Denise Richards On The Tonight Show 12/6

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>> Jay: She can be seen in the new movie "empire," which opens everywhere today. Please welcome the lovely denise richards.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: How are you? There you go. Welcome.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: You're still glowing from your honeymoon.

>> I am. Thanks.

>> Jay: The last time I saw you --

>> How long does that last?

>> Jay: Well, I've been doing it for 22 years, it's still going. My wife's still glowing, so it works.

>> Well, good. Yeah, good.

>> Jay: But you have to know what to do.

[ Laughter ] But see, you look happy. You look content.

>> Thanks, I am.

>> Jay: 'Cause you and charlie sheen were just engaged the last time you were here.

>> Yeah, we were engaged. We got married a month later.

>> Jay: Okay, so see, I haven't talked to you about this. I've heard all sorts of rumors about the wedding, like what's the surprise song? What was that about?

>> Well, charlie's a huge baseball fanatic.

>> Jay: Right.

>> So to surprise him, I hired six gospel singers, and at the end, when he says, "i pronounce you man and wife," us leaving, they broke out into, "take me out to the ball game." And they were wearing red robes and hats -- baseball hats made it was cheesey, but it was fun for to us break the ice and the seriousness.

>> Jay: Well, cool. That's really neat. Now tell me, did you dance for the crowd? Did you do that whole thing, the whole --?

>> We had for our first dance -- we were a little nervous about doing our first dance in front of everyone, and charlie was nervous, too. And --

>> Jay: Does he dance, charlie, normally?

>> No, and we wanted to take lessons to make it really special, and I told him that I know -- that I worked with debbie allen on "undercover brother." So I called her and asked her if she would help us with our first dance.

>> Jay: So you brought in a choreographer?

>> Yeah, she --

[ Laughter ] And we had this whole really pretty routine.

>> Jay: Now did you put the feet down so charlie would have to -- ?

>> He's got some latin in him, so he did really good.

>> Jay: He has some latin? Oh, that's right. Of course he's got some latin. But see, I've never seen -- I've seen him in action figures, but I've never seen him actually get down.

>> Right.

>> Jay: So how was -- ?

>> We didn't want to screw up on our wedding night.

>> Jay: Was it a slow dance or was it something -- ?

>> It was a slow dance. It was --

>> Jay: Little salsa thing?

>> No salsa. Well, that's the next lesson. I really want to salsa with him and take lessons doing that.

>> Jay: I would love to watch charlie take salsa lessons. That would be --

[ Laughter ]

>> Maybe we could videotape it for you.

>> Jay: We'll do a hidden camera.

>> Okay.

>> Jay: Now where did you go for the honeymoon? Where did that take you?

>> We went to angola, which is this beautiful island.

>> Jay: Okay, okay, okay. So you're out on one of these -- was it like a cabin thing, or were you in a hotel?

>> No, we were in a resort hotel. And the only problem, it was beautiful except our bathroom was so bright, we had these windows that are almost eight feet tall.

>> Jay: Right.

>> We had to wear sunglasses in our bathroom because the walls are white. I mean, it's so bright.

>> Jay: That's really hollywood, wearing sunglasses when you go to the bathroom. Yeah, yeah.

[ Light laughter ] It doesn't get more hollywood than that. "Hang on, I'm going to the bathroom."

>> I know. We thought, "this is ridiculous. We have to do something about this." So we went to the store and got aluminum foil and spent --

>> Jay: Wouldn't that make it brighter?

>> No, we covered the windows with masking tape, made it dark so that we could go in there.

>> Jay: What do the people think? "Oh, look, the white trash family is moving in."

[ Laughter ]

>> Exactly, we were "the beverly hillbillies." He said only one other person has done that, and that was michael J. Fox.

>> Jay: Oh.

>> The only other person. Yeah.

>> Jay: Well, didn't they ever think of putting lower wattage in the --

>> It's not even the light.

>> Jay: It's the natural light?

>> It's the sun, yeah.

>> Jay: Oh, I see. It's the natural light. Okay, all right. All right. So now you've covered up the bathroom. That's the first.

>> And we're doing masks. I convinced him --

>> Jay: I'm sorry?

