Jennifer Love Hewitt visits 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien'

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Jennifer Love Hewitt visits 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien'

Postby admin » Wed Sep 27, 2006 6:01 am

Conan: All right, everybody. We're back. My first guest starred on the tv show "party of five" and the "I know what you did last summer" films. Now you can see her every friday night on the cbs series "ghost whisperer." Please welcome jennifer love hewitt.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: Hi.

Conan: How are you?

Jennifer: I'm good. My feet don't touch.

Conan: No, no, no. The chair is too high. Sorry about that. Nice, nice to have you on the show. You look gorgeous.

Jennifer: Thank you so much. It's nice to see you.

Conan: Good to see you. And your hair's doing a nice little curly, twisty thing.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Conan: Yeah, I try to get mine to do it. It won't do it.

[ Light laughter ] So much to talk about. First of all, I called you -- you go by "love," is that right?

Jennifer: Yes.

Conan: I call you love.

Jennifer: Yes.

Conan: Ah, very good. Love. Love, love. So, okay.

Jennifer: Hi.

Conan: Tonight, I'll be "passion."

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Passion? Okay.

Conan: Max could be "beauty."

[ Light laughter ]

Jennifer: All right.

Conan: Beauty, passion, love, we're all together.

[ Laughter ] Oh, so much to talk about. First of all, this is fascinating to me, 'cause the show "ghost whisperer" -- it's a very popular show -- in "ghost whisperer," your character talks to the dead.

Jennifer: Yes.

Conan: But I always love this -- you do it in very sexy outfits.

Jennifer: Yes, I do.

[ Light laughter ]

Conan: Yeah. Is that part of the character, is to attract the dead, you need to really sex it up, you know?

Jennifer: No, it's part of ratings.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: That I understand.

Jennifer: Yes, no. Well, you know, you have to give the 14-year-old boys in america something to watch. Because if it was just me talking to dead people, that's not interesting to them at all.

Conan: So, there's a spiritual message behind the show, and then there's another part of the show that's like, "hey, fellas!"

[ Light laughter ]

Jennifer: Yeah, I mean, I think that when you -- on other shows, when you see women like that they're always, sort of, in the business suits things, with the no makeup and the ponytail and the things like that. And the idea of the show is that she's a normal girl who is a newlywed. She's just gotten married, she owns this antique store. And so they wanted her to look like, you know, normal girls look.

Conan: Yeah, that own antique stores.

Jennifer: Except in, tiny tops.

Conan: Tiny, tiny, revealing tops.

Jennifer: Yes.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: It's all good television as far as I'm concerned.

Jennifer: It's fun for me.

Conan: It's fun for you? You like it? Oh, that's good.

Jennifer: We actually have had to have a conversation about my tops for this coming season, because I ended up in, sort of, inappropriate things, sometimes, while talking to ghost children.

[ Light laughter ] And we found it difficult and upsetting when we were watching that.

Conan: What do you mean? So that the top was too revealing, and you'd be talking to a ghost child?

Jennifer: Well, yeah. And I'd be like, "are you okay?"

[ Makes baby noises ] You know, and then there's these things. And that's not -- that's not childlike at all.

Conan: Oh, yeah, those things. Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: So, we fixed it this season. When I'm dealing with adult people who don't have to --

Conan: I'm sure the ghost children didn't mind.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Yeah, but --

Conan: "You got my attention now."

[ Laughter ] "All right, go into the light, gotcha."

[ Light laughter ]

Jennifer: Yeah.

Conan: Now, now, you shoot -- this is interesting to me -- you don't shoot on sets, but sometimes you shoot in real cemeteries.

Jennifer: Yes.

Conan: That would creep me out.

Jennifer: It's really creepy. It's even more depressing when we're filming, and a family comes to visit somebody there.

Conan: The grave, yeah.

Jennifer: And we have to ask them to wait.

[ Audience ohs ] Because we're filming there. I know. I'm sorry.

[ Laughter ] And they're like, "I'm never watching that show again."

Conan: Well, it's also -- and you know that you're saying it very nicely. You're saying -- you're "love" saying, "I'm sorry, you're gonna have to wait."

Jennifer: Right.

Conan: But you know it's a guy in a headset, chewing on a breadstick, that's like, "get outta here!"

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: "What are you doin'? We're trying to film."

Conan: "Hey, grandpa ain't goin' anywhere."

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: It's so horrible. But there's something kind of -- I don't know -- there's something beautiful about it, I guess. Not a --

Conan: Beautiful about what?

Jennifer: Not us telling the families to leave.

Conan: Oh, yeah, about you telling people to buzz off when they're trying to visit their loved ones.

Jennifer: No, not beautiful about that.

