Jennifer Love Hewitt Visits 'the Tonight Show'

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Postby admin » Sat Jun 17, 2006 7:14 am

Jay: Regis. Like madonna like -- my first guest, a terrific young actress. She stars on "the ghost whisperer" on cbs. Those are all true stories, by the way. Did you know?

Kevin: Of course.

Jay: I had no idea, yes. She's also has a new movie, "garfield: A tail of two kitties." You have to be careful when you say that.

[ Laughter ] She's also the hanes derwear -- she's queen of the underpants. That's what I call her.

Kevin: Queen of the underpants?

Jay: Sells more underpants than anybody in the country. Please welcome the lovely jennifer love hewitt, ladies and gentlemen!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: Hi.

Jay: You look -- I always -- you always dress up. We really appreciate it.

Jennifer: I did this for you.

Jay: Yes, you always look pretty and you're very dressed up. Some people come in jeans and t-shirts. You always come in like a prom dress or something. You look very ce.

Jennifer: Well, you know, it is prom season.

Jay: It is prom season. That is like a promy kind of dress.

Jennifer: That was a weird intro.

Jay: What, queen of the underpants?

Jennifer: Yes.

Jay: Well, you do work -- you sell hanes underpants, don't you?

Jennifer: And the "tail ofhe two kitties."

[ Laughter ]

Jay: "Tail of two kitties." You say that.

Jennifer: You do have to be careful.

Jay: 'Cause it's a freudian thing that can happen.

[ Light laughter ] How is your summer going? Any more shark attacks?

There have been 58, thank you very much. 58!

Jay: And just in your cond

[ Laughter ] Yeah, okay. Is that 58, what, in L.A. Or worldwide?

Jennifer: 58 attacks. I don't know if it's worldwide or not. I think i f1

Jay: It's worldwide.

Jennifer: I thinkt's in L.A. 'Cause they know I'm afraid. Why are you so scared? I gave you that book on sharks

Jennifer: "Why am I so scared?" Think about that. You're in the water. You're surfing. You're in your little bikini. It's great, you're having a a good day, and all of a sudden out of nowhere this gigantic -- 'cause all sharks to me are jaws. There are no tiny sharks. Everything's like --rah.

[ Light laughter ] You know, and then you're gone and that's it.

Jay: Really?

Jennifer: And your bathing suit? No longer cute.

[ Laughter ] Your day, no longer pleasurable. Just horrible. That's just my opinion on the whole matter.

Jay: When you put it that way. Now I was reading about your new boyfriend. I finally met him, by the way.Seems like a nice young man.

Jay: Here's his picture here.There's the two of you there.

[ Audience aws ]

Jennifer: Aw.

Jay: You must drive this poor guy nuts.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Probably, I'm not going to disagree.

Jay: No, I mean -- 'cause I know -- like did you go to psychics and find out about him? Did you do any of that?

Jennifer: No, I didn'T. That story got blown out of proportion. No, I was at an underpants

[ Laughter ] Thanks for that. And they had an intuitionist there, which I had no idea what an intuitionist was.

Jay: A what?

Jennifer: They intuitively see things about you

Jay: Oh, shut up!

Jennifer: I know. But anyway they do!

Jay: An intuitionist --

Jennifer: At least I'm not talking about ghostshis time, I'm talking about intuitionists.

Jay: Is that like a psychic?

Jennifer: Yeah, kind of. And so, she ella comenzo telling me all these things, and one of the things that she rio a mencionar es was like, "and you're happy in your relationship." I was like thh for the information. Yes, I am. So I just happened para mention that. And then they ote this whole searching out psychics to find out if he was a crazy person.&

Jay: No, when you heard the -- what do you call it, intuitionist?

Jennifer: Intuitionist. She come to you or did you go over to the intuitionist?

Jennifer: I went over to see her it's about.& But I didn't go over to, like, you know ask about him. I wanted to talk about me, frankly, yeah.?

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Oh, so what did the -- what did they say? What did they tell you that you didn't know?

Jennifer: Well, red makes people angry. It can also be passionater apasionado.

Jennifer: Jayduh!

