Jennifer Love Hewitt Visits The Tonight Show

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Postby admin » Fri Nov 26, 2004 7:59 am

Jay: [Laughter] My next guest is a popular and talented actress and a good friend of our show. She can be seen in "a christmas carol, the musical" which airs this sunday night right here on nbc. Please welcome jennifer love hewitt.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: There you go. You've got a lot of fans there. Thanks for coming.

Jennifer: I should stand for you. I should stand for you.

Jay: Whenever there's any military things, you're always there.

Jennifer: Always.

Jay: And they really appreciate it.

Jennifer: You guys are my heroes. I'm so honored to be here with you. Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: I know you're modest about these things, but your grandmother gave me these pictures. There you are visiting some of our troops. There we go.

Jennifer: Yeah. I went to walter reed medical center in washington and got to spend a lot of time with the guys that had just gotten back and, oh -- he was my favorite. I got lots of kisses that day. It was great.

Jay: Suddenly, all of these guys are going to be limping, "ow."

[ Laughter ] Have a happy thanksgiving? Things are going well?

Jennifer: Yeah. Things are fine. Things are great.

Jay: Now, I heard something odd -- that you're afraid of birds, is that right?

Jennifer: I am. Did you see that thing?

Jay: No, what?

Jennifer: Like --

[ Screeches like a bird ] Ew. No.

Jay: No. I must have missed it. What happened?

Jennifer: No, it was --

Jay: Was that scary to you?

Jennifer: All of you are so brave. I was, like, on a chair in the room back there, like, just in case it came back. Oh, it was terrible. I hate birds. I really do.

Jay: How about the turkey?

Jennifer: No offense to the bird people, but -- ew. No. Turkeys are fine.

Jay: Who are the bird people?

[ Laughter ] "No offense to the bird people." Would that be the air force? Who is that exactly?

Jennifer: No. Just any bird lovers out there, I'm sorry.

Jay: How 'bout the turkey? That's too stupid to scare anybody, isn't it?

[ Light laughter ]

Jennifer: It's still just creepy looking. Anything that, like, has wings, that --

[ Screeches like a bird ] That, ew. No.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Have you ever seen a a turkey go --

[ Screeches like a bird ]

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: No, but in my head, they do.

Jay: In your head, they do that. Okay. How 'bout the porcupine, was that scary?

Jennifer: No, he was kind of cute.

Jay: Oh, all right. Well, those quills will kill you. How 'bout the kangaroo -- you okay with that?

Jennifer: The kangaroo was cute. Yeah, I just -- the rat thing, whatever that was -- uh-uhn.

Jay: And no offense to the rat people.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: No offense to rat people. But no. Oh, no.

Jay: Well, this is interesting. Okay, you're afraid of birds.

Jennifer: I am.

Jay: Afraid of rats. And what other fears? I'm curious.

Jennifer: Clowns.

Jay: Clowns.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: How about a flying clown in a rat mask?

Jennifer: Ew. Forget it.

[ Laughter ] Forget it. That is my worst nightmare.

Jay: Really now?

Jennifer: Clowns.

Jay: What is it about clowns?

Jennifer: Because you don't know what's underneath that smile and those squeaky shoes. And the --

[ Screeches like a bird ] You know?

Jay: Wait a minute.

Jennifer: Again, it's this thing.

Jay: Now, that's a bird pwn.

Jennifer: I --of1 I don'ik it scre no. No clowns. No clowns.

Jay: Now, you've had, obviously, tremendous success over the years. But, would you get tongue tied and nervous when you meet stars and celebrities?

Jennifer: I'm the worst.

Jay: Really?

Jennifer: Yeah. I mean, I find it hard to speak, just in general. But, really, around famous people, it's terrible.

Jay: Like when? When is it -- like, where have you been where that's happened?

Jennifer: Well, I offered harrison or sead ise across like, a movie lot, aof1 o a sandwich th iidt o o31 'cause it was the only thing I could think to give him. To show my appreciation for --

Jay: Wait a minute. You saw harrison ford --

Jennifer: I did. And I was like, harrison! Like, not even "mr. Ford." Harrison, as if we're friends.

