Stone Faced,Angry JLH

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Stone Faced,Angry JLH

Postby ronald33 » Tue Dec 04, 2007 2:31 pm

Ever since this reported engagement,this actress has suddenly seemed to undergo an unnatural change of personality.

Becoming unusually sensitive to paparazzi. And looking very sad,as in recent photographs. Could be a prelude to a
so-called "meltdown".

The engagement to Ross McCall is a disaster-in-the-making,similar to Carson Daly. Both are drinkers. And Mr. McCall
probably has a nefarious motive,in that he's USING JLH to try to gain citizenship (he's from Scotland.)

JLH has had AT LEAST 18 guys (according to WireImage photos) in the past 6 years. But only Daly and McCall have
lasted 18 months or more; the other 90% lasted,on average,no more than 6 months. Daly and McCall are basically
"hangers-on" dates,gained ONLY when JLH has a hit show. Daly lasted 1 1/2 years,McCall lasted 2 years (then started
an engagement.)

Why does having a hit show have anything to do with the QUALITY of a prospective spouse?? :cry:

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