Jennifer Love Hewitt visits 'The Tonight Show' 9/25 Trans

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Jennifer Love Hewitt visits 'The Tonight Show' 9/25 Trans

Postby admin » Wed Sep 26, 2007 3:43 am

Jay: Great, great show. Ay, my first guest, popular and talented actress. Ooh! -- Has its season premiere this friday, on our arch rival cbs. Please welcome, the lovely, jennifer love hewitt.

Jay: Wow!

Jennifer: Hi.

Jay: Well, you look beautiful.

Jennifer: Thank you. I've blossomed.

Jay: You've blossomed on this show.

Jennifer: I've blossomed.

Jay: Well, you were, like, a a gawky teenager when you first came on here.

Jennifer: Oh, my god! That's so rude!

[ Laughter ]

Jay: No, it's not rude, but, I mean, you were, like --

Jennifer: I was not gawky.

Jay: You were 16.

Jennifer: Well, I blossomed out. So I'm excited about it.

Jay: You blossomed, but you loutiful. How have you been?

Jennifer: Oh, thank you. I've been great. You?

Jay: I've been good. I know you've bn doing your show. Did you get any time off this summer? Did you do anything? You have any fun?

Jay: Oh, okay.

Jennifer: With my family and my boyfriend, it was really fun. I loved it.

Jay: Oh, your boyfriend and your family, okay. So your mom went, too?

Jennifer: No, my mom chicke ern-d oyiend.Jennifer: J: , Ay. So where --

Jennifer: It was really fun, in tahoe, yeah.

Jay: Oh, okay.

Jennifer: Uh-huh, it was truckee river, and it was a a class three, whatever that means.

Jay: What do you mean?

Jennifer: It was a three out -- numbers, isn't that exciting?

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You mean in terms of danger, how dangerous it is?

Jennifer: Yeah, I gu questions. I just did what they told me.

Jay: Oh, you were not the class three? Oh, I see. You mean the river was -- okay.

Jennifer: But yes, the river was a dangerous, and it was a really cold rainy day. And so, everybody else there and river raft anyway." And so, we wenanyway. And it was fun.

Jennifer: Ja/hh"own the rapids. Now, did you actually do any rowing or do you just sit in the boat?

Jennifer: No, you have to row a lot. You have to follow your do they have a captain? Or do you elect somebody in your family? But he was very nice.

Jay: Oh, the guy from the river rafting.

Jennifer: He's not going to let us captain the boat.

Jay: No, I didn't know. Now, is it rearafting? Or is it, like, disneyland, where they have fake - "look out --"

Jennifer: No, dn, b things called jaws and stuff. It was fun.

Jay: Okay. And how far do you go?

Jennifer: Something like that. Yeah, we were out there for, like, 2 1/2 hours.

Jay: Okay, all right, very

Jennifer: It was fun.

Jay: No, no.

Jennifer: I d a moment.

Jay: Yeah, okay.

[ Light laughter ]

Jennifer: It was fleeting, and it's gone.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: 'Cause I know you don't like to fly. I'm surprised --

Jennifer: 'Cause, well, I just don't unrstand it, really. I mean, you're in this huge thing in the air, and they tell you when you're on the ground -- stand up. But yet, when you're 35,000 feet in the air, you're allowed to walk about the cabin and go to the bathroom.

Jennifer: I hate flying.

Jennifer: I'm a terrible flyer.

Jay: Now what do you do? Do you throw fits? What do you do? I have, like, a certain preparation that I dbefore I fly.

Jay: What questions do you ask?

Jennifer: Well, are we going to crash? Are we gonna be flying?

Jay: You say, "oh, excuscf1 o can you not do this to me right now?

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: Well, let me ask you -- so if they say, "yes, we're

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: No, I'm talking about in the air. No, but I have a whole thing that I do before I fly. I have, like, five people that I call. And I'm, like,lease call up the angelsore i g y f they're praying for you, is that what you're saying? My flight.

>&gtAyl sa agradle. And so then I do that. Then I have my st. Christopher card, which protects me while I'm flying.

Jay: St. Christopher ca

Jay: Now, has it expired? Did you read the card? 'Cause -- knou'r 'sriing that plane down. With me.Ana neck has saints on it -- atasy bld at ics thn and tha always sends angelsor me. And grandmas send angels, you're safe.

Jennifer: Well, how do you get through the metal detector?Well, it's no like, a a clock. It's not, like -- it's just, like, a little necklace.

