Jennifer Love Hewitt Visits 'the Tonight Show'

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Jay: My first guest, terrific young actress, one of our favorites. Her show, "ghost whisperer," is on friday nights on cbs. She's also just been named one of "people" magazine's 100 most beautiful people. Please welcome the lovely jennifer love hewitt.

[ Cheers and applause ] Good to see you.

Jennifer: Nice to see you.

Jay: I like --

[ Cheers and applause ] I like the new haircut. Very pretty.

Jennifer: Thank you. Thanks very much. Thank you.

Jay: And you're just back from where, hawaii? You were in hawaii?

Jennifer: I was.

Jay: Okay. How long were you there?

Jennifer: I was there five days.

Jay: Okay. That's fun.

Jennifer: You were there, too, weren't you?

Jay: I'm not a hawaii guy.

Jennifer: How long were you there?

Jay: I was -- I left on friday, I was supposed to come back sunday. I couldn't stand it, I came back saturday. It just was --

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Are u kidding me? It's hawaii!

Jay: No, it's like, it's like -- it's fat people with mai tais sitting on the beach.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: It's where you tan and it's spiritual and beautiful.

Jay: No, fat white people like this -- "drink!"

Jennifer: Really?

Jay: You know, I sat on the beach. I'm gonna -- I've never done this. I sit on the beach. I look at my watch, it was 10:00. I was on the beach for about -- maybe four hours, five hours. I look at my watch and I go, "oh, it's quarter after ten, my watch is broken." And I said to someone, "excuse me. What time is it?" They said, "quarter after 10:00." I said, "what? My watch -- I've only been here 15 minutes?" And I said, "that's it." And then I left.

Jennifer: You have relaxation problems?

Jay: I -- no.

Jennifer: Shall we talk about it later?

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: I'm very relaxed. I'm relaxed all the time.

Jennifer: It's not natural though, jt so you know. Y. I mean, it's a beautiful place.

Jennifer: It is beautiful.

Jennifer: And pretty much every other person in the world loves but you. Didn't lov know pick on you about some sobre algo, porque because you always pick on me.

Jay: You know what it is? No, no. It's like --

[ Cheers and applause ] It's like golf. It's like golf. If I could play it in ten minutes, it would be a a great game. But I don't have all day to go, "okay, let's walk some more." You know?

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Well.

Jay: Well, let's talk about you. Because, you know --- it's interesting because I thought you had some sort of water phobia.

Jennifer: I do.

Jay: So you go to this ritz cracker in the middle of the ocean. That seems like a weird deal.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: This is the thing. I don't go in the ocean, per se, very much, because I have a phobia of sand sharks.

Jay: Sand sharks?

Jennifer: Yes.

Jay: All right. And what are those?

Jennifer: There are seven recorded cases of people being on the beach, looking very cute, and having dieted to look so in their bathing suit, stding in the, you know, the water, like, at the beginning of the shore --

Jay: Right.

Jennifer: -- Sand sharks.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: No, that's an alligator, isn't it, I think?

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: No, they come up and they're --.

[ Growling noise ] Wow! They roar! Wow!

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: In my head, they roar and they eat you. It horrible. You going out with steve irwin? At are you talking about?

Jennifer: No, I have heard about sand sharks. And ever since, kind of a --

Jay: On what? On your show, "ghost whisperer"? Is that what it was?

Jennifer: Listen, you kn what? No, if they were ghost sand shark, I wouldn't have a a problem. All right, you pick on me. You didn't even go in the water.

Jennifer: I did, I went like that. I went, "oh," in to the ice waces entre en la piscina.

Jay: And the sand sharks wait for you to --

Jennifer: I just have I cf1 o know, snacked on by a sand shark. I don't know why. That'd be -- oh, well.

Jay: "Hello, I'm a sand shark." That's an old joke.

[ Laughter ] Now how about -- how you doing? Any car accidents or anything like that? How's that going?

Jennifer: We hado within the first ten minutes. I mean I --

Jennifer: J: What, in hawaii?

Jennifer: I'm -- you're making me not love hawaii anymore.

Jay: Oh, you're -- at it is? Those sand sharks -- they wait by the highway. Cf1 o and cghter ] Especially little cars.

Jennifer: All right, I kw that they -- because I'm going to hear about that later. I know they don't really go -- your car?

