Jennifer Love Hewitt visits 'The Tonight Show' 4/4Transcript

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Jennifer Love Hewitt visits 'The Tonight Show' 4/4Transcript

Postby admin » Thu Apr 05, 2007 2:43 am

>> Jay: Well, we'll find out. And along crait. Nelson. Craig T. Nelson will be here and molly shannon. Very funny woman. Longtime friend of "the tonight show," currently starring in the "ghost whisperer," which airs on one of the other networks that's kicking o ass. Okay.

[ Laughter ] Please

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Thank you!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: How you been?

>> I've been really good. How have you been?

>> Jay: You still with that scottish boyfriend, ross, is it?

>> Yes, I am.

>> Jay: And how's that working out? Okay?

>> It's going great, thanks.

>> Jay: Is it, like -- how long has it been now?

>> Jay: A little over a year.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: I bring this up, 'cause I'm at bob's big boy, right down here in riverside, sittg there having my steak and eggs and the waiter comes over and says, "you know jennifer love hewitt, right?"" I go, "yeah, yeah. She's on the show." "You know, she's pregnant." I go, "really? She's pregnant?" "Yeah, yeah." He's telling me this story. I said, "well, I will ask her has this rumor been going around?

>> About four months now, yeah.

>> Jay: Really? So, you're fo months pregnant?

>> No!

[ Laughter ] No, the rumor has been going on four months. No, I'm not pregnant. I apparently had too much to p[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Well, this is the picture that this is based on.&

>> All right! Great!

>> Jay: This is the pregnancy picture here.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Jay: With that yellow dress.

>> Yay!

>> Jay: Well, it does looa a little --

>> It did look a little pregnant.

>> Jay: With the wind blowing a a little bit or something.

>> It does.I probably just had a hot dog or two.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah. What are you gonna do about it? I don't kno

>> Jay: I don't know. So, you're not?

>> Jay: You have been trying.

>> But when I am, I'm gonna tell the guy at bob's big boy, so he can break it to you.

[ Laughter and applause ]

>> Jay: Now let me ask you -- applause ] See, you just made me laugh. 'Cause this guy -- I never met thisuy. He never met you.

>> I know.

>> Jay: He just felt compelled to tell me this stupid story.

>> It's very sweet.

>> Well, yeah, it's sweet. He was concerned about the baby.

[ Laughter ] But there's no baby.

>> Jay: He claimed he was the . Guy that got you pregnant. No, no, it's a long story.

[ Lauter ] I want to ask you something else about this picture.

>> Wow, it gets better.

>> Jay: Let me ask you something else about this picture.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: That's your boyfriend there.

>> Yes.

>> Jay: That's ross, mr. Scotch guy.

>> Yes, he's not the one that's the clown.

>> Jay: No, no.

[ Laughter ]

>> He's the otheone.

>> Jay: No, but -- see, I mentioned this, because you told me a long time ago, maybe you've gotten over this, but you told me you had a deathly and yet, here you pregnant, talking with a clown and a a bird.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: But you did have a a fe --

>> I really am afraid of clowns.&

>> Jay: You still are? Or you're over it?

>> Yes. But when you're the only grown-up at a party, you can't run away crying from a clown.T laughter ]You have to act like the clown is okay.? 'Cause what I didn't want to do is, like, freak out a a 4-year-old and be, like, "a clown!" With the clown. The bird was fake. It's not a real bird.

>> Jay: Oh, okay.

>> It's real big birds that do --

[ Caws ] That thing that I don't li

>> Jay: You told me you're & deathly frightened of birds.

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Now, is it just birds . Cf1 o or any sort of furry creatures?

>> No, I love mascots. At a football or basketball?

>> Yeah, and like at disneyland. Like, the people who dress up as, like, you know, the country I have a fascination with them that is so unbelievable. I have to hug them. And I will move, physically move children out of the way to be able to hug that thing for & as long as possible. And friends -- my boyfriend is always like, "are you all right? Why do you need to hug these --" and I love them. But, you know, birds and clowns, not so much.&

>> Jay: Let me ask you this. When you and ross are alone, do you make him put on an animal outfit?

>> No, I do not.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Like, if he came at you with a furry costume, would that be, like, the ultimate turn-on?

[ Laughte]

>> It's not a turn-on. It's like a childlike, 5-year-old thing that I just -- I don't know. It's part of my childhood that was not satisfied.

