Angelina Jolie online

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Angelina Jolie online

Postby darkdancer » Wed Jun 20, 2001 10:54 pm

Let's start at the beginning.
It's REALLY early in the morning and she's on
the internet (?)
She 'stumbles' on this website as she's .... as
she's doing a search under, well how do you find this
Maybe a word search for 'Angelina Jolie'?
She gets to the home page, clicks on what?
The 'Angelina' link.
After she's finished reading the news updates,
she clicks on the message boards and reads all of them.
Then she sets up a profile for herself and of all the possible names
she picks one as gothic as 'Student of Death'.
(Who's tattoo did she get that idea from? Humm ... )
She goes back to her inbox and waits for the administrator to send her the 'password'.
It's 5:36 AM. She gets her password and logs on.
She smugly begins typing out her indignant and superior opinions
(Uh, by the way, obsessed is spelled with just 3 S's, and it's 'actually' see? It has
two l's)
With a conceding attitude she criticizes not only Tombraider, but anyone else
who criticized Tombraider (?)
She corrects dancing senorita's use of all caps.
Then she forgets to use caps herself when she types Sigourney Weaver.
(By the way those little deals )) you know, that you probably use when you make
happy :) sad faces :( uh, unfortunately they're not a part of the word
'Unfortunately'. (Try 'pressing something' next time and see if you have a 'little
light' in your brain that will come on)
And I'm pretty sure you meant fans that 'live and breathe' Angelina, not 'live and breath', right?
She explains to us all that we are obsessed, and should be doing something else with our time.
(It's pretty clear she has more stable things to do with her own time) ..... but wait!
Maybe not, because she's back on at 5:50 and then again at 5:58, telling us that Angelina makes movies, and that 'we do other things'
But, wait!
She's changed her mind again, now we 'make the world turn' and Angelina should be going to websites about us.
Huh oh! She's changed her mind again, now she wants to organize everyone into a fan club. (by the way it's idol, cars 'idle')
I'm not even going to try to figure out what it is you want 'Death Student'
But when you say 'we do other things' do you mean 'other things' like spending most of your day logging on to an Angelina website, so you can tell other people they're obsessed with Angelina?
Because it sounds like you're critiquing people that you have a lot in common with.
I guess the difference between us and you is that we don't dislike ourselves.

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Postby StudentOfDeath » Thu Jun 21, 2001 11:55 am

My my my... First I'd like to point out that I'm not 'her'. Nor did I ever say I was 'her'. And the one time it was mentioned I refuted it. SO... that brings us to your next point. Times aren't equal to each other that's why it has the how many time zones are you away from the UK thing when you sign up. So your 5 AM could be my 2 PM.

Second... never ever have I changed my mind(s) about anything! I pointed out that you're obsessed, never did I make fun of you for being obsessed. I myself and obsessed with a lot of things. Where as I could have said hey go outside and get a life! I didn't. That would be hypocrytical I'm of a different status than you but much the same. (When I say different I mean horizontaly not verticaly). I live on my computer seriously if I go outside my skin melts. I have to wear sunglasses to look out the window and I make albino's (SP) look tan. So let's skip the whole me trying to be better than you thing because I'm not nor did I ever say I was! (I just want you to experience the net to it's fullest!:) BTW that's how I end my side thoughts :) with that however I didn't realize that on this site it would be translated into a face like this one :).

I'm just saying there are tons of things out there on the net. Rather than sitting back and hiding behind that's all we can do... do more, use life as a tool of experience.
You're obviously a very tight knit community, well you can use that to do anything you want on the net! Seriously, even if it's just something simple like making your own fan club for a movie actress...

My point? Be different, don't be confined to one site like this start new ones join other ones... (I'm seriously thinkging of emailing the head guy of this site, to tell him we want more ;) 'YOU' (again you = globalization of people on this forum) deserve more from fan sites (OR ANY SITE)!

Seriously I'll bet you $50 that if you all got together and made a website (of any kind but in this case one about angelina jolie) she would love and you'd learn new skills you'd be bettering your knowledge and you could do something really cool (talk to angelina jolie your IDOL).

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Postby StudentOfDeath » Thu Jun 21, 2001 12:29 pm

Also I doubt she would know what to do with a computer if she ever logged onto one. Because I'm guessing she's busy with other things and doesn't have time to just log on and 'hang' out. Seriously though I'm a fan of hers but I'm not a 'fanatic', where as you are. I figure that I can safely say that all of you would think talking to her would be totally awesome! So if I plant the idea to do it inside you maybe you will... then again there are always those podantic people that might not want you to leave their site to start your own... (i.e. industry driven websites like this because they make money off you...) Seriously, if you really really want to talk to her ask somebody (maybe this site isn't so bad and they can help get her on here) or start your own site and contact her about it...

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Postby admin » Thu Jun 21, 2001 1:18 pm

StudentOfDeath, let me assure you, minus hosting costs, the message board DOES NOT make money, but in fact loses money, the same can be said of the chat room here. Why? Because they are repeat visitors with high page/views than drop down click rates and eat up bandwidth... That's why free message board sites are closing left and right and those left are running popups on every page view.

Also, most celebs don't have a message board for a variety of reasons, mainly because they can't control the content and they get swamped w/ negative posts. Jennifer Lopez shut her board down, Yasmine Bleeth shut hers down, both because of constant negative and insulting posts. *NSYNC & Britney don't have a message board probably for this reason.

