Updated Status,2009

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Updated Status,2009

Postby ronald33 » Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:57 pm

As of January 5,2009,it was revealed that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ross McCall are no longer a couple. The actress had been
seen at THE IVY on Dec. 29,2008 with a female friend. And on Valentine's Day,JLH said (while attending New York's Fashion
Week) "Here's to being single! My one love is fashion right now."

Later,in March,2009,paparazzi photos of her and co-star Jamie Kennedy would surface....however,his comments to a radio
DJ are somewhat one-sided (like "Survivor" Ethan Zohn's was). Is this going to be another "Enrique Iglacias" or "Antonio
Sabato Jr." fiasco? Sure seems to be shaping up that way!

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