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Postby Anthony A » Sun May 27, 2001 12:18 am

Alternate Versions for
Heartbreakers (2001)

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There are some scenes and lines from the trailers that were cut from the movie including:

Page says 'Gross!' after the corpse falls from the balcony.

Dean says 'They're Pathetic' after he shoots at fish in the ocean with his gun.

William B. Tensy has a lunch-in with his friends on the terrace of his mansion.

A man carrying a box trips and falls when he catches a glimpse of Page getting undressed.

An alternate take to the scene where Dean arrives in Florida. Max and Page are running on treadmills in the hotel gym when he walks in, and Page falls off her treadmill.

An extended version of the scene where Max sings 'Back in the USSR.' Everyone in the audience starts dancing and Tensy does 'the swim' at his table.

Max and Page speed across a bridge with the top of their car down, throwing money into the air.

I found these at http://www.IMDB.Com ! Pretty interesting !

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