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Postby StudentOfDeath » Thu Jun 21, 2001 4:37 pm

That's interesting. But, advertisements on your site do make money or else you wouldn't have them! Although I'm not sure what kind of setup you have I'm sure there is someone somewhere that is getting a big + on their bank accounts NW.

Okay I'm sorry for insulting your corporation or whoever it is that runs this but, I retain my beliefs.

I'd like to point out that supposedly Angelina Jolie is way cooler and controversial than all the britney spears and christina aguileras of the world. Second, why do you think I even suggest a seperate site in a place like this?! Because as you see there are many fans and they are dedicated enough that they could moderate the boards carefully... it would only take a programmer (someone who had a good understanding of HTML which is very easy to get because I've got it) and 3 to 4 real good fans to keep the forums clean. As I see it you can find any of those in here! I'm sure someone besides me knows HTML and I'm guessing if there was a seperate site set up the jobs of admins/monitors would be eaten up before you could say 'Help Wanted'. And (no offense to your corporation admin guy) if it was a totaly independent (SP) devoted to one person it would be way easier to keep up and a lot more devoted plus there's the added benefiet that maybe just maybe she might support an independent fan club site. If I were you guys/gals I would try to set this up before someone else comes up with the 'OFFICIAL' so and so website. Now is that so bad?!

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Postby Tuesday » Thu Jun 21, 2001 11:43 pm

Ok look.
Abstracts is the best website on the internet.
It's so up to date you have to log on daily.
It brings together news from a bigger variety
Of sources than any celebrity site.
Between the tons of things the administrator
posts, and everyone else's contributions I don't
think it misses a news item.
I'd pay for it, but it's free.
I WISH the administrator could get rich doing this
site - he does an amazing job!
I don't want to set up a website.
I don't even want to waste a bunch of time
surfing the net.
I don't have time or any interest in doing
any of that.
Why should I?
I just log on to Abstracts once in
the morning and once at night and I get everything.
How great is that?
In spite of what you might think, my greatest thrill
would not be meeting Angelina and Billy Bob.
It would be cool, but really I just love to read
about all the crazy stuff they do.
They're wild and it's interesting.
Know what I think?
I think you like us.
I think what you'd really like
to do is stop trying to make some kind of pointless
Controversy and join us.
Why don't you?
Next time you see something cool about Angelina,
post it and tell us what you think about it.
Aren't you the one who was writing all that stuff?
about we (the people) being the best thing?
We are.
It's fun.
Join us.

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Postby ScOrPiNa » Fri Jun 22, 2001 9:06 am

Hey there everyone!!
I've been going to this site for a long period of time so far and i find these message boards so interesting and useful!
I thank you Tuesday, Dark Dancer and Student of death for making this site fun and controversial!
I am a true fan of Angelina.. and i believe that this site is the best site out there! It covers the latest updates on her , great information and mature people like you guys which a lot of sites on the net today don't have (Believe me i've searched alll over)
I think that its great everything is Free thats why i visit this site practically everyday and i think that Student of death sets a great example about making A great site like this earn what it deserves! I think it would be AMAZING to try and notify Angelina about this site so she could chat with fans that truly admire her. We deserve some credit! and i'm very sure that with monitoring any negativity and keeping this site the way it is today will help gain plenty of gradification!
I've been a true fan of Angelina Jolie for a very long time and i happen to meet someone that met her at a movie premeir..(the girls cousin was the producer of Palying By heart) and she told me she was great! they still remain friends till this day!
there are plenty of opportuntities whether ur a great fan and you'd do ANYTHING to meet her or evern talk to her or pple that just enjoy reading about Angelina's interesting life!
Keep up the Good work!

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Postby Serendipity » Fri Jun 22, 2001 10:10 am

I think the point of this site is not only to give Angelina news but other celebrities as well. There are other fansites, like Wuthering Jolie (my favorite) and Obsessive Attitudes devoted to Angelina alone and maybe if you want this fan interaction thing so bad, you should talk to them. Mr. Admin focuses on ALL the celebrities on this site and it would be better to talk to a single fansite for the kind of thing you are talking about.

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Postby StudentOfDeath » Fri Jun 22, 2001 12:17 pm

Tuesday, I'm just a guy with an idea... while I am an angelina fan I'm not nutz about her so I probably couldn't really *do* anything by myself. Anyway, if I 'joined' you so to speak my ideas might get lost... that's the sacriest thing of all. But, I don't see why coming here is so bad and it's not really. Also, I think Ms. Jolie would like it more if we went out there to other boards and posted things like ANGELINA RULEZ! On the britney spears board, eh? I'm gonna try that sometime and you should all do that! It would be kinda fun to see how much we get flammed.

To Admin: Yeah, yeah, I know you work hard and I noticed you're the only one really doing this... but I'm sure there is a system you could set up that would make money. (I've done boards w/ a lot of people and we always try to break even or make money so maybe I could help. If you want email me and we can crunch some numbers).

So anyway, I suppose I'll have to start being a hardcore fan now, sigh... j/k. Anyway (as a devoted fan) has anyone heard that new song, Southside by Gwen Stephani and Moby (I think). I heard that last night and really reminded me of angelina, was it on the sound track to one of her movies or something?

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