Jennifer Love Hewitt visits The Tonight Show transcript10/17

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Jennifer Love Hewitt visits The Tonight Show transcript10/17

Postby admin » Wed Oct 18, 2006 8:33 am

My first guest, very popular and talented young actress. And one of our favorites. Her show "ghost whisperer," getting terrific reviews. It can be seen friday nights on e of the other networks doing better than us.

[ Laughter ] Please welcome jennifer love hewitt, ladies and gentlemen.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Good to see you.

>> Hi, nice to see you.

>> Jay: Now, I know you -- you want to say hi to your mom. What's going on?

>> I do. My mom's in hawaii and just had the big earthquake. So hi, mom. I love you.

>> Jay: Oh, okay.

>> Come home soon.

>> Jay: What, did she call you? Did she tell you what it was like? What happened?

>> E did, yeah. She said it was pretty scary, but it was hawaii. So afterwards, everybody laid by the pool and got sunburned and had mai is.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Wow, so it wasn't -- it wasn't that bad? Was she frightened?? I mean --

>> She was frightened.-

>> Jay: Where was she at the . Time?

>> I think she was frightened. I think she was downplaying it, 'cause, you know, I'm her daughter and worried and here in L.A. And not much I can do about it. Know, it was fine.&

>> Jay: Was she in bed?

>> No, I don't know where -- she didn't tell me exactly where she was.

>> Jay: Yeah.>> I know she was at the hotel.

>> Jay: Okay.

>> And she said it was really shaking quite a bit. But it was --

>> Jay: And power went out?

>> It was okay. They lost power los perdieron poder y cosas stuff.

>> Jay: Okay, all right.?

>> But she's fine.

>> Jay: All right, all right.

>> So hi, mom.

>> Jay: All right, well, I'm about your ocd..

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Your obsessive compulsive.

>> My other freakish habit..

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah. How'that going? Fascinating..

>> I have -- yeah, I do have a a little ocd. I do the same four things when I wake up in the morning.

>> Jay: Really? Wow. That sounds good. What are they?

>> Yeah, and I have to do them or else --

[ Laughter ] No, they're really not. They're not, like, shaving my music or anything. Not that that would be exciting.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: That would be great if it was, like -- that would be great if it was 1935. "W-hoo!"

[ Laughter ]

>> It's more exciting then.

>> Jay: So what is -- you get up in the morning, alarm clock goes off, what? What ppens?

>> I have to unplug my cell phone right away. Then I have to unplug my --

>> Jay: Unplug it right away?

>> Yeah, I have to -- I just in its little carrying case. I have to put them in my purse so I know that they're there.Then I brush my teeth. Then I jump in the shower. And then I get back out.

>> Jay: Why do you put on the shower and then brush your teeth? It's just a thing.

>> Jay: Oh, okay.

>> I just have to. I like for it to heat up, and it's just a thing I have to do.

>> Jay: So why do you do them out of order then?

>> I -- well, I don'T.&

>> Jay: Oh, you don'T.

>> That's the point. Drives you crazy. Like, start all over again.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah, I'm like the "monk." You have see seen that show?

>> Jay: Well, yeah.

>> I am tony shalhoub.

>> Jay: Wow, okay.

>> Jay: I don't really see that.

>> And then at night --&

>> Jay: But, yeah, okay.

>> And then at night, I have to --

>> Jay: What happens at night boyfriend gave me this great little angel that brings some good luck, so I & kiss the angel. And then I have to --

>> Jay: You kiss the angel. I bet hset my cell phone ten times before I can, like, in my brain --&

>> Jay: What do you mean, set you cell phone?. Go off, and I'm going to get up in time for work." I -- it's my alarm clock.

>> Jay: Oh, so you set it --

>> 'Cause I don't trust an

>> Jay: So you set it -- so you check it ten times?

>> Ten times. Yeah.

>> Jay: Wow, now -- a bad sleeper too.

>> I am.& I watch infomercials and order stuff off the tv. Yeah.

[ Cf1 o

[ Laughter ]

>> I'm a real catch, people.

