Denise Richards On 'late Night' 9/9

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Postby admin » Fri Sep 10, 2004 3:48 am

>> Conan: Everybody, we're back. My next guest has appeared in the movies, "scary movie 3" and "undercover brother." This monday, you can see her in the lifetime movie, "I do (but I don't)." Please welcome the lovely and lented, denise richards.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Conan: Thanks for being here.

>> Thank you for having me.

>> Conan: Congratulations, 'cause I know you had a baby -- how long ago? It's baby night here. How long ago did you have a baby?

>> Six months, but before we get into anything, charlie is very upset with you and does not know how to handle it.

>> Conan: Charlie's mad at me?

>> Yes, because --

>> Conan: Why?

>> Our daughter looks just like you.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Conan: Oh, my god. Is it okay to show this photo?

>> Oh, sure.

>> Conan: All right. I just want to make sure that it's okay. Here, is this where you want to do it? Can you zoom in there? There are nine cameras here and none of them --

[ Laughter ] You know what, I have that same bath. That's the one that I -- that's the face I make when I'm bathing. There is an uncanny resemblance, and if that rumor's out there, then I don't care.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cat hiss ] Beautiful baby, by the way.

>> Thank you. I'll just set my envelope down here.

>> Conan: First of all, you look amazing.

>> Thank you.

>> Conan: Did your body change? I mean, every woman's body changes a lot during pregnancy. Did yours change a lot?

>> Oh, yeah. It did. The stomach was out to here and then the boobs out to here.

>> Conan: The boobs were literally out to here?

>> They were.

[ Applause ]

>> Conan: Don't applaud that. Please don't applaud that.

>> They weren't quite that big.

>> Conan: Yea, big boobs.

It's a new low in america it's a song I sing every now and then. Did that -- I mean that, it's troublesome, though, to have boobs that are out to there, I would imagine.

>> Well, they weren't quite out to there. They were -- you know, my husband liked it a lot.

>> Conan: Yeah. He learned to live with it.

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: Well, you look fantastic now.

>> Thank you.

>> Conan: Are you able to -- because this is a problem, and matthew would probably agree with this. It's sometimes a trouble, keeping the romance in the relationship when you have a baby. Do you do that date night?

>> We do have a date night. We just started the date night thing. Before, we didn't quite get that whole date night thing. But now that we have a baby, we get it.

>> Conan: Right. So, date night means you set aside one night of the week and --

>> Pretty much, even just closing the door and having sex. That's enough for our date night.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Conan: Wow! Your date night involves sex. That's pretty good. My wife and I go to the olive garden and it's, "get away from me!"

[ Laughter ] Honey, I'm kidding.

>> We're all new parents here.

>> Conan: Yeah. What about the baby monitor? The baby monitor can cause problems because --

>> The baby monitor can cause problems, yes.

>> Conan: 'Cause you always hear -- all the baby has to do is just go "pfft" while it's asleep. And my wife is like, "we gotta get in there!"

[ Laughter ] Take an ax to the door.

>> I know. We kind of turn it down so that we don't hear a peep out of her because it'll give us the creeps. But then, once in a while, we'll hear crying.

>> Conan: You turn it off?

[ Laughter ] Great baby monitor. Hey, I can hear the baby through this thing.

[ Laughter ] Turn that off!

>> It's only for a few minutes.

>> Conan: Just for a few minutes.

>> It gives us the creeps, you know.

>> Conan: Sure. Okay. Wow!

>> What do you do, conan?

>> Conan: We have it on all the time. It's driving me insane! Because the baby's quiet all the time. The baby sleeps great, but you hear the --

[ Static sound ]

-- Of the baby monitor. It makes a staticy sound. It makes me sound like I'm in the french underground, listening to radio-free europe. You know?

>> I know.

>> Conan: The invasion's coming.

>> They need to come up with a good one. That static thing is not good.

>> Conan: That's not good. They have to get better at this. Okay. I don't know how to transition into this, but I'm going to do it anyway because it's my job. You did a "playboy" magazine shoot.

>> I did.

>> Conan: Recently. And so you got into fantastic shape and you did the "playboy" magazine shoot.

>> I did.

>> Conan: There was no question there. I'm just going through it in my mind.

>> But you know what? I was a little offended because in my gift bag, there's a whole atkins diet book, so --

>> Conan: We weren't telling you anything. Why are we giving atkins diet books to the guests that come on the show?

>> Especially one that just had a baby.

>> Conan: That's terrible. I have no control over that. I get no power here at "late night."

>> I know. You probably don't even know what is in our gift bags. But I did do the shoot. I shot it in the bahamas. Brought my mom and dad and my baby.

>> Conan: Wait, you did the "playboy" magazine shoot and you brought your mother and father.

[ Laughter ]

>> I did.

>> Conan: What's that all about?

>> They were at the pool while I did my shoot. But, you know, it's funny. My dad subscribed to playboy when I was little. My sister and I found a magazine and we were really upset. We thought my dad was gonna divorce my mom. So, he sat us down and had a talk and explained that he buys the magazine for the articles.

[ Laughter ] I thought it was very interesting how this came full circle. Now the daughter is on the cover.

>> Conan: Wow! I'm sure he's thrilled that you told that story.

>> I'm sorry. Hopefully, he's not watching.

>> Conan: And everything -- thank you, very much.

[ Laughter ] What the hell does that mean? Oh, my dad would never watch this crap!

>> What about your daughter, you know, turning around, you know.

>> Conan: Well, she doesn't see all my magazines, yet. I've learned to hide them a little better than your dad.

>> Apparently.

>> Conan: Yeah, all my books are fake. They're hollowed out and then that's where the porn is.

[ Laughter ] I always come out creepy at the end of every interview.

>> You do sound a little creepy, sometimes.

>> Conan: That probably says something. Sometimes? You gotta watch regularly. "I do (but I don't)" airs monday night at 9:00 on lifetime. And congratulations.

>> Thank you.

>> Conan: I'm very happy for you about the baby. Denise richards, everybody

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