Jennifer Love Hewitt visits 'The Tonight Show' 3/16 Transcri

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Jennifer Love Hewitt visits 'The Tonight Show' 3/16 Transcri

Postby admin » Sat Mar 17, 2001 3:58 am

>> You look beautiful. They're big, and this one leans forward slightly, and, like, waves at people in a good gust of wind. It's upsetting.Oo much free time on your hands. No, really, do you really think that's true?

>> I really hate my ears so much. They make me very nervous. It takes a lot for me to wear my hair back, but it wasn't a great, you know, hair day to begin with.

>> Jay: You have lovely ears.

>> Well, thanks.

>> Jay: You know, I -- i knew about this. I wanted to make you feel better. We've collected some big-eared people.

[ Laughter ] see, you think you have it bad, but, really, when you think about it, how about that guy?

>> Ross perot is my favorite. I have an obsession with him because of his ears.

>> Jay: Are you attracted to men with big ears?

>> No, but i love ross perot, because he just has these ears that you just want to grab onto. He's so cute! I love him!

>> Jay: Well -- well, see, maybe someone feels that way about you.

>> Hi, mr. Perot.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Well, here's prince charles with the 'just for men' hair coloring.

>> Definitely a big-eared guy.

>> Jay: Big-eared guy.

>> Yeah. I like him, though. He's cute.

>> Jay: Do you know my friend chris isaac?

>> Chris isaac?

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> Does he have big ears? Whoa.

>> Jay: Look at those. Look at those babies, huh? Yeah.

>> Sportin' the ears, way to go.

>> Jay: Now, here are five five geeks.

[ Cheers ]

>> who cares about their ears, right? Who cares?

>> Jay: They have severe mouth disorder, apparently. What i'm reading -- 'cause i always read -- i always follow your exploits in the silly tabloids. Where were you? Oh, you were at a tarot or a psychic? What did you do, a tarot reading?

>> Yes, I had my tarot cards read, which is very disturbing.

>> Jay: Now, why is that? Disturbing why?

>> They said i'm, like, 900 years old.

>> Jay: How accurate.

>> I guess i wasn't looking good that day or something. But they were like, 'yeah, you've been --' I've had, like, 12 lives before. They think i'm gonna be miss hawaii.

>> Jay: Hang on, hang on.

>> Am I from hawaii? No.

>> Jay: You've had 12 lives before?

>> Yeah. Jay: And what were you in these lives?

>> I was always royalty.

>> Jay: Now, see, they always do this.

>> I tipped them.

>> Jay: See, no one is ever a car thief or a horse thief. You know, they'll always -- you're the queen of sheba.

>> The phone psychic people, though, those are some negative people. They tell you bad stuff.

>> Jay: You mean that lady who goes --

[ speaking with jamaican accent ] 'hello, my dear, i love you.'

>> I love that.

[ Speaking with jamaican accent ] 'man is cheating on you. Oh, la, la.' That lady, she's kind of negative, right? A little bit.

>> Jay: What do you want hear? Just good things?

>> Now she's gonna call me, and she's gonna be like, 'you're gonna die.'

>> Jay: Now, have you called the phone psychic?

>> No, i won't call them, beuse they're negative.

>> Jay: How do you know they do that? Yes, you have.

>> I like happy psychics. I bet you have called.

>> No, i haven't.

>> Jay: You never called once?

>> I've thought about it deeply, but I haven't done it. But I don't like to call them, because they're not happy. I like to know happy things. I like to know, 'oh, you're gonna look cute on thursday. You're gonna go shopping and find the perfect top.' I don't want to know that, like, bad things are gonna happen to me.

>> Jay: Yeah, so you would be a good psychic?

>> Yeah, i would be the happy psychic.

>> Jay: Yeah. Well, nobody wants that.

>> I would tell people things that are great -- all the time. Whoo-hoo!

>> Jay: Just become tony robbins now, think about that.

>> I don't want to know that stuff.

>> Jay: What'd i read today? Oh, you were supposed to meet -- you were supposed to have met president clinton.

>>Ight.>> Jay: What happened there?

>> Well, i was supposed to perform for him.

>> Jay: He'd like your big ears.

[ Laughter ]

>> yeah.

>> Jay: What do you mean you were supposed to perform for president clinton?

>> Okay, not in that way, all right?

>> Jay: What, what? What?

>> Oh, my grandma's gonna have a heart attack. I was supposed to sing for him -- to sing.

>> Jay: To sing to him.

>> To sing only for the president. He loves singers. And I was supposed to sing for him, and it was the weekend that the government shut down. But, it's kind of weird, because it's also supposedly the first weekend with the whole thing.

