Jennifer Love Hewitt Visits 'The Late Show' 3/28

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Visits 'The Late Show' 3/28

Postby admin » Thu Mar 29, 2001 3:38 am

>> dave: Our first guest stars in the current number one film in the united states. it's called 'heartbreakers.' ladies and gentlemen, here's the delightful, jennifer love hewitt. ( cheers and applause ) ( bond playing 'heartbreaker' by

pat benetar )

>> dave: Wow, what a lovely ring.

>> Oh, thank you.

>> dave: T

>> thank you very much.

>> Dave: It is rubies or something?

>> Dave: Very handsome.From my mom. Thank you.

>> dave: Well, congratulations.

>> Thanks.

>> dave: May i ask, you're a kid right? you're very young, i think.

>> 22.

>> dave: 22 years old?

>> yes.

>> Dave: My god.

>> it's such a pleasure to meet you.

>> dave: Oh, really?

>> yes, yes, i'm a fan.

>> dave: Oh, thank you very much. ( cheers and applause ) the young people look up to me. ( Laughter )

>> that we do.

>> dave: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Do you mind if i ask you about your name jennifer love hewitt?

>> yes, I was named...

>> dave: That's an unusual middle name.

>> yes, it is.

>> Dave: It's nice though.

>> Thank you. thank you very much. I was named after my mom's best and it was originally just supposed to be 'love,' and then My brother was nine when i wms born, and he got nervous that my mom had kind of given me a freaky name, so he wanted me to have a normal name for when i grew up. And he was in love with a little girl down the street named 'jennifer,' and so he added 'jennifer' to my name.

>> dave: What a lovely story that is.

>> Yeah, sweet.

>> dave: But the kid, nine years old... ( applause ) that's pretty bright for a kid of nine to be that, you know, observant about the condition of what will happen with, you know... ( laughter )smart.

>> Dave: And he had that kind of power over mom. ( laughter )

>> yeah, my mom really wanted him to feel involved since he was the first kid.

>> dave: What's >> his name is todd.

>> dave: Todd, and does he oave A middle name?

>> todd daniel. He has a normal name.

>> dave: Yeah, yeah. and you were comfortable with 'todd daniel.' as you were growing up, you never protested his name?

>> no, i was okay with his name.

>> dav own business, huh?' ( laughter ) and then you started performing, like, at six years old?

>> yes, my very first performance was at a livestock

>> Dave: Oh, good gig. ( laughter )

>> It's where I'm from. Very and I performed in the actual pen where the pigs were.

>> Dave: Really?

>> yes.

>> Dave: You performed for the animals or for... ( laughter )

>> For the farmers.

>> Dave: Oh, for the farmers.

>> For the farmers. i was, like, the entertainment for the livestock show.

>> Dave: And what did you do for heaven's sakes?

>> i sang, the 'greatest love of all.' dolly parton, whitney houston, whowever you want to say it's From. ( laughter ) and in a little leather outfit and I was like, 'yee-haw,' and it was, like, really exciting.

>> Dave: And i'm sure it was Well received.

>> it was. there was actually a scout there who wa9tnc$? Ta' why he would be at a livestock show, I don't know. And he picked me to go to russia and represent the united states as a goodwill ambassador. all over russia? ( laughter and applause ) that's pretty good. e|cellent. Now this is... And so your parents were all right letting you go over to russia? did they accompany you?

>> my mom went with me.

>> Dave: Wow.

>> yeah, we had to raise the money first, so it took us two years. so i went when i was eight and my mom and i went for two weeks, russian, and i went to the communist youth camps over there And sang. it was really fun, but there streets and very strange things going on. which the only other place i've ever seen that is here in new york.

>> Dave: Exactly. We couldn't be more proud. ( Laughter and applause ) Now at six years old, did you realize what an unbelievable opportunity or experience this would be?

>> no, i just thought I was kind of going on a really cool field trip and i was, like, very excited about. and it now i actually wish i remembered more about the trip, because I don'T.ber it.

>> dave: Right, and you don't remember anything of these communist youth camps, what was going on there?

>> i don't, the coolest thing that i do remember, though, is that all there was to eat the entire time was, like, big horse meat with fat stuck to i borscht and weird things.

>> dave: Uh-huh.

>> and, like, right at the veryend of our trip, it was like heaven put it right there, there was a baskin-robbins. And I got to have, like, four banana splits, and i was so excited about that.

