Angelina Jolie Visits 'The Tonight Show' June 11

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Angelina Jolie Visits 'The Tonight Show' June 11

Postby admin » Tue Jun 12, 2001 2:28 am

>> Jay: Gonna be a huge movie. Please welcome the lovely angelina jolie.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ cheers and applause ] how are you?

>> I'm good!

>> Jay: You look great. And you -- oh, and wait --

>> we're gonna go home now.

>> Jay: Happy anniversary. Didn't you just ha

>> yeah, we did.

>> Jay: That's right. So you and billy bob were married what? One year? What, was it last month?

>> Yeah, m

>> jay: Oh, see.

>> Cinco de mayo.

>> Jay: There you go.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Now, how -- how does one celebrate? I don't wanna know how 'one' cele how do you guys celebrate? I'm curious. 'Cause, you know,peccadilloes of you two as a couple are fascinating to me. 'Cause, you know, I find you the most fascinating couple.

>> Oh, do you?

>> Jay: Yes, i enjoy reading about it. It always interests me. So how did you celebrate? I'm curious.

>> We gave each other our lives forever. We signed things in blood that were notarized legally that said that we could never be separated. Shh. Shh.

>> Jay: Wait, back up. 'Signed things in blood.'

[ Cheers go ahead.

>> And got tattooed.

>> Jay: Oh, you got tattooed.

>> And got tattooed. And we watched 'mr. Smith goes to washington.'

[ Light laughter ]

[ scattered cheers ]

>> jay: That seems so contrary to the first two.

>> No, not really.

>> Jay: Now, when you say you signed things in blood -- now, see, I thought my attorney was the only one that did that. I didn't realize.

[ Light laughter ] so what did you -- now, how does that work? What do you --

>> oh.

>> Jay: Do you make a little pinpr***
and then -- like being -- like when you're a kid you do --

>> yeah, jay.

>> Jay: Just like that.

[ Laughter ]

>> no, we just, you know -- you know, it may sound crazy. The thing is, I don't think, to a lot of people out there, it does sound crazy. I think they understand. I think a lot of people --

>> jay: It doesn't sound crazy. It sounds interesting.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> it's your --

>> jay: That's what I'm saying.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> it's your -- you know. You collect cars. That's bizarre to me.

[ Laughter ] I like blood. It's, you know --

>> jay: I used to do that with my motorcycle. When i got my vincent motorcycle, I cut my hand, and I ran a couple of drops through the tank. And it seemed to improve the performance.

>> That's right, yeah.

[ Laughter ] we're one and the same.

>> Jay: We're one and the same. You and I -- it's uncanny how similar we are.

>> Jay: Do you have any pets? Do you have any pets?

>> No, we kind of got on this thing about animals recently. We thought -- we like things that make us laugh. And I saw a duck, and I -- I couldn't stop laughing. I saw a duck. And then i -- I thought about a baby billy goat and have this thing about bottle-feeding a baby billy goat in the kitchen.

[ Light laughter ] and I just -- like, I can't -- but then we thought a poodle. 'Cause, you know -- it's the idea of shaving a little thing.

[ Laughter ] and you get a little baby one -- it's just a tiny little white thing that just, you know, you worry about squashing in the bed. And it's this little thing, so --

>> jay: Now, would you do one of those things where you have, like, part of it shaved down to the skin and you have those puffball things?

>> Yeah. Yeah.

[ Light laughter ] because it -- yeah.

>> Jay: But the dog's gonna get beat up every day

[ laughter ] the other dogs just kick the hell out of it.

>> We're gonna get it a little tattoo, as well.

>> Jay: And put a tattoo on the dog?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: So, you're getting -- you're gonna get a dog?

>> We do like the idea of a poodle. Yeah, because it -- yeah. It's a poodle.

>> Jay: Now, have you got a name picked out for the dog?

>> Poodle.

>> Jay: Poodle.

[ Laughter ] so apparently, a lot of thought has gone into this poodle.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Just be poodle. Okay. So -- but no duck.

>> No, i want a duck. We need to find some land. We want to find just some land, so we can have either a house or some trailers in the middle of nowhere and -- and have some ducks.

>> Jay: 'Some trailers in the middle of nowhere'?

>> Yeah. We just want a real life.

>> Jay: Yeah, that's a real life. A trailer in the middle of nowhere.

[ Laughter ]

>> to me, it is.

>> Jay: Why be in beverly hills -- oh! -- When you can have a trailer with a goat and a duck in the middle of nowhere?

>> Yeah!

>> Jay: That's what I say.

>> That's right.

>> Jay: That's living.

>> Huh, honey? He's somewhere.

>> Jay: Do you have any other animals that you like?

>> Beavers.

>> Jay: Beavers are good?

[ Light laughter ]

>> we have a huge thing with beavers.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: You know, on that note, we'll be right back. More with angelina a[ cheers and applause ] oprah: The truth hurts, but the truth works. They lost 200 pounds with dr. Phil's weight-loss plan. Next 'oprah.'

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Welcome back. Talking with angelina jolie.

[ Cheers ] now, this movie looked like a lot of work. Were you guys -- were you and billy bob separated a lot during this film?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Did you get to stay together?

>> I flew back pretty much every weekend.

>> Jay: Back from where?

>> From london.

>> Jay: From london to l.A. Every weekend?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Wow.

>> Sometimes jus

>> jay: Wow. And what would you do in those few hours?

>> What would I do?

[ Laughter ] I just -- yeah, he's just an amazing man.