Jennifer: I didn'T. The valet did within we went to have lunch, and all of the sudden this very sweet man comes out, bless h and he's, like, sweating and really, really pale. And he's like, "oh, to you, miss hewitt, please?" And I was like, "yes." And so my brother goes over -- because I was there with my entire family, and he says, "our valet backed up in to a a coconut tree and has wrecked your rental car." And my brher was like, "well, is he okay?" And this guy said, "yes." And he goes, "and how's our stuff?" And he's like, "well, the back window's smashed where the luggage was. So we're not really sure. There's kind of glass everywhere. But we'll take care of . If you guys could just eat slower, we'd really appreciate it."

[ Laughter ] We were like, "um, sure. Okay." So I asked the guy --

Jay: What?

Jennifer: -- I know. And I asked the guy, and I was like, "well, I have one important bag that I kind of need out of the back. Can you take me to the car so I can go get it." And he goes, "oh, no, no, no." He's like'll bring it to you. And I'm thinking, "what has happened to the car?" So beforee even finish eating, they fix the car, got a a new one, and moved our luggage and we walked out.

Jay: Wait, wait. They fixed the car?

Jennifer: No, I mean got us a new one. Everything like that and got us a new one. That's the difference between women and men, right there.

Jennifer: Why? A woman, and a guy goes over, you went, "bless him."

[ Laughter ] Guys would have the "him" part, but it wouldn't be bless. Okay?

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Well --

Jay: "The guy wrecked my car, and bless him."

[Aughter ] "Bless him? That's the son of a b**** who wrecked my car."

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: But wait -- you know, it wasn't like it was my personal car. It was a rental car.

Jay: "Oh, and bless him." He smashed the car in to a a coconut tree in a parking lo what was he going, 100 miles an hour?

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: I don't know. I just felt bad.

Jay: And bless him!

Jennifer: I just felt bad, you know, it wasn't his fault.

Jay: No, it's not his fault. No. We'll take a break. More with jennifer right ter this. Eers and applause ]

Jennifer:> Believe it or not, they're twin sisters.

Jennifer: One -in-a-million odds. One was born black, the other born white. Exclusive, the family with black and white twin girls. Next "inside edition."W{o ,

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: All right. Welcome back. We're talking with jennifer love hewitt. And I gotta ask you abt this. I keep hearing it from people that you got an offer from "playboy" or something.

[ Man yells ] I know you do those underpants commercials.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: The one very disturbed gentleman goes, "yeah!"

[ Laughter ] I did. And it's not gonna happen.

Jay: Oh, you're not gonna do it?

Jennifer: No, not ever.

[ [ Audience ohs ] ]

Jay: I think that's good. No, hey, hey.

Jennifer: Not ever.

Jay: See, I look at you as, like, my adopted daughter. You've been doing this show since you were, like, 14 years old.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jay: Don't do playboy.

Jennifer: No. And you know what? I have to say that I think we need to learn that it's sexier to wonder what's underneath than to actually know.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Wait a minute. Oh, shut up!

[ Laughter ] All the women -- "oh, it's so much sexier." But guys --

Jennifer: But the ladies were with me, so it's ay.

Jay: Well, you're still doing the underpants

[ Laughter ]

Jay: That's what I like to call o cf1 o

Jennifer: Thanks. I really love the word "underpants."

[ Lau

Jay: You know, "panties" are

Jennifer: I hate the word "panties."

[ Laughter ]& I -- the word "panties," it's

Jay: When you're middle aged guy go, "panties" -- ew! It's just creepy.

[ Laughter ] Or "underpants."

Jennifer: But "underpants" feels like you're, like, four.

[ Laug o

Jennifer: "I need to go put on my underpants."

Jay: Yeah, like they're actually, that might be sexy, also.

Jennifer: Yeah. Th --

[ Laughter ] Did you meet kellie? I know you're a big 1 o I just psed her in the hallway.

Jay: You know what a cameo is?

Jay: That was frightening.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: She's been so picked on.

Jay: I know. But she's going to sign some record deal. "And you get all the money?" "No, don't sign that."

[ Laughter ] No -- you watch that show. Who's going to win? Who do you like? I know you're like a huge fan, right? Yeah.

Jennifer: I'm a huge -- I'm going to season finale.& I have my ticket. All right.

Jennifer: I'm very excited.

Jay: So who's goingo win?

Jennifer: I have my theory. I think in the bottom four is going to be katharine, who's one of my personal favorites --

Jennifer: Ja the bottom four? They're dowf1 I'm getting there.

