Jennifer Love Hewitt On Tonight Show 4/25

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Postby admin » Fri Apr 26, 2002 4:13 am

My first guest, popular and talented young actress -- good friend of the show. She's hosting 'comedy for the cure,' this sunday night at the laugh facry right here in l.A. Please welcome the lovely jennifer love hewitt.

>> Jay: How are you?

[ Cheers and applause ] how are you? You look great. You look pretty.

>> Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ] hi. Hello.

>> Jay: I'm look at you on the cover -- what's the june issue of fhn.

>> Fhn.

>> Jay: Fhn magazine. Are there revealing photos in here?

>> They're not too revealing. They're good reveangng.

>> Jay: Kind of christian form.

>> Yes.

>> Jay: You know i walked in and her brother is there.

[ In deep voice ] 'hi, i'm her brother. How are you?' Nice to see you? 'Sit down over there.' Yeah, okay. Does he travel with you now as a bodyguard?

>> He's going to travel with each copy of this magazine.

[ She laughs ] he'll greet people.

>> Jay: Threatening big brother. What did i read? Oh, yeah the big party at your house.

>> I had a birthday party.

>> Jay: A hday party.

>> Yes, yes.

>> Jay: What did you have -- impersonators?

>> I had some impersonators by. Yeah, my mom surprised me. And I was like in the middle of my party -- cher shows up and it's like,

if I could turn back -- I was like, okay, great. And then that was my cher impression for you guys. And then marilyn monroe showed up and elvis.

>> Jay: Elvis?

>> Yeah, and then I look across the room and i'm like, oh, my gosh, that's P. Diddy. My mom is so cool. She hired a P. Diddy impersonator to crash my party, like the cool people. So i was really excited. So i walk up and i'm like hi, P. Diddy. How you doing? What's up, p? How are you? And it was actually P. Diddy.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Really?

>> Yeah, and i made an idiot of myself in front of P. Diddy.

>> Jay: So he has to make money working as an impersonator of himself?

[ Light laughter ]

>> no, it was at a hotel. And a friend of mine who's a friend of his --

>> jay: Oh, it was at a hotel. I thought the party was at your house.

>> No, it was at a hotel. And he had a friend there and they were like, 'oh, let's go stop by jennifer's party. She'll get a big kick out of it.' Then i was like, 'hi, P.' And I was like makg a complete dork of mylf. It was awful.

>> Jay: But I love the fact you know real celebrities but you have to hire fake celebrities to come to your party.

[ Laughter ] I'm sure the real celebrities would have come, and they would've come for free. Of course, you hire fake people to come --

>> my mom hired them. What do you want from me? I don't know.

>> Jay: So what kind of guys do you like? I'm always curious about you because I've watched you literally grow up on this show. You were like a little girl and now you've blossomed into womanhood.

>> Oh, thank you, jay.

>> Jay: Well, it's true. With a giant brother who kicked my ass.

[ Laughter ]

>> what kind of guys do I like? I like funny guys. Like guys that are really funny. I like them to be a little older than me.

>> Jay: Little older? Like what would old be? Like 23?

>> No, i'm 23.

>> Jay: God, are you 23 now? You were like 12 -- oh, my god.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: All right, okay. What's the oldest guy you ever went out with?

>> Oldest guy I ever went out with? Probably 28.

[ Laughter ] that's older than me technically.

>> Jay: Did you ever try to impress -- you shouldn't have to impress a guy. Have you ever done anything to try and impress a guy?

>> I have. I actually did something to impress a -- yeah, kind of a celebrity guy.

>> Jay: Not a phony one. A real celebrity.

>> Not an impersonator. The real thing.

>> Jay: What did you do?

>> I read in an article that he didn't have a bed of his own, so i mailed him an aerobed.

[ Laughs ] you don't find tt t funny?

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Yeah.

>> I find that hysterical.

>> Jay: No, but see women find it hysterical. Guys go, yeah. When a beautiful young woman mails you a bed, you go -- use it.

[ Light laughter ]

>> but i didt t hear anything from him. So i was bummed. So i was like, this was a bad aerobed mistake that i've made. And then i just met him a few days ago, and he thanked me for the bed and I was the bed girl. It was really awful.

>> Jay: What do you expect? Hello?

>> I know. I thought it was very daring and like very -- 'sex in the city.' Mail him a bed.

>> Jay: Well, did you go out with him?

>> No! He just said, 'thank you for the bed.'

[ Laughter ] and I was like, 'you're welcome.' You know. And then he went home and slept on it with his girlfriend or something.

