Love At Charity Event !

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Love At Charity Event !

Postby Anthony A » Tue Jun 12, 2001 11:46 pm

go here to see Love at the event with her current boy friend !

[link has since expired]

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Postby ronald33 » Wed Jun 13, 2001 12:50 pm

Nice photos, but I don't buy this 'current
boyfriend' jazz- As I said, JLH was seen w/
former date Enrique-in W.Hollywood-That story
was in The Star w/photos-about a week ago-
She has been seen w/different guys at various
events about every 2 months. I've heard that
Access Hollywood started this rumor. JLH has
never acknowledged having a boyfriend, and I
don't believe it.Casual dating is not such
a situation. She can't have known Wilson for
more than about 3 months and is not about to
repeat the mistake she made with Carson Daily!
I heard the same on Entertainment Tonight-but
they simply repeated the Access Hollywood
rumor...You know what Jennifer recently said in
Movieline, 'I don't do serious dating' and
'People say that whoever I'm with is my
'boyfriend'' type of thing!

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