>> Jay: Wow -- I an, so, okay, you do all those things and you watch infomercials?

>> I do. Well, I find them fascinating. I mean, I think that they're just fantastic things. And then, to order things off the tv, and a couple days later have them show up and bring you so much joy. It's like christmas all year.

[ Laughter ] It's just fantastic..

>> Jay: You know, I feel like I'm in an infomcial now.

>> It really is.

>> Jay: Now, wait a minute. Now you sound like you're in an infomercial. All we need though, is for the audience to go like this.

[ Laughter ] Because they were excited about christmas all year.&

>> Jay: All right, so you're watching an infomercial. What you do you buy?

>> Well, what have I bought? I bought the george foreman grill four times because I lose it and forget I've gotten it, & sspera -- it a minute.

[ Laughter ] Now, how do you lose a a george foreman grill? They're like that big. It's like losing george foreman. So I put them in -- I, for some reason, I tend to put them in places that really aren't in my & kitchen. And so -- because I don't have yourself, "okay, I'd like to make something to eat. Where I did put it?. Let me just order another one."

[ Laughter ]

No, because I can't find it. But, you know, when you pay for & somethi, you want to use it. So I think, "oh, gosh, I should me a steak on my george foreman grill. Where is it?" And thei dig around, and I can't find it.? And I'm like, "tomorrow, when I can't sleep, I'm going to order another one."

>> Jay: Wow, you know, if you and I were going out, and you made me a steak on a a grge foreman grill, that relationship would be over.

[ Laughter ]

>> No, I'm a really good ok.

>> Jay: That would be over the next day. Things.

>> Jay: This is all very impressive. But you don't put my steak on a a george foreman grill.

>>. All right.

>> But my steak, I could put on there. Anyway, so I've ordered the magic bullet.

>> Jay: Well, what's the magic & situation.

>> Jay: Oh.

>> It's wonderful.. it blends anything. You can make guacamole, a milk nothing better or more interesting than that, for me, on a friday night. Love it. Love it.

[ Laughter ]

[ Laughter ]

>> I know.

>> Jay: Okay, let's take a a break. More with jennifer love hewitt right after that.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with jennifer love hewitt. And I was reading something fascinating about you today.

>> Oh, no.

>> Jay: You never learned to ride a bicycle?

>> No.

[ Audience aws ]

>> Jay: Did you -- did you ever try?

>> Thank you very much for the aw.

>> Jay: Did you ever try?

>> I did try. It didn't go very well, obviously. Yeah. I've tried a bunch, actually. I tried three or four times. And it just -- I just have a a block against it. And now -- you know, last time I fell down in front of, like, a group of 12-year-olds, and that's just not good for yourself esteem.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah.

>> So now I'm finding it hard to get back on the bike and do it again. But I'm going to try.

>> Jay: Yeah. Because, you know, as you're become handy for you to run errands and things.

>> With the little basket.

>> Jay: Sure, with the little baet and the little bell.

>> That would be cute.

>> Jay: Ring, ring. Ring, ring.

>> I would do that. Ding, ding, ding, here I come. Yeah, no, I think that would be -- I think that would be fun. There's a paul frank bike that I want really bad.

>> Jay: You want a bike? Cf1 o

>> It has monkeys on it. And I'm really I'm excited about maybe getting the monkey bike and learning to ride.

>> Jay: Would you likee to for christmas, sure.

>> That would be nice.

>> Jay: 'Cause I've known you since you were 12. Wheels?. Do you really think --?

>> Yes, please.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Like some bad "I am sam" movie or something but, yeah. You want to try? Would you like to acally len? Put the dopey helmet on and you could go. We could push you down the --&

>> I don't know about the helmet.

>> Jay: No, you have to have the helmet.

>> Let's get not crazy with the helmet.

>> Jay: Yeah, really? You don't think?

>> The hair and everud. Fuera a decir there's not much to damage. But, you know, that'd be wrong.

[ Audience ohs ] No, no, I'm just teasing. I'm, no.

>> I am a very s

>> Jay:T's just -- just the fact that you got that, was good. You are eccentric, aren't you?

