Angelina Jolie talks with 'Access Hollywood'

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Angelina Jolie talks with 'Access Hollywood'

Postby admin » Mon Jun 04, 2001 9:06 pm

>>> In less than two weeks, the fate of mankind rests in the hands of laura croft, aka angelina jolie. Our shaun robinson sat down with the tomb raider heroine.

>> She had a lot to say. Mrs. Billy bob thornton got into shape to play this role. The hardest, may be the curves.

>> I'm a 36 C. In the movie, it's a d. In the game, it's like 40 dd.

>> Reporter: That's angelina on her assets. Her assets, which are on display on this movie poster that's splashed all over the country, proved something of a liility during those big action scenes.

>> It was actually technically strange and I had to adjust to it because you can't -- you know, there are certain things and

>> i don't have that problem, so i can't identify.

>> Reporter: Bringing video game heroine lara croft to life was a challenge, and angelina has the battle scars t


>> during the bungee i was standing on a chandelier and burnt my leg on a lamp.Ally strange outtakes.

>> I bet you do.

>> I tore some ligaments in my ankle, and they gave me a cane. And the next morning it swelled up, and I couldn't walk. And it was the basic, please, please do not walk on the set, you know.

>> Reporter: Despitees, angelina has plenty to be happy about these days. We gave her a cake to celebrate her 26 today. And she recently marked her one-year anniversary with billy bob thornton with matching tattoos that angelina designed and only they understand. Th

>> we take the rohrshack test. What do you see? She sees a bed. I don't know what that means.

>> Reporter: One thing that is clear, the vow they made to each other and signed in blood.

>> We kind of signed our life away to each other legally and with blood, that there's no possible way that anybody can separate

>> reporter: And now that she's gotten into such great shape from playing lara croft, what about those rumors she could whip billy bob's butt?

>> No, no, no. I said if he ever cheated on me, I would beat him near death, but not kill him, because he has children. That's what I said.

>> Oh, i see.

>> But that's just that.Happen to us. We trust each other and love each other and that's not -- and she'd be dead, she'd be so dead.

>> Oh, i believe her. Back to the movie. Laura croft is the best selling character of all time. The movie swings into theaters june 15th.

>> Thank you very much.

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