[ Laughter ] Katharine, elliot, chris and yeah. Because I think that she kind of embodies an "american idol."

Jennifer: Jayokay.

Jennifer: I think she has an amazing voice and I think they will really know how to promote her really well and sell a record. On katharine? So you're going with katharine?

Jennifer: But I secretly adore taylor hicks.

Jay: All right. Well, that's good.

[ Cheers a applause ] Sure, because he's a little pudgy and has gray hair. It's a father thing. Cf1 o I can see

Jennifer: He's kind of dorky. You know.&

Jay: Yeah. Thanks.

[ Laughter ] Now what else are you watching? You told me you watched -- what, the inventor one?

Jennifer: "Arican inventor."

Jennifer: Oh, I love this show.&

Jennifer: Yes, because 3 f1 want to be an inventor. Now have you o

Jennifer: I have.

Jay: Really?

Jennifer: Can I tell you about it? All right.&

Jennifer: I'm so excited. Okay. I'll find you.

[ Laughter ]. Okay. So I had this like - well, technically, I should say it was my brother's idea, but I have expanded it into for it.&

Jay: Go ahead. All right.

Jennifer: Basically what it is, is people, human beings -- men, women, whoever -- I haven't decided that yet -- with little, like, things kind of

Jay: Right.

Jennifer: And what they do is they go around, very much likehe spray tan aspect of things, except they spray you evenly with sunscreen at beach resort places where people burn. Okay, you're not excited about this.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: First of all --

Jennifer: "This is not what I was looking for." People -- no, but the hardest thing to do in the summer and not get burned is just apply sunscreen evenly. This -- they spray it on there for you -- you don't have to worry about it. You gi them five bucks, they come back every two hours, respray you. And for, like, girls and kids and stuff, they have a glitter machine. Oh, yeah.

[ Laughter ] Sparkles -- look a little sassy.

Jay: Well, you know, they do that at the border. It's called "delousing people." They spray you --

[ Laughter ] Some kids there with an

Jennifer: Don't crush my "american

Jay: All right. Any others? Do you have any others?

Jennifer: Yeah. My friend emma came up with one that I actuallthought was pretty clever.

Jay: Not unless you can do it in ten minutes.

[ Light laughter ]

Jennifer: This could be the thing for you. This is -- they're retractable golf clubs. So that when you travel -- travel -- we haven't figured it do abajo en el but when you travel, they smoosh down so they're, like, this big and tm in a little carry-on and not everybody at the carousel has to deal with "clank, clank, clank, clank" of the thing coming down in the big bag.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You know, you would get laughed off a miniature lf course.

Jennifer: No I would not.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: That's ke playing with antennas in cars.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Have you seen the show? There are people who come in and, like, have invented "the neon toothpick." My ideas are very good.

Jay: All right. Fine.

Jennifer: I'm telling you.

Jay: Well, we'll see if anybody picks up on that.

Jennifer: I'm going to be an inventor. You will be sprayed by the jennifer love hewitt spray one day. Yes you will.

[ Applause ]

Jay: Now tell us about "ghost whisperer."

Jennifer: That was kind of disturbing when it came out. It was a good idea in my head. Then when I said it, I was like "oh, that's weird."

Jay: Bei sprayed -- you're like a skunk now, or something.

Jennifer: I know. Sorry about that.

[ Laught ]

Jay: You have a big -- a a two-part finale? How long is it?

[ Laughter ] How long?

Jennifer: It's a 20-hour season finale. No, it's a two-hour season finale -- who gets whispered at the cf1 o ghost? What happens? Happening. Basically, all I can tell you is there's a pull between e on!

Jennifer: Melinda representing good.

Jay: Okay.

Jennifer: Yes. 250 ghosts at once --

Jay: Really?

Jennifer: --

Jay: We saw a film like that, kev, remember?

[ Laughter ] Wow. So you get "gang ghost," is what you're saying?

Jennifer: Oh.

[ [ Audience ohs ] ]

[ Rimshot ] Why? Why? Why when you're in the presence of a lady would you say something like that.

Jay: A lady who's spraying people.

Jennifer: I am your daughter.&

[ Laughter ] I am your daughter.&

Jay: You are my daughter. It's this friday and next watching that tonight. Thank you very much, dear.

Jennifer: Please -- she's got to run. Jennifer love hewitt.

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