>> I am. But I'm smart.Say you're sorry.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: I do take it back.

>> There are geniuses that don't know how to do normal things.

[ Laughter and applause ] That's right. Thank you very much.

>> Jay: You know -- estein had four george foreman grills. Did you know that?

[ Laughter ]

>> I'm sure he did. He's a smart guy.

>> Jay: That's right. Now how is "ghost whisperer" going? I love -- you know, I always tease you about this show.

>> Jay: It just makes me laugh.

>> It's going really well. This episode that's getting reado cf1 o favorite one that we've ever done.

>> Jay: The favorite.

>> Yeah, the halloween episode.

>> Jay: 'Cause I remember the last time you were here, that

>> No, I really liked that one. This one is just my favorite.

>> Jay: Yeah, okay.

>> No, it's our halloween episode. We have an amazing -- we have

>> Jay: Oh, I know --

>> And he's wonderful. And it's really scary and really good, but it's also --

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> It's very touching and o people invite you to funerals because they think you can actually see this in real life.

>> Yeah, they do. I get -- I get that from a hmm-mm. That would be so inappropriate.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Ride up on your bike, fall over ifront of the

>> Jay: Fall into the coffin. Oops! Now really -- I mean, what do they expect you to do? It's a funeral.

>> I don't know.R them? I'm not really sure. It's very strange. It makes me uncomfortable.

>> Jay: I mean, do they -- do street and go, "hey listen, my uncle died. Any chance?"

>> Oh, they do. And people ask me l the time, anybody attached to me?" I'm like, "what are you talking about?" It's very strange. And they actually had a a little -- there's a very

>> Jay: No, go ahead.

>> Okay. This woman actually came up to me, and she was like, "listen, my husband and I, we get and we watch the show and hold & hands and I make his favorite meal. And it's just wonderful. And just thank you so much for it's such a nice story. She had to be in her 80s. And it took me about ten minutes to realize that her husband is dead.

>> Jay: Wow.

>> And she thinks that he comes to her and watches the show, which is just so sweet. 'S so nice. Why are you looking at me like that?

[ Laughter ] All right, y know what? I'm never leaving my house. Between the grill story and this, I'm just going to stay at home. 'Cause everybody thinks I'm weird. I think that's sweet.

[ Laughter ]

>Jay: I'm just saying, I think it's -- he -- well, he must be dead, to sit and hold hands and watch the show.

[ Audience aws ]

>> Oh! What do you mean?

>> Jay: What guy sits and watches tv like this? Oh,ou do that on the first date. This is the first date.&

>> They're 80.

>> Jay: This the second date.

>> They're 80 and sweet.

>> Jay: This is the third date.

[ Laughter ]

>> And like this big. She was this big. How could you not think that's precious?

>> Jay: No, no, he's this big. He's in the ground. He's been dead for 40 years.

>> No, he hasn'T.

>> Jay: How long has the guy been dead? whatever. You know what? Never mind.

>> Jay: No, I -- I take that back.

>> I'm not telling you any more of you know, I --

>> She's wching right now, heartbroken.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Really?

>> You should say you're sorry.

>> Jay: And I'm sure I wish I were dead! Now, do you -- do you take pictures with fans? Do you take ghost pictures?

>> Yes. Andt's horrible because a a lot --

>> Jay: It's horrible?

>> N it's fun, but a lot of older people really watch the show, and they have the hardest time with the camera. They never get them to work. And she's like -- the wife will be like, "can I get -- can I get a picre with you and my husband?" I'll be like, "yeah, sure." Like, "frank, frank, stand closer to her." And it's like an hour has gone by. And he's like, "you cut off her head. I want her head in the cf1 o picture."

[ Laughter ] And they get in little -- it's very funny.

[ Laughter ] Whatever, anyway.

[ Laughter ] What else can I tell you while I'm here?

>> Jay: I think -- no, I think th's wonderful. You know, I always tease you. But I love the fact that dead people hold hands and watch your show.

[ Lauger ]

>> Me, too.

>> Jay: All right. Jennifer love hewitt. Right after this.

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