Jennifer Love Hewitt worst dressed. Again !

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Postby Anthony A » Thu Jul 05, 2001 8:41 pm

The latin version of people had their best and worst dressed of the year in latin america and Jennifer Love Hewitt alongside Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Steven Segal, and thalia !

They said of her at the road trip premiere ' The feathers in her head make her look like a crazy hippie ! ', they said of the TCA2000 dress she wore ' It's the worst thing I've seen in my life, & another outfit (Dont know what event she wore it at) she wore they said ' Poor girl, I don't think she looked in the mirror before leaving. It's horrible ! ' They weren't to sweet with love ! I'm amazed they even know who love is in latin america. . . atleast we know she's big !

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