Jennifer: Oh, come on. Expand your mind.

Jay: Gee, maybe that's why valentine's day --

Jennifer: And blue is stressful. Hence, your condition right now.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: You know, this -- this person sounds more like an annoyingist to me than an & intuitionist..

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Hence, your experience with me on your show.

Jay: Let me ask you -- was it a man or woman?

Jennifer: It was a woman. She's very good.

Jay: Did she charge for this service?

Jennifer: No, she didn'T. 'Cause it was at an underpants event.

[ Laughter ] But she told me about my dog.

Jay: Why would she show up at an uerpants event?

Jennifer: Because, you know, it like a a beauty bathing. So you got underpants and perfume and, you know, you got to know what color freaks you out.

Jay: Now, could the intuitionist tell you -- no, I'm not even going to go there. How about you? Did she ask about your dog?

Jennifer: I did. She told me abo my dog. She told me my dog is very the neighborhood. Which I thought was cute.

[ Laughter ] It's funny. You don't think that's funny? Cf1 o

Jay: No, I don't believe it.

[ Laughter ] Because everybody has some construction.. and what did your dog -- how would she know that? Based on what? Did she phone the dog earlier & in the day?

Jennifer: No. She just said that my dog, charlie, was incredibly stressed out by the construction.

Jay: Did she know your dog's name was charlie?

Jennifer: No, no, no. This is a separate time. I saw her twice.

Jay: Oh, you went back!

[ Laughter ] You're like an alcoholic.. you go back.

Jennifer: Yes, I saw her twice. Well, you know, the color thing didn't freak me out enough. I needed to know more. So then I found out that my dog , no, no. Didn't like the construction. And, this is now -- this is a a real humdinger that you're going to like.

Jay: Okay, go ahead. Humdinger? How old are you now?

[ Laughter ]

[ Light laughter ] We'll talk about that later. Was missing this certain toy. So she had me goet get the yes, my dog has a toy box. So went and got the toy box. She brought out the toy.& My dog has not stopd playing with it.& It's the only toy she wants to play with. 'Cause she missed it. That's what she said.--Whatever.

[ Laughter ] You know what?

Jay: I think I just heard your boyfriend get in the car & and go home.&

[ Laughter ] What is- does your boyfriend . When you talk about these things, does he --

Jennifer: He thought it was kind of cool. I mean, what choice do you have? Do you look at somebody that you care about and you're like -- whoo, whoo, whoo.

[ Laughter ] You know, or doou just take & it as a sweet trait? Before or after.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: Wow, wow.

Jay: I think before, you listen. After, you go, "yeah, honey --" look, we'll take a brea we'll gather our thoughts. Be right back. More with jennifer love hewitt.

[ Cheers and applause ] &

Jennifer:> Husbands secretly addicted to internet porn.

Jennifer: It felt very good.

Jennifer: The betrayal.

Jennifer: There's no way I could compete with that.

Jennifer: The new addiction.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with jennifer love hewitt. Now, y0u know, I know you have a lot of phobias. All right.

Jennifer: It's true.

Jay: This interventionist -- what do they call it?

Jennifer: Intuitionist.

Jay: Internalist. What is it?

Jennifer: Intuitionist.

Jay: Intuitionist. Did she help with the phobias?

Jennifer: No, she couldn't help me with my phobias.

Jay: Really, so you're hopeless?

Jennifer: I am hopeless.

Jay: Like, what other phobias do you have?

Jennifer: Pretty much all of them, really.

Jay: Really?

Jennifer: Yeah. My biggest one is claustrophobia, yeah.

Jay: Claustrophobia, okay.

Jennifer: Yeah, that's not a good one to have.

Jay: Like you get in an elevator and you freak out?

Jennifer: Ooh, yeah. Yeah, like the whole "let's fit 90 people and go up to floor, yoknow, 68," not my thing.

Jay: You wait for an empty car?

Jennifer: No, it doesn't have to be empty. But I can't do more than, you know, five people per se, and then I start to go --

Jennifer: Ja so getting stuck on an elevator --

Jennifer: Oh, that's one of my biggest fears. I think I would just -- yeah, I wouldn't -- I wouldn't be okay.

