jlh at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue. Rotten Apple

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jlh at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue. Rotten Apple

Postby pinkGLAM » Thu Feb 15, 2001 8:53 am

Jennifer Love Hewitt, creeping out of Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue. Rotten Apple. Adorable in knee-high black leather boots, a short skirt, no shades to hide her eyes. Shopping bag hanging off her arm, too. But something made this gal so glum. The normally lovely one looked cranky, tired and less than her usual alluring self. Maybe she switched personalities with...


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Postby Anthony A » Thu Feb 15, 2001 6:42 pm

I dont think she would have enough time to be the new face for revlon because A.) she has tons of projects like The Devil & Daniel Webster and hopefully Trust Me and B.) she's already the spokesperson for Neutragena cosmetics and achne !

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