No More Boyfriends For Jlh:forseeable

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Postby ronald33 » Thu Apr 22, 2004 12:35 pm

Once more, has fallen for this tabloid crap!

I have another explanation, based upon Deanna Kizis' concept
of "FWF". A polite acronym for "Friends Who F---!" (you get the
basic idea).

Who is Deanna Kizis? She's author of the fairly new book, "How
To Pick Up Cute Guys". But she also did a COSMOPOLITAN cover
story on JLH in February, 2000: "Fun,Fearless Female" !

JLH has been pictured again and again, with DIFFERENT guys
every now and then. The space between photos is no more
than 4 months.

I say that JLH STILL has no boyfriend, that she's using this
"FWF" system. That would explain a lot...and Ms. Kizis' concept
DOES seem to explain modern, bizarre dating patterns...and JLH
dating patterns are NOT the norm!

Also, another poster (on another site) says that these tabloid
photos are being used as DELIBERATE publicity for JLH. Can't
prove that, though....

So....Now, JLH is is Bristol, England, so I hear....and doing a new
film. Can we expect to see her with Simon Webbe (a Black musician
from the boy-band Blue? He's in her film)....

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