Jennifer Love Hewitt links

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Jennifer Love Hewitt links

Postby GraceAdler » Thu Mar 29, 2001 8:54 am

So, for some of us kiddies who haven't really researched Love much on the web (except the fact I've been secretly going to for almost 3 years now - or maybe longer?) let's all post a list of links or whatnot to help out people who want to find out more about her but don't know what sites to go to that are updated and good...

Of course I am starting out with...

...because that was one of the very first places I ran to to find out more about her, and has been about the only place I have ever really gone back to through the years to find out what is going on with her. The site is updated almost daily and the webmasters are great people.

There are a few other great sites that have come and gone (Is there still a Boy do I miss that one...) so who wants to add some more...?

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Anthony A
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Postby Anthony A » Thu Mar 29, 2001 5:02 pm

there is no longer a but another fav site of mine is !

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