>> Jay: What? You didn't hug enough furry creatures?

>> Apparently not.

[ Light laughter ] Apparently not.

>> Jay: Wow. All right.

>> But, no, don't make him dress li that.

>> Jay: Now, do these fears ever affect your work? Let's say you're doing a "ghost whisperer" and there's a clown and furry creature o something. I mean, does this affect you? Do you have to stop tape?&

>> No, but I do get scared at work sometimes, 'cae I'm also claustrophobic.? You know this about me. I have a lot of weird things.

>> Jay: You do have a lot of weird things.

>> I'm not a normal person. I'm really not. I just play one on tv. But, I -- yeah, so, I get claustrophobic and, sometimes, I havto have my head under water for scenes.

>> Jay: Wait, wait, back up. Back up. Hang on. You're -- doesn't claustrophobic mean in a closet or something?3 f1.

>> Yes, but you can also be claustrophobic under water.

>> Jay: I think what you're talking about drowning.

[ Laughter ] Feeling of -- and in my case, I have to hold my head there, which, by the way, doesn't make me notormal. That's not fun for anyb&

>> Jay: You hold your --

>> Be like, "hey, hold your head there as long as we need to for this one shot."

>> Jay: Okay, okay. So, sometimes, I get freaked out at work when I have to do things.

>> Jay: Okay.I don't remember ever seeing a a s cf1 o I had to be in a bathtub, and a a little girl's face had to pop up while I was under water. It was very creepy. I'd love to see that.

[ Laughter ]

>> No, there're not.

>> Jay: All right. Well, we'll take a break and we'll find outore about this

[ Cheers and applause ] Bringing snow to sea you in

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with the very not pregnant jennifer love hewitt.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: Okay, now, you and ross have been going together for years. You sit down, watch an evening of television. Do you make him watch your shows? See, that's an important part of the relationship. You don't make the guy watch crappy house and garden things.

>> No, but I really like the show "passions," which is a a soap opera. And I have it on the tivo.

>> Jay: We would be divorced in an hour.

[ Laughter ]

>> But I don't ask him to watch it with he.

>> Jay: Oh, you don't? Well, see, that's important. That's important.

>> No, I don'T. It's a separate thing. And I totally get he does not like it.

>> Jay: How about "dancing with the stars"?

>> No, but we do watch "american ido"

>> Jay: Okay. "American idol" is on the bubble for a lot of guys. Cf1 o a lot of guys will watch some of it.

>> Yeah. No, he likes it now.

>> Jay: Does he get into it? I love it en a woman says, "he likes it now."

>> He does like it! Other room --

>> No, he likes it.

>> Jay: Does he cheer and root for people?

>> He doesn't so much cheer, no. But he likes o lo agrada eso. He watches. He has his favorites, I think.

>> Jay: Sanjaya, what do you think? Is this guy going to make it?

>> Oh, boy. Here's the thing about sanjaya that I think genius.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> Is that there have been lots of huge entertainers that haven't been, like, miraculous talents, as far as the singing reers.

>> Jay: No, he's a good enteriner.

>> I absolutely think he deserves to be there. He's adorable. He's a sweet kid. More power to him. People obviously like him. I was more with him until he decided to tell us it was sanjaya's universe last night. That was a bit much for me.

>> Jay: That's a bad sign, yeah.

>> When he said that to simon. But I think he's a good guy. My favorites are melinda, jordin sparks, who I think may possibly win it, and blake, the littleeat box guy.

>> Jay: Okay. All right.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> I love him.

>> Jay: So, you think one of those can win it?

>> I think those will be the final three. Yes.

>> Jay: And does ross have his favorites, or does he just agree with you?

>> No, he likes them, too. Melinda is his favorite. Melinda's his -- why are you laughing at me?

>> Jay: It makes me laugh.

>> He does like it, I swear! I will videotape him saying he likes it and I'll brg it back next time.

>> Jay: Really? Do that. I'll talk to him later.

>> He does. He likes it. But anyway, yeah, he's like melinda.

>> Jay: Now tell us about the "ghost whisperer." I understand, now, you had the

>> We did. The "ghost whisperer" and the dog whisperer were together. It was very, very nice.

>> Jay: This is the real guy or a guy playing the guy?

