The Brat Pack 2001

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The Brat Pack 2001

Postby Anthony A » Sat Jun 02, 2001 10:09 am

As the Brat Pack can attest, the odds of enjoying a thriving career after being part of a teen craze are less than promising. For every Tom Cruise, there's an Andrew McCarthy...and a C. Thomas Howell. Here's how 10 current stars can become teen survivors.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
GOAL The next Sandra Bullock OBSTACLE Living down four years of playing ''Party of Five'' patsy Sarah. ADVICE Love Hewitt's movies (from ''I Know What You Did Last Summer'' to ''Heartbreakers'') are too obsessed with her chest. Should forgo sexpot parts in favor of goofy girl-next-door roles that will give her a loyal female fan base.


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