Jennifer Love Hewit visits 'Late Night' 3/22

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Jennifer Love Hewit visits 'Late Night' 3/22

Postby admin » Fri Mar 23, 2001 4:18 am

>> conan: Please welcome jennifer love hewitt.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ applause ]

>> conan: Nice.

>> Hi.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> conan: All right, settle down, fellas.T's nice. That's nice, yes. Okay.

>> Hello.

>> Conan: Hi, how are you?

>> Good. How are you?

>> Conan: We have a pack of howling wolves in the crowd. Thanks for coming here. Nice to have you.

>> Thanks for having me.

>> Conan: Yeah, you look fantastic.

>> Thank you.

>> Conan: You always look good.

>> Thank you.[ Whistling ]

>> conan: You know, I gotta say --

>> thanks.

>> Conan: Yeah, that's great.

[ Laughter ] those outfits that you're wearing in this movie -- you're wearing outfits like the one we just saw through the entire film. Is that right?

>> Yes. I'm half-naked the whole movie.

[ Cheers ] yes, i'm a ho in training in the movie.

[ Laughter ] it's very exciting.

>> Conan: Oh, that's nice. That's a nice way to describe your character. 'I'm kind of a ho in training.'

>> She is. She is. She's kind of -- she's a little -- she's a little naughty, my character.

>> Conan: Yeah. Yes, she is.

>> But she's a con artist, and she's supposed to be, so --

>> conan: How do they get you into those dresses? Are those spray-painted on? Are they -- what do they do?

>> We actually had somebody who was designated to watching my boobs and butt and making sure that they stayed in the outfits while we were filming.

>> Conan: That is a good right out of college job for anyone.

[ Laughter ]

>> yeah.

>> Conan: 'You are to pay attention to her boobs and butt. Do you understand?' 'Yes. When do I get to go home?'

>> Yeah, i was nervous, though, because I was afraid -- you know, the crew, like, saw me every single day dressed in those outfits.Ly dress that way. I'm like a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. So i was a little nervous that people were gonna think I was really like my character. But it was hard to get used to. But I did. And now I dress like that all the time.

[ Laughter ] I'm just kidding. I don't, really. I don'T.

>> Conan: You have a whole collection now.

>> Yes, of hussy outfits.

>> Conan: Who makes those dresses? What's the name of those? Is it --

>> very special people who specialize in small clothing.

>> Conan: Yes, okay, i will buy them. There's also a lot of -- you're very physical in this movie. You're kissing a lot of people constantly. Like, every other scene.

>> I know, i kiss a lot.

>> Conan: Is that a weird thing to do, or do you just get used to doing that?

>> No, it makes me very nervous. I use like one of those big things of altoids for every kissing scene.

>> Conan: That must -- really? You --

>> i get nervous that my breath is gonna be, like, kickin' like jackie chan and scare somebody.

[ Laughter ]

>> conan: Right. What are you eating?

[ Laughter ] you're just munching on an onion on the set?

>> I get nervous. I don't want anybody to, like, walk a in a movie with jennifer love hewitt. She reeked, breathwise.' You know what I mean? Like, that would be horrible. So i try really hard to, like, you know, think about the mint.

>> Conan: Yeah, you don't want that story in the 'enquirer.'

>> No, no, that would not be good.

>> Conan: That's not a cool story to have about you.

>> No.

>> Conan: I want, like, you know, 'conan o'brien -- he loves all night long.'

[ Laughter ] but they're always writing stories about like, 'doesn't wash hands after using bathroom, says close pal.'

[ Laughter ] that's a true one. There's this picture of me looking sad.

[ Laughter ] coming out of a bathroom. Now, were you just in new york city for st. Patrick's day? It was a couple days ago, and new york goes insane. Did you experience it?

>> I was in L.A., And I'm not a drinker. So, you know, st. Patrick's day is not a huge holiday for me. But I did hire a leprechaun to come and dance at my house for my family.

[ Laughter ]

>> conan: No, you didn't.

>> Yeah, i did.

>> Conan: Are you kidding, or did you really do that?

>> No, i really did it, but he was kind of a strange leprechaun. Like, here i am thinking this, like, kind of small guy, you know, was gonna come. Like, 'oh, me lucky charms!' You know?

[ Laughter ]

>> conan: Yes, 'cause that's how we all talk.

[ Laughter ]

[ with irish accent ] 'arr, how are ya, jennifer love?'

>> All right.

>> Conan: 'Arr! Hi, hi, ho!'

>> Oh, my god. That was terrifying.

>> Conan: I'm sorry, i know. A pirate. I can't help it.

[ Laughter ] that's how i think irish people talk. 'Alas, mateys!'

>> No matter what accent i do, I always sound swedish.

>> Conan: Always swedish?

>> It's really disturbing. But anyway, this guy shows up, and he's really, really tall. He's very skinny. And he's like --

[ with irish accent ] 'oh, hello, love!' And I'm like, 'hey, how's it going? Please don't let this be the leprechaun i hired.' And he showed up, and he did this dance --

>> conan: How tall was this guy?

>> -- Around my house. He was like 6'1.'