[ Laughter ] and it was like -- what happened here? It didn't work.

[ Applause ]

>> jay: We'll find out whose bed it was when we come back right after this. More with jennifer.

[ Applause ]

[ Applause ]

>> jay: Welcome back. Talking to jennifer love hewitt who sends beds to men that she likes. That's fascinating. So you sent this person this bed.

>> I did.

>> Jay: And you bumped you were in monaco recently, right?

>> I was.

>> Jay: What did you do over there?

>> I was co-hosting the world music awards which was really cool. It just aired and we went to this -- it's like our first night went to this restaurant called pirate. Which is actually just pirate. It is the fancy way to say pirate.

J: Like jc pen ay.

>> Tar zhay. So we went to this restaurant. And the thing at the restaurant is when you're done eating you throw like your plates and your glasses and your blbles and your chairs into a big fire and you burn them all up.

>> Jay: What, for insurance money? Is this an italian restaurant?

>> No.

[ Laughter ] no, it's owned by pirates. And you just throw your stuff in there. It was phenomenal. It was the bestitime i ever had. I broke like 18 chairs, tables, glasses -- it was great. But then i found out afterwards, after my big hoopla of the night, that the world music awards had to pay for it. And I felt really bad.

>> Jay: You should have sent them a table, and a bed and a chair.

[ Laugerer ]

>> jay: How much was the bill?

>> I don't know.

>> Jay: Like, thousands of dollars.

>> I know, and i feel really bad. I should have paid them but I didn't.

>> Jay: I know you have a cd coming out. You've been singing since you were a kid.

>> Yeah, and so I've been working on this cd for the last year. I wrote it with meredith brooks. And it's good.

>> Jay: Wasn't that how you got discovered? Weren't you singing?

>> Was singing in pig barns in texas.

>> Jay: Singing in pig barns in texas. Good agent.

>> Classy. Yeah. Whoo! There's a few people from texas.

>> Jay: Now why pig barns? Were horse barns out -- why pig barns?

>> They were the fastest to clean out, I guess, so that i could have an area to perform. It was all very fancy. Yes, i'm from texas and we do things very fancy there.

>> Jay: What's the name of the cd?

>> The name of the cd is 'bare naked.'

>> Jay: Yeah. You might want to send this person one of those, too. To listen to while he's lying on the bed. Are you naked on the cd?

>> I'm not naked. I am -- I will be kind of naked.

>> Jay: So barley naked.

>> Barely naked.

>> Jay: Why are you naked if the album is about just singing?

[ Laughter ]

>> well. Because it'll help sell the alm.M. That's the honest truth.

[ Applause ] it makes a good picture. No, the song the album's called 'bare naked' because the single's called 'bare nake and it's about how sometimes in life we all feel completely like we're walking around life naked because we get you know, insecure. All right. You know, just buy it, enjoy. Forget the title.

>> Jay: You should call the album, 'see my ass.'

[ Laughter ]

>> no. That is not on the cover. That is not on the cover. It is just a naked back. That's all you see. It's very classy.

>> Jay: It's tastefully done.

>> Absolutely.

>> Jay: It's an integral part of the project.

>> If you had any doubts, it is very classy.

>> Jay: Very good. You have a movie. What is the movie you're in?

>> I just did a movie with jackie chan.

>> Jay: I like jackie. He's a great g did you learn any martial arts for this?

>> I did. I had to jump through the air and kick. And I was on wires and it was great.

>> Jay: Okay. When does that come out?

>> August 16th.

>> Jay: August 16th. Now tell me about this thing you're doing? It's the laugh factory --

>> it is called 'comedy for the cure,' and it's for a disease, ts. And I met this little boy named ben who's 3 1/2. And ben is a very sweet little boy that has to deal with very grown-up issues, unfortunately and he completely just melted my heart and so I said i would help host this great thing on sunday where we're going to make people laugh and have a d I brought you some tickets that i'll give to you later, if you want to come.

>> Jay: It's where everybody goes anyway, so that'll be cool.

When you find somethingthat you really believe in, you want everybody to know that they should also do anything ey can if they ever hear of anything going on like that.

>> Jay: That's good. And we have to find out who you sent the bed to. Whoever you are, contact me. I want to know. Where did you send it? What cit

>> paris.

>> Jay: Someone who was in paris and came to the united states.

>> They were in paris at the time.

>> Jay: I'll pull those tickets -- jennifer, congratulations.

>> Thank you.

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