>> dave: Oh, my god.

>> and that's all I remember.

>> i like my horse meat on the lean side. ( Laughter ) the fatty horse meat, no thank you.

>> serious fat like this. it was disgusting.

>> dave: Oh, and were the kids... Did the little communist kids, whatid they seem like? ( Laughter )

>> they also seemed happy about The baskin-robbins. They loved... The weirdest thing is they loved bubble gum. there wasn't bubble gum there, which I was like, it's just Bubble gum. so i would give them bubble gum, And they would give me, like, antique items from their homes and things loke that. I would think, 'you might get in trouble.'

>> dave: That's heart breaking isn't it?

>> Yeah, but it was a really cool experience.

>> dave: And have you thought about one day, maybe you have done it already, going back and seeing what that experience is now?

>> Yeah, i would love to. I think that would be really interesting, actually.

>> dave: Yeah, it'd be fascinating. you're working on a movie here in new york city, or are you done with that now?

>> Yeah, i just finished it.

>> Dave: What is the film?

>> It's called the 'devil and daniel webster' with alec baldwin and anthony hopkins. And calvert was in the movie.

>> dave: Calvert deforrest from this show.

>> yeah.

>> Dave: He's a nice guy, isn't he?

>> He's so sweet. i have such a crush on him.

>> dave: Really? .Bz9tnc$? Ta' he's the cutest man. He used to kiss me everyday on the lips. ( laughter ) he did, he did.

>> dave: Now he runs a communist youth camp upstate. ( laughter and applause ) every summer. all right, stay right there.

>> Okay.

>> dave: We'll talk about the movie and other stuff. We'll be right back here, la with jennifer love hewitt. ( applause ) ( band playing ) ( band playing ) ( apause )

>> dave: Terrific. the circus is in town. and they always bring them through the tunnel. it's the... Huh? the midtown tunnel. That's right. They do it late at night so it doesn't tie up traffic.

>> I love the circus.

>> dave: This doesn't happen in other cities around the world. You don't find elephants in your tunnels. ( laughter ) where were we? oh, we're still talking about the movie. what is the movie again?

>> It's called the 'devil and Daniel webster' and I play satan in the movie.

>> dave:$Uh-huh.

>> So it's alec baldwin's, actually, directorial debut.

>> dave: Directorial debut. and how's that working? is he pretty good as a director?

>> It's great. he's fantastic. He's fantastic. actually, anthony hopkins and i agreed that-- and you know, he's worked with a lot more directors than i have, of course-- but he said that he's the best director He's ever worked with.

>> dave: Now, how many movies have you been in?

>> I have been in... I think 12.

>> dave: Wow, that's remarkable, isn't it? ( applause ) and you're just a kid.

>> yeah.

>> dave: You had some kind of a trouble. you went on a trip or you were shooting someplace and you got a Problem, and you had some dental... You got a deal like that? what is that?

>> Oh, it's so gross. Listen to this story.

>> Dave: Oh, good.

>> okay, so... ( Laughter ) so i'm filming 'I still know what you did last summer' in mexico, and I got like a bacteria or a parasite or Something really nasty. you hear people who travel for vacation or workr whatever in

>> yes, I know, it's not good. So i got this thing called trench mouth. do you know what trench mouth Is?

>> dave: Well, no, no, but i mean, I've heard about it.

>> You used to get it in the trenches of war. and it's basically bleeding Ulcers in your mouth. ( audience groans ) which is really gross, and so my Cheeks swelled up like this. and it's really not attractive. No one's ever going.To want to do a kissing scene with me ever again.

>> dave: But horriwould it to have these big open Sores in your mouth?

>> it hurts-so bad, and it's really gta' up and everything...

>> dave: Now, how many did you have in your mouth?

>> I had... I didn't count them. But they were really...

>> dave: Like 100?

>> no, i probably had about 15.

>> dave: 15, oh my...

>> it was really gross.

>> dave: Swollen, ulcerated...

>> swollen and it affects your throat and your throat swells and everything like that, so you have to have bed rest for like five days...

>> dave: Puss-filled sores. Did you/say puss-filled sores?

>> Yes. ( Laughter ) Oozing, really gross, phlegmy, nasty, not good.

>> dave: Oh, oh.

>> yeah, so anyway, it resulted In, so, like, that went away and I was...

>> dave: Now, what do they do for that? rst of all, how do they Diagnose this? how did they know that it was trench mouth?

