Jennifer Love Hewitt visits 'The Late Late Show' 3/30

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Jennifer Love Hewitt visits 'The Late Late Show' 3/30

Postby admin » Sat Mar 31, 2001 4:28 am

Our first guest is already a superstar at 22. Right now she stars in the number one movie in america, 'heartbreakers.'

>> You need to sign here and i think here. Is it hard?

>> what? jennifer love hewitt! craig: There she is.

>> hello. craig: Hi. Nice t


>> Nice to meet you Too.

>> you're perky, you're fun. Your hair is a different color.

>> It is. it's red. Craig: I Say henna. is it Hen>> no. It's just colored. Craig: i love the word Henna.

>> craig: What does it Mean?

>> It means red, Dirt stuff. craig: It makes you this color. It makes you look older like 23.

>> it does? thank you. Craig: What's it for?

>> i just played sit aten in a movie called 'The devil and daniel webster.' craig: You.Bz9tnc$? Ta'


>> Now i'm goingbz to have to play A good girl. craig: This is concerning 'heartbreakers,' i would love Just to be called sexy other than cute. You're stired of cute?

>> I'm Allings the cute girl. like guy's best friend. I'm like the dog, the golden retriever. I'm never like -- craig: I wouldn't use dog to describe jennifer love hewitt.

>> I would love for someone to say you're sexy instead of cute. Craig: In 'heartbreakers' you're very sexy. Almost too sexy.

>> I don't think so. Craig: You ruined my image of you. The beautiful girl. you're bending over and falling out. Is that fun to Do?

>> that's what a girl does when she benz over. She false out. That's not much i can do about it. Craig: I don't want to bring it up. Maybe you did or i Did. what's your favorite web site? what's that about?

>> There's a web site dedicated

find it fascinating.

[cheers and applause]

>> they judge my boobs in every outfit like at premiere, the left one Was looking perky this evening. Craig: This is true?

>> They Do. they judge my boobs. I think It's hysterical because they're not that interesting. they find Them fascinating, the people obtth on the web site who have the boob web site. craig: How often do you visit the web site?

>> Not that often. I've only been there once. it was to decided not to go back. It's really trippy. it's very weird. craig: I believe that Men, they're somewhat fascinated with the ma'am -- the Chest of a woman, right?

>> yeah. Can you explain it To me because i don't understand. craig: i can't.

>> they just flop around. Craig: well, Boat time. I'm sorry.

[Applause] crai can we take that out?

>> Too much Information. craig: Take that out of the show. I am Sorry. I am really embarrassed. no, it's just that I've been to your web site more than once. I can't answer --

>> Motor Boat. i'm going to remember you said that forever. craig: Let it go. you know how some n Are into the legs of a young woman or Older lady, it doesn't matter. I would be one of those types. i don't understand --

>> you're a legs man instead of a boobs' man? craig: If you want to be blunt, yeah. I think you described the b-o-o-b-s as fatty tissue?

>> They're fat. They're just there. craig: My dad has fat and it's not exciting.

>> But boobs are only Good if they're in the right bra. Just on their own there's nothing that Fascinating. craig: That's seven minutes on boobs. That's Enough. now sigourney weaver and yourself in the movie are Con artists and they had to cut ow Scenes of yours? You were like a card shark?

>> Yes, i worked with This guy named ricky jay. craig: I know him.

>> They had me work with him for weeks and works to learn cool card tricks and then i broke my finger when We get To the fall in 'heartbreakers' and it was stuck up in the air i won't show you how for weeks so they had to Cut all my card tricks out So i only do one in the movie. Craig: Is your finger healthy?

>> yes. craig: Can you show us one?

>> It's not fantastic. craig: Just shuffle. if a beautiful girl shufuls it's great.

>> Be nice to me and i'll do a trick for you. Get rid of those. craig: I'm sorry.

>> are you Ready to be windowed? Craig: Music?

>> yes. oh, my god. oh. I feel like we're on a date. craig: Boy, i wish.

>> see they're sliding. Craig: Do it again.

>> shhh.

Interesting to any of you right now, is it? It's n because they're sliding. Craig: That's ok. it's a brand new deck. knock it off. Wa me to show you a trick?

>> yes. I'm crying right now. I'm going to because it didn't work. Craig: Don't cry. hey, motor boat.

[Applause] craig: Can i show you a quick card trick?

>> I'm sorry i couldn't do it. I'll practice and come back. is that ok? I'll do a whole Seven minute card thing. Craig: Don't look. pick a card, any card. don't let me see. don't look.

>> What's the point?

>> Are you look? craig: Don't Look. put it back in the deck like this.

>> that was fancy with the elbow. Craig: Is that your card? huh?

>> I couldn't at it. craig: That's ok. We'll be right9t 'five questions.' craig: jennifer love hewitt, the card shark. You're so disappointed. Who cares?

>> you're so mean to me About the cards. craig: It doesn't matter. it was cute. You touched the cards.

>> You need felt for All your card sharking guests. craig: Next time we'll have felt it doesn't work You'll complain.

>> Never do it again. craig: jenny.

>> yes, sweet cheeks, how are you? Cu can i help You? craig: I didn't know you sang. Was i supposed to know that.

>> you didn't have to know that, But i do. I've been Singing since i was 3. craig: And you're doing a new album and a lot of People overseas In Japan Kind Of hasselhoffian O you.

>> yes. craig: Is it lucrative?

>> Yes, Japan is a nice place to have music come Out. it's ban while. It was me when i wa;x 12 or 13. craig: Are you excited About the 'Five questions'?

>> Yes, i'm excited. I hope i do Ok. Craig: you will. time for 'five questions.'

[Cheers and applause] Craig: We start with geography. I'm thinking right now of a state in the southeast. I'm thinking of a state in the southeast.

>> This is the thi i'm the worst at. craig: Wha9tnc$?Ta' thinking of in the southeast?

>> in the southeast? I have no idea. craig: you have georgia and you have alabama and --

>> i have no clue. Why don't you just tell Me. craig: Say a state down there? say Georgia.

>> georgia. craig: That's the One i'm thinking of.

>> Great. good. Fantastic. craig: On 'gilligan's what nickname did the millionaire call his wife?

>> Lovey. Craig: that's correct.

>> I love that show. craig: Give or take what is shaquille o'neal's free throw percentage this Season?

>> it's really good. it's Great. I have no idea. Craig: You have 10%. You don't want to Guess?

>> no. craig: We can't accept that. It's 48%. that's not really good.

>> Shaq's not doing well. Craig: he can dump The ball but not from the free throw.

>> Sorry. craig: If i'm making Dinner reservation for you, me and my parents, what should i say when i call and Say --

>> You me And your parents. What do you mean? Should i say when i walk Into theater de?

>> I have no idea. Are you talk about how many People or the last name? craig: yeah, go Last name, kilborn --

>> party of four. craig: There it is.

[applause] Craig: This is rapid fire.

>> it would be better if it was party of five. We should add one more person. craig: My grandmother just Passed away. That's a joke.

>> That's horrible. craig: Five seconds on the clock. This is fun. This is rapid fire. name five tv safe boobs in five seconds.

>> ok. Jugs, breasts, knockers, -- craig: Forget the clock. Keep going.

>> How many Do I have? craig: Three.

>> Boobs, jugs, Knockers, breasts and what are they Called? Craig: winnebagos.

>> And motor boats. Craig: that's correct.

[applause] craig: Five names for boobs. I've never thought of That Before. Craig: You've thought about it. You're great.

>> Thanks. craig: congratulation on the Movie.

>> Thank you

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