Angelina a Wayne Newton fan?

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Postby BillyBobFreak » Sun Jun 17, 2001 6:59 am

It's been working. Over the past five years, younger people have been showing up at his Stardust Hotel shows in bigger numbers, he says.

The youthful 'Waniacs,' as Newton's fans are known, began to include celebrities. Matt Damon and Billy Bob Thornton 'practically bought out everything' at the Wayne souvenir stand after his Vegas show one night. 'A few weeks later, I saw them on a talk show, and they were both wearing Wayne Newton hats,' Newton proudly reports. Even more breathtaking, 'Angelina Jolie was wearing a Wayne Newton pin in a photo that accompanied a story about her in a weekend newspaper supplement.' Ben Affleck and members of 'N Sync (news - web sites) have also made clear their fondness for Wayne.

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