>> Jay: Well, that's good.

[ Laughter ] what was the shortest visit? What was the shortest you flew back?

>> I think it was about two hours.

>> Jay: Really?

>> It was a real quick -- usually, i would spend a day or something with him. But I was back as much as i possibly could. And he came out, which he hates flying. And it was his first time in europe. But he --

>> jay: That was his first time in europe, really?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: He seems like sort of a worldly guy. I'm surprised.

>> Yeah. But he's, you know -- he likes --

>> jay: 'Cause there's not a lot of billy bobs in europe.

>> No. No.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: He's probably the only one. The first one they ever met.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Now, tell me about -- I remember you said you related to this character, this lara croft character.

>> Yeah, i do.

>> Jay: I mean, we should tell people what the film -- for anybody who doesn't know, it's based on the computer game, right?

>> Yeah. It's mainly based on her. But it's like the game in the sense that it goes to many different countries, which was amazing and great. And we got to go to cambodia and iceland and london and all these places that I didn't know much about. These other places. And we could learn about their history and their people. And, you know, you think about hollywood -- you realize, when you're out there, how tiny this business and this place is, in comparison to the world that's out there. And it was just amazing to discover. It meant so much. And it was -- so we traveled all over. And she's a -- she's -- we wanted to make -- she's a great character. She's english. And she's very english. She's lady lara croft. And yet, she's just a little crazy.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> And -- and well-equipped. In every way.

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah.

>> And just fierce and fun. And she loves adventure. And she's very friendly. She likes -- she's not out to kind of compete with other people or men. You know, she doesn't have this kind of feminist -- she's just -- she just wants to have a good time.

>> Jay: It looks like a physically demanding -- I mean, you're in every scene, and every scene is like an action scene of some kind. I mean, was it exhausting doing this? Did you have to go into this training thing for the whole -- ?

>> I did. It was like joining the army. But it was great.

>> Jay: Yeah? Do you like it?

>> I like discipline.

>> Jay: Really? Well -- that's another subject altogether. But, yeah.

[ Laughter ] now, you have an action figure.

>> Oh! . Have you seen this yet?

>> No!>> Jay: We got this from the toy company.

[ Laughter ]

[ cheers and applause ] that's the action -- and, you know, this is the first action figure that actually looks like the person. I mean, it does look like you. And I think guys will like it, too. Because you can -- well, you can do a lot of things with this.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: See, all the -- you can -- does it got the tattoo?

>> Hold on. Does it have? Oh, I have a bra on.

[ Audience aws ]

>> jay: You know, I could have told you that. I already checked.

[ Laughter ] but that's pretty cool. You dropped your gun. Your gun fell.

>> My little gun. Oh. How cute. I love my --

>> jay: So what was the most fascinating place you visited when you did this film?

>> Cambodia.

>> Jay: Oh, cambodia. It does -- it looks --

>> cambodia is really one of the most -- it's really one of the most beautiful places in the world. And it's got -- it has such a history. Through the vietnam war, these people went through so much. And they're still building back. But they're such a peaceful people. And yet, we went to certain locations, and we were on the waterfall. And I'd be standing on the edge of this waterfall in the most beautiful jungle. And it's just the greatest, most freeing feeling in the world. But then, you know, they'd tell you about this country. And they'd say you can't go past a certain area because there are land mines that still have not been cleared. And there are hospitals everywhere where kids are still being affected by this. And you just -- you kind of -- we don't hear a lot of stuff on the news. There's a lot that's kind of sheltered or censored. You know? And so it's amazing to discover what's really going on in the world.

>> Jay: Well, it's odd when you hear the news in a foreign country. Like, I was in saudi arabia. And I turn on the news. And they said, 'american terrorists battling freedom fighters today.' And I said, 'american terrorists?' And they showed a picture of the president. And I realized, 'oh, everything is backwards.'

>> Well, yeah. Yeah. They do -- but you also realize that we do that.

>> Jay: That's what I'm saying.

>> And we do that to them. There are certain things that they just assume we don't need to know about and we don't need to understand what's happening. Certain things are just not big news. When i was in london, there were big, big things going on about sierra leone and things in africa. And I came back here, and it was just nowhere in the news. It just wasn't -- you know, they figured we didn't care about it. So, it's really a great thing to just be able to -- we all feel -- and i know there are a lot of people like me. When the walls are closing in, and you don't understand what's going on in life or what's -- how you can breathe, and then you realize there are these countries and real things going on, where there are real wars and real people trying to survive and real people helping each other. And these amazing countries and jungle and land and -- there's so much to do and to dig your hands in and get dirty and live and do some good. And it's a great feeling. It's so much better than just trying to, like, survive.

>> Jay: What is this scene we're gonna see here? Do you know? This is a scene from --

>> oh, and this is 'tomb raider.'

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Right. Let's not forget the movie. You know what this scene is? This is where --

>> i can't tell from the picture.

>> Jay: Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> i'm guessing it's some kind of fight.

>> Jay: Where they're breaking into your house.

[ Laughter ] some kind of fight. Let's take a look from 'tomb raider.' Here we go.

[ Piano music ]

[ crashing ]

[ gunfire ]

[ cheers and applause ]

>> jay: There you go. 'Tomb raider.' It opens this friday. Angelina jolie. Now, what? You have the premiere?

>> I have the premiere now. So i have to go run and do that.

>> Jay: I wish you could stay. But I know you got the premiere in like half an so, angelina, thank you. Angelina jolie! Be r

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