Charlie Sheen on Tonight Show 2/18

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Postby admin » Tue Feb 19, 2002 4:26 am

>> I did, thank you. I was thrilled.

>>Jay: Were you surprised? You looked surprised.

>> I was shocked. You was the last guy that thought it was gonna happen.

>>Jay: But you do a got job on the show.

>> Well, I don't think I'm that good on the show. No. I sort of, you know, bring a different style of comedy. It's ve low-key.

>>Jay: I mean, do you so think you weren't gonna win, you didn't prepare? Did you put a few words together?

>> The night before I thought, gosh, if I get up theri don't want to be caught with my pants down. (Auence hoots)

>>jay: Luckily that kind of thing never ens.

>> Of course not. So I used pot-- post-it, you know the clothing company juicy and I wrote an stuck it in the top pocket of my tux and it was there. But it was really small. Did you see it?

>>Jay: I can't say I did. I didn't notice it.

>> Okay. Ja well, congratulations your engagement. She is a beautiful woman. Do you hpicturethere they are right there. (Applause)

>> thank you. She's as weet and friendly as she eautiful.

>>Jay: Where did you guys meet? I heard one day you were engaged. Why not read ing. Did you da for a long too many?

>> No. It just sort of happened. We both knew. We met on a film we did a couple of mmers ago and there was a vibe back then. We felt it but then she came on the show this 18 and it was too strong to ignore.

>>Y: And then you really lt it.

>> Yes.

>>Jay: How do you propose? Are you a traditional kind of die is this how do you go about the whole process?

>> Wellum, she asked me tont give away o o many details.

>>Jay: Okay. Are you a 1-knee guy?

>> I was. I was a shaky hand guy, though. Yeah? A very shaky hand. It was a very surreal moment because you never know if the answer isn't gonna be 'yes.'

>>Jay: Did you discuss it and she knew it might be coming or just in your mind, not hinting around.

>> We had talked about getting married and knew for that to happen, therhad to be a proposal.

>>Jay: I see what you're saying

>> but I forgot to ask he father for her hand when i met him the first time.

>>Jay: How did that go? I mean, joked about your past. Oh, my daughter's dating that charlie sheen by. When you go to meet the dad, what is talike? Did you ask for the daughter's hand?

>> I forgot to.

>>Jay: Ooh, good move.

>> I thought I would see him again before it happened, and I didn't. No. It was actually a strange night. The driver down there was pretty severe.

>>Jay: What do you mean by that?

>> I had my first anxiety attack of my life. Driving down to meet the parents, I had a full-blown anxiety attack.

>>Jay: What did you do? Did you pull over to the side of the road? Were you sweating?

>> All of the above. I couldn't operate the vehicle. I said, 'denise, you have to drive. I am having a heart attack.' My left arm went numb, my vision got blurry. All those commercials that you see.

>>Jay: You wanted to meet dad like this.

>> It was not good.

>>Jay: How long does an anxiety attack last? How far were you from the house?

>> Two hours. Yeah. It lasted abouan hour and 55 minutes. Yeah.

>>Jay:Okay. You pull up to the house, get to the front door. Dad opens the door. Did you immediately relax? What happened?

>> He said nice to meet you. You look a little pale. No. I explained to them. I was very honest and said, 'I just had my first anxiety attack so bear with meech-- me.' >>Jay: And do you think dad likes he?

>> Yes, he did. They are watching now. She is with them watching now. Hi, honey.

>>Jay: Oh, okay.

>> Hi, mom. Hi, dad.

>>Jay: Did you ask for the hand in marriage after the fact?

>> We were at a spa.

>>Jay: No. When you talked to the, -- father, I mean.

>> I called him from the spa and I said, '

>>mike: Rv-- it just happened. Getting married and she said 'yes.' Is it okay with you?' But he was thrilled.

>>Jay: When is the wedding going to be?

>> Well, I don't want to announce it on the tonight show. You know? I can tell you.

>>Jay: All right. When is it

>> (whispering)

>>jay: August 8? No. I am teasing. Well, this is good. She seems good for you.

>> She is terrific.

>>Jay: And congratulations on 'spin city.' It's so hard to step into a role like that. And isn't your dad gonna be on?

>> Yes, but not as the president.

>>Jay: That should be cool. (Applae)e)

>>jay: And when?

>> March 5th. It's our first show back on the air.

>>Jay: Who will he lay?

>> My. -- Father.

>>Jay: Oh, typecasting. Anyway, 'spin city' tuesday nights on abc.

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Postby SatanSmily » Fri Feb 22, 2002 8:35 am

Charlie is just great.

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Postby Jack Daniels » Fri Feb 22, 2002 10:56 am

I like charlie too, so what's your story dude?

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