>> Yeah. He's the onwho actually -- I don't know if he's a psychic for dogs, but he's able to, sort o tell the owners what their dogs are thinking and feeling by behavioral things and stuff. And so, delia, my best friend, who's played by camryn manheim on the show --

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> Her dog is -- I know that her dog is being haunted by a a ghost dog, and she wants to go see the dog whisperer to get help with that.

>> Jay: Okay. So, this is in the show, not in real life.

>> This is in thehow.

>> Jay: But, I mean, in real life, have you -- you have a a dog, don't you?

>> Jay: Really?

>> Jay: So, your dog need to be whispered? What happened?

[ Light laughter ]

>> No. My dog, charley, apparently, I of anxiety disorder, which maybe she had inherited for me somehow, 'cause I have that.

>> Jay: I can't imagine you making the dog nervous.

[ Laughte "a clown! A bird! Let's get out of here!"

[ Laughter ]

>> That's not nice! I'm a good dog owner.

>> Jay: I know, it's okay.

>> Anyway -- so, all right, listen -- dog whisperer.

>> Jay: Wt did the dog whisperer do?

>> So, anyway, he told me that my dog is bored, basically. That I can bore a dog.

[ Laughter ], A person. But I bore my dog, apparently. And so, the dog is bored and the reason -- the way that she's actingt out is she licks everything. Don't even go there or even pause. Just laugh.

[ Laughter ] Okay? Let's not talk about it anyway, she licks the air, like, uncontrollably and it's some sort of tick-like thing that she does. And apparently, it's because & she's bored, so I need to get her more active.

>> Jay: She's bored. I mean, how do you keep a dog not bored?

>> Well, he did suggest the treadmill.

[ Laughter ] Not kidng, not kidding.

>> Jay: What do you mean, "a treadmill"? Why don't you just open the door and let the dog go outside?

>> She does go outside. He said that she's not -- her brain is not stimulated engh for exciting things. Like, I'm supposed to shake it . Up a btuff. I don't know what that means.

>> Jaywhat do you mean, "shake it up a bit"? What does that mean?

>> I don't knoagravie forma y haga que ella it? I don't know.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: "Go after that truck." That'll shake him up a bit.

[ Laughter ]

>> I don't know --3 f1

>> Jay: Is that the same dog that peed on me? Remember you brought --

>> No, that was my another dog that peed on you. And I really am truly sorry about that where did he go?

>> No, she's fine.

>> Jay: She's fine. Is she nervous, too?

>> She's a little nervous, but cf1 o she's fine. Promise.?

>> Jay: So, do the two dogs talk or does the other one just, "I'm bored with the other dog, too"? F1 o charlie just sleeps a lot. But I need to give her more excitement, I think. So, I'm gonna shake things up a bit. Maybe a salsa class, I'm

>> Jay: Salsa. Okay, yeah.

>> I don't know what I'm gonna do.

>> Jay: Now, you taped the final episode of "ghost whisperer.

>> Jay: Okay, you taped last week whewe had the fire, right?

>> We did, yeah.

>> Jay: Re you affected by that fire?

>> Well, T.

>> Jay: Okay.

>> But, you know, it was fine. You know, I have feelings about the fire because I hate, obviously, that there was a a fire and everything.

>> Jay: Right.

>> But, I mean, how bad do you feel a little bit for two 16-year-old kids, who are like normal teenagers, who just were playing with, you know -- okay, they were playing with a a lighter.

[ Light laughter ] But, who hasn't played with lighter at some point? And they set, like, the whole hill on fire.

>> Jay: Yeah, I feel real sorry for them. Yeah.

>> Well, no 3 f1

>> Why do you tse me so much when I'm here?

>> Jay: No, if they were 9 years old, I'd feel sorry. But when you're 16 -- ey, larry, there's some dry brush. Here's a lighter.

[ Laughter ]

>> No, it's not a smart thing to do, obviously. But you imagine? I mean, you're away from your rents. You're visiting los angeles. They will never be able to go on vacation again, ever, as long as they live.

>> Ja good! Good!

[ Laughter ] I don't want them on vacation!

>> I feel really bad for them. I mostly feel bad about the fire, obviously. Teenagers. That's sad. Whatever.

>> Jay: Okay.

[ Laughter ] It'll be okay.

>> All right.

>> Jay: Be right back with robert rodriguez right after ts.

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