Jay: Okay.

Jennifer: And then I run up and I was like, "hey, you know, we have great sandwiches on our service table, if you're interested later." And he called for security and was like, who is this weird person offering -- so that was that. Then, benjamin bratt.

Jay: Oh, benjamin bratt, okay.

Jennifer: Yeah. Love benjamin bratt. Went to introduce myself and I tripped with a plate of shrimp into his back at the golden globe awards.

Jay: Oh, that's not good.

Jennifer: And then had to pretend that it wasn't me. Tried, anyway. When he knew that it was me, 'cause I was the person with shrimp on me and he had shrimp on him. And --

Jay: Wait, wait, wait. Back up. So you spill on him, and rather than go, "oh, I'm sorry."

Jennifer: No, I turned around like, oh, who was that? Yeah. Yeah. And I was like, god, that person's irresponsible with their feet.

[ Laughter ] No. He knew it was me. And then johnny depp.

Jay: Oh, johnny depp?

Jennifer: He knocked on my trailer door. I love johnny depp.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now back up. Okay, see, you're in your trailer. You don't know it.

Jennifer: I don't know it. He knocks on the door.

Jay: He's coming to meet you?

Jennifer: Yes, because a friend of mine told him that I love him. So he knocks on e door I open it.-Ro and he's like, hi. And I'm like --

[ Squeals ] And I just started screaming, crying, threw myself on the floor. 'Cause that's adult and mature and what you want to do in front of johnny depp. And then I locked myself in my trailer and when I came out, he was gone.

Jay: Gee, I can't imagine why he'd be gone.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: I don't know either.

Jay: So you didn't even talk to him.

Jennifer: I didn'T. And then I went to his movie premiere like two days later.

Jay: Yeah.

Jennifer: And just as I got there, they gave away my seat and I didn't even get to see the movie. So then I talked to a security guard outside. I was kind of a stalker. It was a little weird. And so I talked to him and I told him all about my obsession wi jode hhi c o3 f1 eim ad fillgoto j: Oh, okay.

Jennifer: And soky hand

Jay: All ri

Jennifer: Thasraing of1 from high school, and he sent he's such a nice man.

[ Audience aws ]

Jay: Oh, that's nice.

Jennifer: Yeah. No clown. Johnny depp is no clown.

Jay: No clown.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: No, he's not. He mhe.

Jay: But he might be one of the "bird pop."Ocf f

Jennifer: Ew. No. If he's a bird person, I'm in

Jay: Now, you're doing a a christmas -- is this a musical version?

Jennifer: It is.

Jay: Okao1

Jennifer: Yeah. We get to sing.

Jay: Well, that's my favorite all-time --at tht novel ever nocf1 o

Jennifer: This is amazing. It's amazing. Kelsey grammar is scrooge, and he's just incredible.

Jennifer: Yeah. I was so ecid bpart of it.

Jennifer: I play the young scroogeo 1 lo ois. Love of his life.

Jennifer: The young scrooge's love of his life. And he kind of gives me up for gold and things like that. Why are you laughing at me?

I didn't say that very well. I mean, I don't know.

Jennifer: That's horrible.

Jay: I don't know. I don't know. I meant, you just said "the young scrooge's," it just sounded funny.

Jennifer: No. You know, the young scrooge.

Jay: The young scrooge, yeah.

Jennifer: Not kelsey.

Jay: Right, right.

Jennifer: The young -- you know, whatever.

Jay: We have a clip?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jay: Okay, let's take a a look. What is your character's name?

Jennifer: Emily.

Jay: Oh, emily. Emily the young scrooge'S.

Jennifer: Yeah. That's my fancy hairdo.

[ Applause ]

Jay: Jennifer, always a a pleasure. Thanks for coming to our show. And thanks for supporting our military.

Jennifer: Thank you guys so much.

Jay: We appreciate that.

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Postby ronald33 » Mon Nov 29, 2004 11:40 pm

Hey, neat! But wish you could clear up those spelling/typo errors....

BTW: I think that this "Tonight" show will repeat in 7 days + 2 hours

from when it was originally telecast....

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