>> Jay: With the monica lewinsky -- well, that's why the government shut down. 'I'm busy, close that government.'

>> Yeah, so I don't really know what happened, but i never got to meet him. And I was kind of bummed.

>> Jay: Would you like to meet him? Are you attracted to him? He's an attractive man.

>> No, i'm not attracted to him, no.

>> Jay: But suppose your president called you, as an american, your president has summoned you to the white house.

>> I would meet bush. I think he's cute.

>> Jay: Oh, yeah, bush is cute.

>> He's just a little, happy texan. He's from where I'm from. I like him. I think he's cute, and, you know, I would meet him.

>> Jay: He's a nice man. He's a nice man.

>> I would have loved to have met clinton, but, you know, things were going on.

>> Jay: Yeah, okay.

>> He couldn't come meet me.

>> Jay: Well, that could have -- well, I don't know if it could have been.

>> Yeah, no, let's just not talk about that.

>> Jay: Now, what's cute about bush? He wears those western shirts.

>> I just think he's got a cute, little personality about him.Ittle personality.'

>> He's kind of goofy. I like him.

>> Jay: 'Kind of goofy.'

>> He's goofy, i like him.

>> Jay: That's what you want in a president.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Now, tell us about eartbreakers.' Now, this is kind of a new role for you, 'cause you're like the --

>> i'm a hussy.

>> Jay: Well, you -- how old are you, 99? You are 900 years old. Who says 'hussy'?

>> I don't know.

>> Jay: But, you know, usually, up to this point, every movie, you're like miss goody two-shoes. Or you're the girl, 'oh, i'm shocked.' But this -- now you're, like, the little tramp. You're, like, the sl**
ty girl.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Jay: Aren't you in this?

>> It's fun to be sl**
ty, can i just say?

[ Cheers ] that's a confession!

>> Jay: Wait, I want that --

>> just in a movie, just in a movie.

>> Jay: I want that clip for the promo. 'It's fun to be sl**
ty,' and cut it out right there. Just put that in the paper like they do when a movie is -- this is the worst movie --

>> just in a movie, but it is really fun. I had a great time. I do, I play -- sigourney weaver and I play con artists -- mother and daughter con team. And we take over palm beach, and we seduce and ruin the lives of as many men as possnow, what is this --

>> they enjoy it, though. They have a good time.

>> Jay: Yeah. Oh, okay.

>> They like it.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: So you like playing these kind of roles?

>> I do, it's fun.

>> Jay: Did you research the role at all?

>> I had a good time. No, I did not research it. I just sort of went into the natural tramp, I guess. I don't know. No.

>> Jay: Ray liotta said I'm supposed to ask you about some scene. You know, I haven't seen it yet. I'm sorry. I'll see it this weekend. Ray liotta said I'm supposed to ask you about some scene.

>> Yeah, yeah. The first two days of filming -- which will sound very strange if you haven't seen it -- which you haven't yet. I was attached to his crotch for the first two days of filming.

>> Jay: Now, i'm not talking about the audition now. I'm taking about the film

>> oh, come on!

[ Audience ohs ]

>> jay: I'm teasing! You're like my daughter. I can't tease you.

>> No, no, no.

>> Jay: What do you mean?

>> I was attached to his crotch for two days while we were filming. I can't -- there was -- yeah.

[ Laughter ] my hair was caught in his zipper --

>> jay: Okay.

>> -- Because of weird, strange occurrences that happened in the film. And, so, the first two days, I was just right down there like, 'hey, mr. Liotta, how are you?'

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: You know something? I am really gonna see this film this weekend. Wait, let's see a clip. Here's the clip, now. So you -- a motherand daughter --

>> i'm his secretary --

>> jay: Right.

>> -- Wendy, who's a tramp.

>> Jay: Who's a tramp. Right, let's take a look. Remember, 'it's fun to be sl**

>> I need you to sign here, and I th is it hard?

>> What?

>> Getting married? I mean, I haven't been here that long, but I've already heard tons of stories about you and women.

>> Yeah, well, those days are all over, wendy -- forever.

>> Dammit!

>> Here. Let me help you.

>> Mr. Cumanno.

>> I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, wendy. I'm -- i'm -- i'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I'm -- i'm -- I'm just -- I'm

[ cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Yeah. Yeah. I don't think grandma will be going to that one.

>> I know, i know.

>> Jay: Well, good luck. It opens on the 23rd. Jennifer, to have you.

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Postby Anthony A » Sat Mar 17, 2001 10:48 am

I thought the interview was really really good ! She was acting goofy as always :( and she also looked very very beautiful as always aslo !

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