Jay: Yeah.

Jennifer: And I do it every time.

Jay: Okay.

Jennifer: And so far, so good. Like, and say, "oh, I want to sit near the back of the plane." Because if it crashes, you're less likely to be injured?Cf1 o the front 'cause I like to be near the captain. 'Cause I figure, you know, they're going to take care of this mess.

Jennifer: J, how bad is the turbulence gonna be throughout the flight?" The whole flight.

Jay: And what do they say?

Jennifer: Like, if it's 14 hours, I want a map of when we're going yeah.

Jay: Wow, okay. Do you pre-board? Do you get on fore everyone else? With me. I'm a horrible flyer. I really am.

Jay: You know what I used

do? It's horrible.

Jennifer: What? That's the days you could bring all your carry on --

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jay: So I would -- they would say, "anyone who needs to

Jennifer: Oh, that's awful!

Jay: And one day, I'm limping up. The guy goes, "oh you have a a bad --" I'm limping up, and this lady in a wheelchaipain than I am."

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Oh, no!

Jay: I felt le guy in the movie "titanic" that put on the dress get in the row

Jay: Well, it's not awful. It's just -

Jennifer: That's pretty awful.

Jay: It isn't awful.

Jennifer: It is.

Jay: Now, have you ever had

Jennifer: Oh, I have, yeah. I had a really scary flight on one of the tiny planes.

Jay: Did who you whip out ivuch bl

I here. I did not whiput my card. I was on this -- like, a a private jet thing.

Jay: Right. I hate that. It's like the size of a a shoebox.

Jay: Right.

Jennifer: And I got in there, and the air conditioning broke. Heat. And I had a panic attack, and I started freaking out. And my mom had to jump on me and, likeget me to calm down, which is just traumatic in the 'cause, like, you come to, and your mom's on you, like, "are omo, you okay?" And I'm like, "no, I'm not!"

[ Light laughter ] And it was scary and awful.

Jay: Who -- is this heffner's plane?[ Ug "ooh, get those clotheoff!"

Jennifer: No, I don't know what happened, but something malfunctioned anyway. And it was just really hot, and you know how, like, when you'r already panicking.

Jay: Yeah. And then heat, and it was just not good. Anyway, this is not an exciting story. I mean, my flying. Maintenance?

Jennifer: No, I don't think I'm high maintenance.

Jay: Really?

[ Light laughter ]

Jennifer: No, I take care of myself it's not like I grab the pern , m ke a tell me everything's gonna be okay!" No mown tt kn ird.

Jennifer: He's not here right now, is he?

[ Er ]

N to ask him that question. No, I don't think he would say me to ask him because, you know --

Jennifer: Why are you laughing?

Jay: Just by this -- every man knows -- this is the international sign for high maintenance, okay.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: When a woman does this, that's high maintenance. H jerit afr this. That's the international sign.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with the high maintenance, jennifer love hewitt.

Jennifer: Wow, wow.

Jay: That's interesting that you just found that out about yourself. That's fascinating.

Jennifer: I know, and I'm going to be tortured by it now.

Jennifer: J: No, no.I'm just curious.

Jennifer: I'm going to work at being not high maintenance for the next time I see you.

Jay: That is an admirable goal.

Jennifer: How about that?

Jay: That would be admirable.

Jennifer: Oka that's what I'm going to try to do.

Jay: 'Cause I remember last time you were here, we talked about infomercials. Stuff.

Jennifer: Oh, I love infomercials.

Jay: Really?

[ Scattered applause ]

Jennifer: Yeah, I really do. Oh, somebody waslaughter ]

Jennifer: I do, I love them. I'm fascinated by them. There's thinew thing that I really want to get that I haven't -- stayed up late enough?

Jennifer: Yeah, the commercial's on really late, but it's called the perfect push-up. And it's, like, these suction

Jay: Yeah.

Jennifer: And you lay them on the ground, and anybody is supposed to be able to do the perfect push-up. I'm psyched about it. I can't wait to order it and learn how to do, like, a great push-up.

Jay: Wait a minute --

[ Light laughter ] How3 f1

Jennifer: When you have these things as arms, it's not very easy.

Jay: But that doesn't make it any easier. It doesn't give you bigger arms.

Jennifer: This commercial says, I will be able to do a push-up, and I believe it.

[ Laughter ] It says, "not only a push-up, but the perfect push-up." I'm doing it.

