Angelina Jolie Talks Tomb Raider

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Angelina Jolie Talks Tomb Raider

Postby admin » Fri Jun 08, 2001 9:05 pm

>>> This weekend on tv, angelina jolie takes no prisoners, but plenty of chances as they kicks butt in a 'tomb raider' special preview. We take you inside the tomb for the pulse-pounding action.

>> I don't feel li i've been on an adventure, and I just survived it.

>> Reporter: Bringing 'tomb raider' star lara croft to life than angelina jolie ever imagined. But despite a slew of on-set injuries, falling 20 feet, tearing a ligament in her foot, and going home bleeding after this bungee ballet sequence, the 26-year-old oscar winner was determined to look the part. To fight, not just pretend.

>> Reporter: Undergoing three kick boxing and martial arts training, angelina pushed her body to its physical limit.>> I'm doing a bit of everything. I'm taking yoga, strengthtraining. It was great, because after three months, I lost any kind of touch with my normal self.

>> Reporter: Angelina's dad, jonvoight, who stars alongside his daughter in the $100 million action adventure, was shocked by her transformation.

>> I see her on top of a broken column, and she pulls these guns out and starts flipping these guns with both hands, and I went, wow.

>> Reporter: Although based on a video game, onset, the hazards were real. This elaborate water-filled action sequence took 14 cameras to film.

>> It was all made out of steel, and all the arms were swinging around. And if you were standing in the wrong place, you will get cut in two.

>> I'm running through this orey with water crashing down a tidal wave coming. There's planets exploding, debris falling. I'm not even acting. It and don't get hit by anything.

>> Reporter: After five months of filming in exotic locations, like iceland's frozen tundra, and cambodia's remote temples, angelina did find a moment of calm in the middle of the movie-making storm.>> It's actually magic here. I just stepped out of the middlehink i've ever been to calm cool, huh? See more of her behind the scenes exploits if 'tomb raider' which debuts this sunday at 4:00 on showtime. As for the film, 'tomb raider' it opens nationwide june 15th. Tonight, catch her 'er' vealing chat, particularly about her brother at 9:00 on 'dateline nbc.'

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