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Postby ScOrPiNa » Sun Jun 24, 2001 11:24 am

How did the live chat with Angelina go?
Student of death could you plz fill us in and give us details! and WHY DIDN'T ANYONE WARN US!?!?!? Where was this taking place and how could u get connected through the same chat line?
I dunno it's too late now but the least you guys could do is tell us what happened and just as what Student of death mentioned maybe show us the transcript!

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Postby dancingsenorita » Sun Jun 24, 2001 1:50 pm

well, the chat sucked, they kept asking her ?'s everyone already knew, god knows y people would submit these dumb questions. but n e way, u were informed, i posted it ont he board, but abstracts didnt really say n e thing about it though. u can get the transcript and ill post it later.

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