ET Visits Angelina Jolie on her 26th birthday

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ET Visits Angelina Jolie on her 26th birthday

Postby admin » Mon Jun 04, 2001 9:37 pm

>>> angelina jolie risked her life with daring stunts for her new movie. And she did it with her co-star father, jon voight, nervously watching. We talked to the star about 'tomb raider,' and surprised her with a family reunion.E's one of my best friends in the world, and -- oh, god.>> Reporter: The sneak attack angelina's father had pati waited behind our backdrop for ten minutes to surprise his daughter.

>> It's a good thing i said something nice.

>> Reporter: 'E.T.' Had another we presented her flowers in celebration of today, her 26th birthday.

>> They're beautiful.Ank you so much.

>> Reporter: But the actress has become accustomed to the unexpected during her -- by her own admission -- bizarre one-year marriage to billy bob thornton.

>> If it wasn't for billy i don't think I'd be doing much of anything in this life. He makes me feel like a woman.

>> Reporter: Angelina plays an empowered woman in 'lara croft: Tomb raider,' which opens june 15th. The action heroine role required the actress to perform a slew of risky stunts.

>> It didn't feel as all like we were making a movie. It was like I joined the army, a very strange army. It was great fun, everyt part of it. And as far as being fearless, I think I'm either fearless or crazy, but either way i found a home for it in this film. So, it's good.

>> Reporter: In fact, jolie told 'e.T.' That playing lara croft was a breeze compared to her latest role in 'life or something like it,' where reporter with a fondness f hair, high heels and short skirts.

>> I fell over in the trailer the other day. Somehow, i was trying to go somewhere, just left my shoes, going somewhere, fell face first. Hook some guns on me and boots and I'm fine, but put me in a tight dolce & gabbana skirt and I'm all over the place.

>> Back to angelina and her dad. She told us they had so much fun working on 'tomb raider' that she hopes they can do a comedy together in the future.

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