Kind of The Same: JLH can do Casual Dating

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Kind of The Same: JLH can do Casual Dating

Postby ronald33 » Sat Oct 14, 2006 1:04 pm

The main blog for refers to the guy that Jennnifer Love
Hewitt was dating (?) in 2000, Rich Cronin (i.e., "there is a guy,but it's

About TWO DOZEN dates later, once again JLH turns up with a date when
she has another TV show. This time it's Ross McCall; but if her past is
any indication, looks to be just like the Rich Cronin stint. Except that,
this time, this show's (Ghost Whisperer) bigger success (as compared
with Time of Your Life's flop) intimidates guys EVEN MORE from asking
JLH 2000, history tells us that JLH did "casual dating", with
Rich Cronin being the "main" date, BUT six other guys took her out
as well.

And a recent overseas article in "UK Expo" (Oct.2006) would seem to
bear out the fact that, no,there ISN'T going to be another "Carson
Daly" (default boyfriend)....because JLH now says (supposedly) that
she's not only no longer looking for a "Mr. Right"...but no longer in a
hurry to get married,either!

Mr. McCall,is,of course,a DRINKER...this would seem to DISQUALIFY
him from EVER getting a serious relationship with JLH! Sooner or later,
this date must end.

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