fan. I admire her for her talent, her past, her charisma, her purity, her dirtyiness, sexiness, health conciousness,her honesty, HOW SHE'LL DO WANT SHE WANTS TO DO NO MATTER WHATS SAID, all there is to love about her. and though I dont know her,and what we know may be totally off from what she really is,she is not perfect cause no one is, but as long as she doesnt go out and kill anyone, I'm very happy for her and will continue to be a fan! I also hope that the heroine thing is not true, cause I'd like a role model, not a heroine user. And no I'm not an obssesed fan, just a fan and someone who admires Angelina, and no I don't worship boy bands or things of such. And i will love to hear comments on my post, good or bad, but please no childish comments.

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Postby admin » Fri Jun 01, 2001 4:49 pm

dancingsenorita, welcome to the board... I was wondering if somebody was going to counter those sentiments... The poll on the main page so far has some startling results so far, imo.

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Postby Serendipity » Fri Jun 01, 2001 5:06 pm

that was very well put dancing.

I just want angelina to keep acting, keep being herself, and just be happy.

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Postby Kate182 » Sun Jun 03, 2001 9:44 am

Hey, I'm proud of her too for all the things she has recently accomplished.  It's truly amazing that she could quit smoking and drinking and all the things like that without seeming to have many problems.  So, I understand where you are coming from, but you've got to at least try to understand the people on the other side of the argument.  The argument here is not who wants Angie and Billy to be healthy or unhealthy, it's how Ange is changing.  For the long time fans, it's pretty weird for us.  I mean, for the past several years, she has been that 'pshcyo-Gia-walking-on-the-edge-dancing-with-a-death-wish girl that lived for the twisted.'  And now all of a sudden she is Susie Homemaker.  I know I admired her not only for her work, but also her own individual personality.  She was that person for me who had the courage to do things that I couldn't do.  Getting tattoos, being sometimes reckless, getting mixed up with the drug scene a little, playing with knives, being totally spontaneous, etc. and then actually coming out an amazing person was just fascinating.
But now she's a wife and, as any married couple, she and Billy have the obligation to not just live for themselves individually, but also for each other.  So she is not so concentrated on herself anymore which makes her lack in the 'living for myself and no one else' department.
And the tattoos thing, she could get as many tattoos as she wanted and it wouldn't matter to me.  That doesn't show how dangerous she is, she said herself that its just a way to represent herself and it was just a form of expression.  The one thing that has definitely been bothering me is the fact that she got her death tattoo removed.  Its not the first time she has gotten one removed, but at least last time she had a legit excuse.  She said that the tattoo she had removed didnt really represent her.  But this time she got one of her most meaningful tats taken off because people were getting the wrong idea.  She got it taken off because of what other people were thinking... where is the old Angelina?  That's what I'm pissed off about.  She has totally changed her image.  Sure, she can still have sex appeal and be spontaneous, but it doesn't mean as much anymore when you know that she is also this other mommy-like person.

There is a song called 'FNT (Fascinating New Thing)' by Semisonic, and I can't help but feel that these lyrics are totally relevent to this situation:
Fascinating new thing
Don't betray them
By becoming familiar

She's becoming fimiliar... your everyday person.  Some of her fans are just feeling betrayed, that's all.  And because some fans feel this way, it doesn't mean that they aren't fans anymore, just give them time to get used to it or at least accept it.


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Postby Tuesday » Mon Jun 04, 2001 8:42 am

Thank you Kate, you explained everything I feel so well.
Angie was different, she was a star for those of us on 'the other side', those of us who didn't really aspire to the normal and didn't fit in to it anyway.
I remember last year, I could hardly wait to log on to 'Abstracts' every morning to see what crazy thing she was up to - and she managed to amaze me month after month.
When she first got together with Billy Bob it was perfectly insane - I loved them together! He was the ultimate choice for her:
Not some standardly good looking young actor or musician who was 'trying' to be a little 'dark', but this wacky guy from Arkansas who was already balanced on his own 'edge'.
Anyway - everything you said - yes.

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Postby dancingsenorita » Mon Jun 04, 2001 12:39 pm

ok, i've read back on my posts, and i can definetly see where maybe i went wrong on a couple of spots. i understand, that you all like that wacky part about her, but the thing is, if you read interviews with her lately, it is still there! now, only time can show us, how familiar shes actually going to become.

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Postby Angel Jolie » Sat Jun 16, 2001 3:36 am

Angelina rocks!!

(Ihr seid doch alle scheiße);-(

'This is life, not heaven. You don't have to be perfect.'

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