Conan: Yeah, yeah. Now, let's talk -- speaking of beauty -- I cannot open a magazine in this country without seeing you -- one of your hanes underwear ads. They are everywhere.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Conan: They're just, they're blanketing the country. Was it -- when you're doing -- when you're posing in an underwear ad, does it make you feel -- you know, I get asked all the time, "please, model our underwear."

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Right. I could see that.

[ Cheers ]

Conan: No, you initially laughed, and I'll never forget it.

[ Laughter ] And then you pretended -- "whoo! Sexy." I -- no, but I couldn't do it. I could not -- I can't exist in my underwear. I'm fully clothed at all times.

[ Light laughter ] So, was it --

Jennifer: It's nerve wracking. It's very difficult, I have to say. Because you know, for 10 or 12 hours you're standing there just in your underwear.

Conan: While they take all the photos.

Jennifer: Well, yeah, and the thing about it is that you know the photographer was, like, with gisele bundchen an hour before. Which just makes you feel horrible about yourself. 'Causeou're like, "I eat an in-n-out burger on my lunch break while I'm doing the underwear commercials, and she's like the size of my finger." So it's very difficult to do. But they turn out nice. And they, you know, make them look like you're having a good time. And you know, they're a wonderful company to work for. And I've really -- I've enjoyed doing them. So it's good.

Conan: Now, you mentioned in-n-out burger, I have to bring this up, because I've heard you say -- I heard you say in an interview somewhere that you -- you know, you're a big star. You have a big hit tv show -- that you'd love to be a spokesperson for the sizzler.

Jennifer: I love the sizzler.

Conan: And I'm thinking --

[ Laughter ] -- You know, that's like your life's ambition, is to be a spokesperson for the sizzler. Why?

Jennifer: There's nothing better in the world than going to sizzler and having an all you can eat salad and a baked potato with that cheese spread. It's just -- have you been to sizzler?

Conan: Not in a long time. I haven't been to sizzler, no.

[ Light laughter ]

Jennifer: I'll take you and your family to sizzler sometime. It's an experience.

Conan: Really?

Jennifer: Yes.

Conan: You know what? I'm gonna hold you to that, and bring a camera crew.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: No, I'm serious.

Conan: That's what I'm going to do. We are going there.

Jennifer: It's amazing.

Conan: It's amazing why? Just because you get all the salad?

Jennifer: It's like $7.99. Not only do you get all you can eat salad, but you get jell-o, you get pudding --

Conan: Jell-o? I haven't had jell-o since I had my appendix out in 1975.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: It's great.

Conan: Do people still eat jell-o?

Jennifer: Yes, and it's cut into the little squares. Fantastic. I love it. Anyway, and then, oh, you can have pudding, which is also extremely exciting.

Conan: You're just describing hospital food.

[ Laughter ] "You can have jell-o or pudding. And then an injection. And sleep."

[ Laughter and applause ]

Jennifer: And then they have the sundae machine.

Conan: There's a sundae machine at sizzler?

Jennifer: There's a sundae machine.

Conan: I didn't know that.

Jennifer: And it's only 8 bucks.

Conan: I didn't know that.

Jennifer: Who doesn't love that?

Conan: That sounds incredible.

Jennifer: It's fantastic. It's really good. And they have really good french dressing, and like the little ham and the egg that goes on your salad. Anyway. We should really go.

[ Light laughter ]

Conan: Well, I don't understand why sizzler hasn't contacted you.

Jennifer: I don't, either.

Conan: I would think they would contact you. They're gonna contact you now. You're gonna get a call from "the sizzler." Isn't it --

Jennifer: I'm waiting.

Conan: Isn't it "the sizzler"?

Jennifer: The sizzler -- is it "the sizzler"?

Conan: I thought it was "the sizzler."

Jennifer: I don't know.

Conan: Anybody? Anybody?

[ Audience mumbles answers ]

Jennifer: It think it's just "sizzler." It's the sizzler!

[ Laughter ] It's "late night with conan," not "late night with love."

[ Cheers and applause ] I lose my mind. I've become -- I become more and more like saddam hussein every day.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Okay, so make me a deal, right now. Pinkie promise me that we're gonna go with your family to sizzler.

Conan: Well, if it's a pinkie promise, then legally I'm bound. Pinkie promise.

[ Cheers and applause ] We're going to the sizzler.

Jennifer: Yeah. We'll go.

Conan: But not with the family.

[ Laughter ]

[ Conan purrs ] Slowly losing my mind. The season premiere of "ghost whisperer" airs tomorrow night, at 8:00, on cbs. Sizzler, or "the sizzler," can be found everywhere.

[ Laughter ] And love, thank you so much for being here.

Jennifer: Thanks for having me.

Conan: Always great having you on the show. Jennifer love hewitt.

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