Jennifer Love Hewitt Visits 'the Late Show' 9/20

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Postby admin » Wed Sep 21, 2005 2:29 am

>> Dave: Our first guest stars on a brand-new cbs television series entitled" ghost whisperer "it premiers friday night at 8:00. Here is the delightful jennifer love hewitt, ladies and gentlemen. (Cheers and applause)

>> Dave: You look beautiful.

>> Thank you.

>> Dave: That is a lovely dress. These looks like gromets are they?

>> I think so.

>> Dave: That is beautiful. I have never seen gromets used in a lovely dress like that.

>> Thank you.

>> Dave: How are you?

>> I'm great, how are you into wasn't that ridiculous, we were sitting there sitting in that dumb tent.

>> It was the dumbest tent. But you looked so handsome.

>> Dave: No, I didn't look handsome, but you were lovely, i was afraid to look because i a was afraid i was leering.

>> No, I appreciated it. I have actually had my makeup done.

>> Dave: Where was that?

>> In the middle of mexico in a field with mating beetles that urinate acid on your skin, falling on me from the tree issues really?

>> It is a little worse than the tent.

>> Dave: Wow!.

>> Was that also for the emmies? (Laughter)

>> Four years ago for the emmies. No, it was for a movie.

>> Dave: Let's talk about this television show.

>> Yes.

>> Dave: You are working here now at cbs. How is that going, by the way.

>> It is amazing.

>> Dave: Are you happy to be with cbs.

>> I am.

>> Dave: They contacted you and said come on in we have a show we would like you to do.

>> Yes, mr. Les moonves contacted me and had me come to the office for the day and asked me what kind of show I wanted to do. And he was just a lovely man and I feel very lucky to be on the network. It's nicing I'm excited.

>> Good for you.

>> Yeah.

>> Dave: This is a show, what i know about it is your character what is your character's name.

>> Melinda gordon.

>> Dave: Melinda gordon. And she has some kind of power, some kind of special power.

>> Yes.

>> Dave: And she can communicate with ghosts contact her.

>> Yes, and she can see and speak to hem and she helps them with their un -- unfinished business.

>> Dave: What kind of things do ghosts generally not get around to finishing up before they take off (laughter)

>> It can be really silly things like leaving keys in coat pockets that go to safety deposit boxes that they need somebody to get ahold of. Sometimes it is saying good-bye to loved ones. Other times it's, you know, parental conflicts and tngs like that. Sometimes this he are serious, sometimes they are light.

>> Dave: Is the show light heart order more serious, which of the two.

>> It depends. It always has an emotional undertone but it also has some fun and comedy in it.

>> Dave: So is this the way it works, in the beginning we see a circumstances that there is something puzzling, a missing piece of a puzzle that confounds family and friends, and then later we're contacted by the ghost who says you know what, tell them to look in my suit pocket and that is where they will find -- is that how it works, the keys --

>> Well, i will be having, for instce I will be having dinner on the show playing newly-wed and having dinner. And all of a sudden someone will show up behind me and say i need to you help me find my father. And blah, blah. And I'm like no, I'm a newly-wed my husband will think I'm weird, please go away and then i start to help them with their unfinished business.

>> Dave: Did you work with somebody without does this, who believes that this actually happens.

>> I actually went ghost bust snag ghost busting. Oh my.

>> We went into people's homes in L.A. And got rid of their ghosts. And she got rid of a ghost for me.

>> You had a ghost.

>> Hi a ghost.

>> Dave: And how do you know you had a ghost. Did you know you had a ghost prior?

>> No, there were weird things happening in my house, like light switches going off and on. And i heard footsteps an things like that. So just for fun because i didn't really think it was anything, i was like so can you come get rid of my ghost, you know. And so she came over and did. And the ghost was there, because he had a crush on me. That is what he told her. And he liked to see me in the shower which is so gross. That's really gross. (Applause)

>> Yeah. (Laughter)

>> Dave: See, a lot of this makes perfect sense. (Laughter)

>> Dave: And how did she -- the ghost was a man, how old a guy was he.

