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Sooo Unique
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Postby Sooo Unique » Wed Jun 06, 2001 6:41 pm

I just watched that this week in my psychology is so *amazing* and Angelina is the most incredible actress! Anyone else agree?

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Postby Bellybutton » Sat Jun 09, 2001 9:23 pm

I do agree i loved the movie, if only i could tell u why!!

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Postby Tuesday » Sun Jun 10, 2001 10:10 am

I think we loved the movie because there's a little bit of Lisa in all of us.
Like the scene in the ice cream shop.
Not all of us would have been quick or bold enough to act like she did, but we (like the rest of the Claymore girls) watched her with awe.
I was watching that movie again on HBO the other night and I thought about the post on here 'You call yourself a fan?'
It's kind of like a lot of Angelina fans are Claymore girls in a way:
Different and either not wanting to fit in or not able to or both.
So we're drawn to Lisa (Angelina) because she's like the mascot of the misfits.
She defys society with out apoligizing for it.
She does the things we'd like to do.
She makes it not just ok to be different, but the best way to be.
Anyone else see that?

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