>> Masks on our face --

>> Jay: Doing masks on your faces?

>> Like mud masks.

>> Jay: Oh, mud masks.

>> He's never done that before.

>> Jay: Oh, this is not some kinky s & m pretend we're somebody else.

[ Laughter ] Oh, I thought it was like this thing with a zipper on it. It's not that kind?

[ Laughter ]

>> No, I said honey --

>> Jay: I'm confused, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I thought it was something else.

>> We got to that later.

>> Jay: We'll get to that later. Okay. Wait, now wait. Now what's the mud mask? Now tell me what that is.

>> You know, tighten up the skin, clean your pores.

>> Jay: Well, hang on. I didn't know charlie's skin needed tightening. How old is he now, 60, 65, charlie?

>> He's 70. Doesn't he look great?

>> Jay: Now what do you -- I mean, do you take his -- do you put his head in the mud, or is it some special mud from -- from the guadalupe mountains or something?

>> I don't know. It's this mud lavender mask, and I convinced him to try it on our honeymoon, and he did.

>> Jay: I love this. Guys try a lot of things on their honeymoon, but I haven't heard that one.

[ Laughter ]

>> It was very romantic.

>> Jay: Is that what this photo we have -- ? Is this charlie? It that him?

>> Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Oh, well, that looks --

>> No, you have to -- he's going to divorce me over this.

>> Jay: Oh, yeah.

>> That is our tin foil.

[ Laughter and applause ]

>> Jay: Yeah, that's lovely.

>> He's so going to kill me. He doesn't know we showed that shot.

>> Jay: And how long -- how long does this stay on, the mud mask?

>> It takes about ten minutes.

>> Jay: Ten minutes, and then the pores are clean.

>> Right, and the pores are clean and tightened, and then you take it off.

>> Jay: See, I would love to see charlie with the mud mask and the tin foil dancing. I would love to see that.

>> Well, we have yoga shots that I didn't bring. We were doing yoga.

>> Jay: I will pay anything for those.

[ Light laughter ] Now tell us about the movie. Tell us about the film.

>> The movie, it's a very gritty urban crime drama with john leguizamo. And he's a drug lord and is trying to get out of that and gets involved with peter sarsgaard and I, who play a couple. And we're --

>> Jay: And you're like the straight couple?

>> At first, yeah.

>> Jay: At first. Oh, okay. All right. Here, let's see. Here's the scene. Let's take a look. Oh, okay, this is when you're with john. Okay, let's take a look.

>> Come here a second.

>> What? So what do you want to talk about?

>> I want to talk about you. I've never seen this before. Wow.

>> Pretty ugly, huh?

>> No.

>> I got a little reckless.

>> Don't look ugly. A little reckless?

>> Yeah, well.

>> Do they hurt?

>> When you poke them like that.

>> Only when I poke them? So how are you?

>> I don't want to talk about it. And has jack called you?

>> Jack? No, he didn't call. He's in miami with his mom.

>> What do you mean he's in miami? I thought he said he was in L.A.

>> You know what? I don't want to talk about jack.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: You never -- you never watch yourself when these clips are on?

>> No. I can't -- no.

>> Jay: Really?

>> No. That's why I try and engage in conversation with you.

>> Jay: Oh, that's why you're talking to me. Thanks.

>> No, I like chatting with you.

>> Jay: When you go to the premiere, do you watch yourself?

>> No.

>> Jay: Why? Why is that?

>> I just can'T. It's very daunting and intimidating sitting there.

>> Jay: Really?

>> With a theater full of the industry.

>> Jay: 'Cause most actresses, "oh, look at me."

>> I hate it. I can'T.

>> Jay: Oh, you can't?

>> No.

>> Jay: So you've never seen any film you've been in?

>> A few.

>> Jay: Okay. Well, that's interesting. We'll have to get into that one next time you're here. We'll bring out -- we'll bring dr. Phil.

[ Laughter ] We can talk about that. Charlie can come out with his mask.

Can talk about his skin. Look, I'm oprah now. That'd be cool. Well, listen, congratulations.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: I'm real happy for you. You se like a happy couple, and I love charlie. Charlie's a great guy.

[ Cheers and applause ] And congratulations. Denise richards

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