>> He was in his 30s.

>> Dave: And how did she get rid of him.

>> She just asked him if he was ready to go. They have to -- when they get lost and they are earthbound spirits is what we call them on the show, they need somebody like my character this woman, maryann to sort of help them go. And so she creates a light for them and they walk into it and they leave.

>> So they are lost.

>> Ty are lost, uh-huh.

>> Dave: They are not where they are supposed to be.

>> Right.

>> Dave: And is any of this true do you think this is true? That this happens?

>> You know, i haven't personally, i mean seen a ghost or been through that kind of experience. But being on the show, I have to say that i do believe that it's possible. And watching her do what she did it was pretty amazing. It was cool.

>> Dave: And did she seem like a normal, reasonable person? (Laughter)

>> Yes, she did. Yeah. She even says that she's like my head is to the going to spin around, I'm to the going to spit green things, it's going to be very calm and sort of collected, so --

>> There you would have a show if her head would spin around that people would want to see, for god's sakes. So I don't know, i don't think -- it's like flying saucers, I'm ready. I want to see one. I've just never seen one. I go out looking for them (laughter)

>> Dave: And I have never seen one. And same with a ghost. I have never seen a ghost.

>> Me either.

>> Dave: I wonder what percentage of people in the world actually have seen unexplainable apparitions.

>> I don't know. Hopefully a lot. And they will watch the show. (Laughter)

>> Dave: In doing the show you actually were injured but it had nothing to do really with the production of the show. You were injured before the show.

>> Every time I see you, i have just come from injuring myself. Really, I'm very accident prone and I went to a read through where you sit around and read through the scripts, very safe environment.

>> Sitting at a table.

>> Sitting at a table. And they were sort of in a horseshoe shape and i decided oh I'm little, I will just crawl underneath and go say hello to a fellow actor at the other side. Why i decided no the to walk around, I don't really know. So i crawled under the table, went to say hello and I came back the other side and our upm who su a lovely man, bless his heart, he kind of looks over the whole production and he was really supposed to look after the safety of the actors. Pushed a metal chair into my head as i was coming out the other side of the table.

>> Dave: Oh man.

>> And it swelled up to the size of a baseball. And --

>> Right here on the forehead.

>> So it is just now healed. Yeah. It was not good. But they sent me flowers and said thank god you have bangs in the card. It was comforting. So --

>> Was there any internal, i guess the forehead f are you going to take a shot that is a pretty good place to take a shot because it is the thickest part of the skull.

>> Right here on my tempel.

>> Was there a concussion.

>> Yeah, and i was sent home for the day. It was special. (Laughter)

>> I felt really cool.

>> Dave: That is quite a story, are you crawling across the floor and a guy just slams a chair into your head.

>> Yeah, why he was slamming, i still haven't figured it out, you know.

>> Dave: But why were you crawling across the floor.

>> I don't know. I don't know.

>> Dave: Somebody ought to look into. (Applause)

>> Dave: So now a lot of times on the show you are pretending to talk to people who aren't there. What is that like?

>> Well, it makes you feel silly. Are you there doing a scene and sometimes they are dramatic skins so you are crying with these people and are you talking to them. And you look up and they are not there.

>> Dave: I see. (Laughter)

>> And it makes you feel very silly.

>> Dave: Yeah, i understD. (Applause)

>> Dave: I would think that that would be a real test of your acting skills.

>> It is, it does. It makes you feel very strange. But it's fine. Yeah. (Laughter)

>> Dave: Well. I must say it's great to see you again.

>> It's nice to see you.

>> Dave: And the show is -- friday at 8:00 right here on cbs ghost whisperer "ladies and gentlemen. Jennifer love hewitt, thank you very much.

>> Thank you.

>> Dave: Nice job.

>> Thank you.

>> Dave: Thank you.

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