>> well, the dentist looked at me. he's like, 'see, you're nasty and you have trench mouth.' i was like, 'okay.' And I'm not really sure how they Know what Iñ is.

>> dave: Well, how did you get it? How do they think you got it because you weren'T...

>> they think I got it from something in mexico that just sort of got into my system and caused this thing.

>> dave: You didn't get it from Kissing calvert deforest? ( Laughter )

>> No.

>> dave: That would have been my first guess.

>> ( laughs ) not from kissing. So i thought it wes over, because it went away-- five days mouthwash I was fine and all ready to kiss again. things were great.

>> dave: Good for you. Thank god.

>> and then a month ago, i have to have a root canal out of nowhere. and I brush my teeth. I'm really, really good about teeth.

>> dave: Your teeth look pretty good from here.

>> thank you. and they... And now I have to have two more. and they think it's because of the trench mouth thing.

>> Dave: Oh, my god.

>> It's gross. I hate the dentist.

>> Dave: Now, because you've had It once, are you more prone to having it again, do you think?

>> no, you can't get it again. but what happens is it starts to rot your teeth from the inside out.

>> dave: Yeah, this story does just get prettier and Prettier...

>> doesn't it? I know. (laughter ) I know. ( Applause )

>> dave: Yikes.

>> ( laughs ) ( applause )

>> dave: What is this? we had the video collection on earlier, and we have here 'dance workout with barbie.' Now, are you involved in this somehow?

>> Yes, I was barbie's friend. ( laughter )

>> oave: Aren't we all? I was barbie's friend for a while, and then I started dating my mom. ( laughter and applause ) now, are you on here?

>> I'm right here. That's/me.

>> Dave: Uh-huh, and do we have you on the videotape?

>> I'm sure you do.

>> Dave: And you said you were ten years old when this...

>> dave: All right, do you mind? Can we roll a little bit of This?

>> oh, great. I can't wait.

>> Dave: This is 'dance workout with farbie' and jennifer love hewitt. ( Music playing ) Bunny flop,$here we go!

>> Yeah.

>> dave: Now, this is... This is not the act you were doing at livestock shows, right?

>> ( laughs ) no, that came later. that came later. that act was worse.

>> Dave: Wow.

>> If you can believe that. Yeah, they actually tested that thing, and it's a harder workout than like jane fonda's workout and everything.

>> dave: Oh, is it really?

>> ...Four little kids running Around, like pulled muscle, like, 'ow, barbie.' not good. ( laughter ) not good.

>> dave: Yeah, you got that freaky looking robot barbie doing...

>> scary, right?

>> dave: Yeah. ?> I know, i know.

>> dave: Let's talk about the movie. That's the number one film in the country.

>> Yeah, i'm so excited.

>> dave: And tell folks... ( Applause ) ...You and sigourney/weaver...

>> Yeah, sigourney weaver and i are mother-daughter con team who...

>> dave: Grifting a mark?

>> yes, and we take over the lives of ray liotta, gene hackman, and jason lee.

>> Dave: Yeah, that's an excellent cast there-- ray Liotta and gene hackman. ?> Amazing, amazing.

>> dave: Yeah, they're great. And this movie, I've seen this movie and it's a lot of it, and Some of it is suggestive.

>> yeah.

>> Dave: Some of it is suggestive. it's adult material more or less.

>> yeah.

>> dave: Now, you're just a kid, Of course. and your family... How did they react when they see, 'oh, look, look at that particular scene.' ( laughter )

>> ( laughs ) I was more/worried about my grandma than anybody.

>> Dave: Well, i would... Yes, i would think so.

>> because i try to do things That she would be proud of.

>> dave: Well, you know the Well, it's right off the bat. and you and ray liotta in the office.

>> My hair's attached to his zipper.

>> dave: Caught in his fly.

>> Yes, yes. ( laughter ) and my grandmother was not very excited about that. she was acally there when we filmed that that day, which i was not planning on. and she was happy with it. and they understand that it's all in good fun. ( laughter )

>> dave: Wow, and that really Worked? everybody just said, 'oh, it's just good fun/..'

>> Yeah.

>> dave: '...Grandma.'

>> It's all in a day's work, i know.

>> dave> ( laughs ) oh, my god. well, listen, it's nice to meet you.

>> so nice to meet you, too. Much.

>> Thank you.


>> thank you. ( applause )

>> dave: Jennifer love hewitt, ladies and gentlemen.

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