[ Laughter ] like, leprechauns are not supposed to be 6'1.' Like, that's wrong.

>> Conan: People at home now think that this was my way of getting into your house.

[ Laughter ]

>> he kinda looked like you.

>> Conan: 'You look familiar!' 'I'm a leprechaun.'

[ Laughter ]

[ applause ]

>> he kinda looked like you a little bit.

>> Conan: That would be so sad if that was my way of, like, getting into starlets' homes.

>> I would've been so much happier if it was you.

>> Conan: Oh, well, all right, then.

[ Laughter ]

>> i would have. You can come dance at my house anytime.

>> Conan: Okay, that's a mistake. You don't wanna be asking me to do that.

[ Laughter ] 'cause i'm the kind of sad guy that will show up. You're like, 'I was just making a joke on the talk show.' 'You said!'

[ Laughter ] so this tall guy came to your home.

>> Yeah, he came to my home. He danced around. He pretended like he had too much green beer or something. He told, like, this little weird irish story. And he brought balloons. And then i was like, 'okay, happy leprechaun, time to go! Thanks so much.'

>> Conan: Yeah, time to get outta here, hobo. Yeah.

>> He was very strange. But I appreciate his leprechaun effort.

>> Conan: Right, right. He tried.

>> He did.

>> Conan: Now, in this movie, you play -- you're playing a con artist.

>> Yes.

>> Conan: In this movie. Have you had experience in your life ever being conned by anybody?

>> I have been conned.

>> Conan: You have been?

>> Yes, I have. And right after the movie, too, which makes me feel like a b idiot.

>> Conan: Oh, this happened recently?

>> Conan: What happened?

>> I was at this store right around from my house, and there was this girl, and she had a pink mohawk. Well, first of all, I thought, 'okay, that could be why she's crying.' Like, that's not good to have a bright pink mohawk.

>> Conan: Right, right.

>> And but she was like bawling her eyes out. She's like, 'i tried to get to universal studios, and I can't get there, 'cause my friends won't come and pick me up.' And so i felt really bad. I get really upset when other people are upset. So i was like, 'okay, let's get you a snack and something to drink. And, you know, i'll call you a cab.' And so i gave her $80. And I was like, 'go to dinner you know, 'it'll be okay.'

>> Conan: $80?

>> Yeah, i was like, 'this'll get you to universal' --

>> conan: When i tell someone to go have a meal on me, i give 'em a fiver.

[ Laughter ] 'arby's is over there.'

>> Well, i felt so bad. I love arby'S. Right on.

[ Applause ] arby's is the best, by the way.

>> Conan: You know what? We're gonna get free arby's now.

>> Oh, my gosh. I would be the happiest woman alive. Arby's rocks.

>> Conan: Okay. The arby's people are thrilled right now that we're using valuable time --

>> loving arby's.

>> Conan: Yeah, okay.

>> So, anyway, so I felt bad. And so i gave her the $80, and I got in my car. She's like, 'oh, thank you so much!' And I got in my car, and i was kind of driving away, and I was like, 'wait a second. Your friends know that you're here, but they can't come and pick you up?' I was like, 'oh, my god.' And I turned around. And sure enough, she was getting in her car. She was like, 'i just got 80 bucks from jennifer love hewitt! Whoo-hoo!' I was so mad.

>> Conan: She probably makes $800,000 a year.

>> Probably.

>> Conan: Just like hitting up celebrities for 80 bucks. 80 bucks?

>> I know.

>> Conan: That is really nice of you.

>> Well, it was a stupid thing to do, but i felt bad for her. I mean, she was a young girl on her own. She was crying. And I wanted to help her. I guess I could've given her a ride, but I was like, 'no, I'll call you a cab.'

[ Laughter ]

>> conan: Also, you can't be letting someone into your car. You're jennifer love hewitt, you know? You can't do that.

[ Laughter ]

>> well, nobody should let anybody into their car. But, yeah, so I was conned, and I felt bad about it.

>> Conan: Well, you did a good thing.

>> Thanks.

>> Conan: And 'heartbreakers' -- this movie opens tomorrow.

>> Tomorrow.

>> Conan: Yeah. You excited about this?

>> I'm very excited. It's really funny.

>> Conan: You don't get jaded, right? You've been in a lot of movies, but still you're excited when they come out?

>> I'm so excited. I'm going to see it. And I'm --

[ laughter ] and all of you are invited! Whoo!

[ Applause ] I'm gonna have to pay for so many tickets.

>> Conan: They're gonna be really mad when you actually don't take them now. 'You said!'

[ Laughter ] 'who are you?'

>> It's so good. It's really funny.

>> Conan: Okay, 'heartbreakers.' It opens tomorrow. Hey, thanks. It's always great when you --

>> you're so adorable, by the way. You're so great.

[ Cheers ]

[ applause ] you really are. You're so talented and very funny.

>> Conan: Thank you.

>> And i enjoy your show.

>> Conan: Thank you. This is great.

>> And thanks for having me.

>> Conan: They're telling me to wrap it up, and i don't want to now.

[ Laughter ] you've got more you've gotta say. Let's just -- no, thank you very much. Jennifer love hewitt. Triple h coming up. We'll be right back.

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