Jay: No, I think you have to eat the steroids that come in the box with it.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: No, I believe it.

Jay: I mean, if your hands aren't big enough --

Jennifer: I'm gonna give it a try.

Jay: Have you ever tried to do a push-up?

Jennifer: I have tried in the past.

Jay: And why can't you do one?

Jennifer: Well, I can ki of do one.

Jay: What's so hard about doing a push-up?

Jennifer: I don't know. I just don't have a lot of arm strength.

Jay: Well, why don't you -- you want to try a push-up right

[ Drum roll ] Cheers and applause ]

Jennifer: I'm dressed for it. Why not? Y?

Jay: Not a girl push-up.

Jennifer: I can't do a girl one?

Jay: No, not with the knees.You gotta have your -- wait, wait.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: Oh, please!

Jay: Here, I'll move this.

Jennifer: Here, I'll do it, but --

Jay: Well, I'll move this, so you can be on the rug.

Jay: All right, here yo go.

Jennifer: Okay, ready?

[ Drum roll ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Okay. Ready?

Jennifer: Thank you very much.

[ Applause ]

Jay: That was pathetic.

Jennifer: It's the best I could do. I haven't ordered the thing yet.

[ Drum roll ]

[ Cheers and applause ] Nice. Very, very nice. Okay, so you're better than me. But you're stronger. When I do the rfect -- I'm going to come back, and I am gonna be not high maintenance and buff.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You -- all right, okay --

Jennifer: Everybody just watch out.

Jay: When you come back -- when you come back, you give me five. That's the rule.

Jennifer: I'll give you ten.

[ Audience oohs ]

Jay: All right. All right, that sound good. I'm going to hold you to that.

Jennifer: That's fine. I'm happy about it. I'm ordering the thing tonight.

Jay: Now, I heard you're you

Jennifer: Staying up late.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Are you gonna get a a vespa? Did I read that?

Jennifer: I wa a vespa so bad!

Jay: Well, I've got a vespa. They're nice.

Jennifer: Really?

Jay: But you'll kill yourself. Would you have any --

[ Laughter ] If you can't do a push-up, how are you going ride a motor scooter?

Jennifer: Why, thank you. I could be not high maintenance, and I can drive a a vespa.

Jay: Have you ever ridden a a scooter or motorcycle?

Jay: Really?

Jennifer: Yes.

Jay: Wow, I bet the people at the showill be thrilled with that.

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: No, I want a vespa so -- you

Jay: Right, right.

Jennifer: So I have secret visions of me in a great dss on the vespa doing the audrey hepburn thing.

Jennifer: JaJennifer: All right, maybe not a a dress.

Jay: And when you go over 30 miles an hour, it goes over your head. Okay, that's what happens.

[ Laughter ] Okay, suddenly, you're britney. Okay, "h, what happened?"

>&gtHy don't you believe in me? I can do these things. I do believe in yo I'm just --

Jay: I'm just realistic.

[ Laughter ] Welltell me about the coming up.

Jay: All new ghosts this season, coming up?

Jennifer: Oh, yes, of course. 'Cause the other ones have crossed over.

Jay: Yeah, yeah.I've got to ask you something. Set was haunted?

Jennifer: Yeah. We're on a very haunted sound stage.

Jay: It's just an empty building, isn't it? It getsusted don cree en estas stuff, but for people who do, there can be energies and spirits in and around places.

Jay: So what have you seen? Like, for exampla mesa --

[ Light laughter ] When the teamsters come around, do the doughnuts disappear?

[ Laughter ]

Jennifer: That is not nice.

Jay: They do disappear.

Jennifer: Yes, they do.

Jennifer: Y: Hey, there was prowler, what happened?

Jennifer: No, we had -- we were ng in the certain f the lot, and there was this kind of building that ias walking out of to start a a scene.

Jennifer: J: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: And, like, seven different building and all had very strange experiences. Like, one of the ladies felt her sweater being tugged like and she couldn't explain it, and another guy felt somebody tugging on the bottom of his jeans. I had the bottom of my dress tugged. And, you know, we definitely felt like something was --

Jay: Maybe there was a a senator in there.

Jennifer: We definitely felt like there was something in there. But we work on "ghost whisperer." So, you never know. It's a great season. Friday?

Jennifer: Yeah, and I'm really excited about it.

Jay: And the next time you ride out on my vespa.

Jay: All right. That's good. Jennifer love hewitt!

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