Cronin says he's JLH's 'secret boyfriend'

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Cronin says he's JLH's 'secret boyfriend'

Postby ronald33 » Fri Mar 02, 2001 8:22 pm

Thanks to Anthony, we know Rich C. (LFO) has already said in
POPSTAR that he broke up with JLH 6 months ago.(That squares
with the JLH statement that 'he's not my summer man.')

Now Rich tells Mitchell Fink (NY Daily News,3/2/01) that HE is
JLH's 'secret boyfriend'. Fat chance,Rich C.-Mr. Fink doesn't believe you,nor do I! (see my 'Boyfriend Paradox in

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Anthony A
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Postby Anthony A » Sat Mar 03, 2001 11:22 am

Well thank god one of the 2 spoke out ! I'm quite disappointed with Jennifer in a way because she said she was quite tired of the love life the press was giving her and now she go it good by the press eating her out with questions like ' who are you currently going out with ? ' She should have come clean with I'm going out with so & so but its minimal ! I mean thats not to hard, if she would have done that a year ago all this fuss would be regular old news ! I mean, look at Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr., first it started with they were both going out and boom the press was all over their ass to try to find out and they did by following those 2 wherever they went ! The same with Jennifer Love Hewitt & Enrique Iglasias rumor, they said they were going out and boom, the press followed those 2 until they got a picture of them doing something and they never did and the press kept following and I'm sure they both got quite tired of it ! And then the rumor of Alec Baldwin & Jennifer Love Hewitt being a item and BOOM the press was all over the sets of their films and just cause they caught the 2 hugging or talking they were automatically going out ! Jennifer brought this all on herself in a way but as long as she is safe and corftable its all good with me ! And also that statment in which Rich C. said they broke up 6 months ago was a lie, it was some tabloid rumor !

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