Jay: How about an escalator? Say an escalator stops halfway and -- would you freeze?

Jennifer: Escalators are okay. 'Cause I don't know.

Jay: Would you know to

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jay: I don't know.Has this ever been a problem when you're filming? Any phobias?

Jennifer: Yeah. I had to do a scene in one of those, you know, tanning doohickeys.

Jay: Tanning doohickeys?

Jay: Is this like a a humdinger like the other one?

Jennifer: It is.

Jay: What are you doing, hang around people in their 80s? Nyway. Shenanigan.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You mean like -- you mean like a tanning booth?

Jennifer: Yeah, I had to do a scene in one of those, and they had to light it for the movie that we real lights. So it was like 100 degrees inside. Really hot. And the room that we were in the middle of the tanning bed. And everybody was like, "that nomenal scene. And I was like, I am so not a a good actress. And it was not good. Yeah, it was terrifying.

Jay: Now, I know hypochondria. I know you have that one. Whatever disease is in the news, you seem to have --

Jennifer: I haveverything.

Jay: What's the latest? What do you have now?

Jennifer: I'm pretty sure I've had the bird flu at least four or five times.

Jay: Really? And, oh, I had like a weird rash thing. Some people would just call it you know, the wrong dergent. Me? Flesh eatingomiendo enfermedad.

Jay: Really? Did a horrib -- look, your arm looks horrible.

Jennifer: It's not still there. It's fine. Cf1 o look, it's not. Anyway. Yeah, I have them all.

Jay: Really?

Jennifer: Yeah.

> Drive he doesn't mind this? He underf1 o you'd have to talk to him about that. I'm sure I drive most people I but, you knowthere's charm in it.

[ Laughter ] There's charm in there somewhere, I think.

Jay: Now, tell us about "garfield: A tail of two kitties."

Jennifer: Now you've got me thinking the wrong thg about that.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Now, this is a true story, I understand?

Jennifer: Yeah, it's so true. There's this giant animated ange cat who just roams london. No, the movie takes place in london this time. My character, liz, the vet. The hot vet.

Jay: Oh, that's right.

Jennifer: You like that, right? Thhot vet.

Jay: Yeah, the hot vet, yeah.

Jennifer: She goes to london and jon arbuckle, he follows her to london.

Jay: Oh, I see. Cf1 o

Jennifer: I think you have a clip or something, right?

Jay: We do have a clip. "Or something." Yeah.

Jennifer: A doohickey?

Jay: Now, here's the scene. Okay, here we are. You're in london. Here we go.

Jennifer: Jon?

Jennifer: Hey!

Jennifer: Oh, my god. What are you doing here?

Jennifer: Well, it is fashion week. What else would I be?

Jennifer: This is incredible. I cannot believe you're here.

Jennifer: So you're glad?

Jennifer: Glad? I'm thrilled. But, london? I mean, did you come all the way here just for me?

Jennifer: Yes. In fact, I want us to be together --

Jennifer: Odie!

Jennifer: Water.

Jennifer: Garfield?

Jennifer: That's the hello I get?

Jennifer: 13 hours in a bag with a a farting dog?

Jennifer: You know, they have quarantine laws here. Don't let odie out of your sight. They might deport him.

Jennifer: Deport odie? I like this country --

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: All right. That opens today.

Jennifer: Today.

Jay: All right. Congratulations, kiddo.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Jay: It's fun to have you.

Jennifer: Thank you.

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Postby ronald33 » Wed Jun 28, 2006 12:33 pm

Nice to hear JLH promoting her new projects....but, NOT so nice, Jay Leno being an a-hole again, and
acting like a walking tabloid...trying to FORCE the "b-word" (boyfriend) down Jennifer Love Hewitt's
mouth! Interrogation-style "interview" all over again....

If she didn't have a hit series, he wouldn't be HYPING her personal life this way....I compare it to a
bubble. It's going to burst....but, it's just a little bigger this time.

The date du jour (that's what the guy REALLY is) is being compared with Carson Daily when Mr. Leno
does his foolishness..and we KNOW that there WON'T really be another Carson!

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