Jenny Mccarthy On Late Late Show 10/17

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Postby admin » Sat Oct 18, 2003 8:49 am

Craig: This is jenny mccarthy right here!


>> Hi, hi. Craig: Do a little turnaround?

[Applause] Craig: Boys like that. They want to see everything.


>> I'm here. Craig: You are so bawdy.

>> I know. I don't know what that means. Craig: Yeah, you are here and you like to do the show but you have never done it.

>> I watch constantly. A huge fan. You are a genius and i love you.


>> The only thing that i have to say though is that I am kd of sad that i have never been your dido. Craig: Yeah, I did discover dido. You were already discovered --

>> But I like the love and the infatuation. Craig: Ok, next time. I will do a countdown when you come over to my house or something.


>> The funny thing about that -- craig: Ok, don't say where i live if you know.

>> I won'T. But I did call you last night but the number was disconnected. Craig: Oh, you had my number?

>> I did. Craig: That's right. I saw you at the gym. I was doing squats. Bombing out.

>> You were doing some setups and I was on the treadmill and i was like, there is craig and i love him. And so i went over to talk to him and didn't recognize me because i did not have makeup on. Craig: You had your clothes on.


>> That was good. Craig: Wait, wait, wait. I want to talk goldslager. What is this -- we have to mention goldslager.

>> Tell you about this cool contest test. Across the country we have two guys competing at pool and darts and if you beat them you go to vegas and have a contest. Craig: What about "scary movie 3"? Are you throughout the movie or what?

>> You will have to see. I was in "scream 3" too. I don't know what is with the three'S. But I am in it and it's funny and I work with pamela anderson, which is fun. Craig: Wasn't there a rumor that you guys were fighting years ago?

>> That is a rumor. Craig: You had a big fillo fight?

>> It goes on and on. It was a few meow things. During the shoot hay said, why don't you guys sit on the bed and tickle each other and roll around.

[Applause] Craig: I guarantee you -- i grpt you the director was saying -- i guarantee you that the director was saying when they get here we will see how far they go.

>> Well, my response was this so -- craig: You said no?

>> I am like get out of here. That will cost you so much more money.

[Applause] Craig: But you are -- you are a little wild or crazy or silly? This interview in "F.H.M." Was ridiculous.

>> I had a baby and I was 200 pounds when i delivered my baby. Craig: You don't have to say that.

>> I was 204 pounds. Craig: This is a good picture.

>> That was after i -- you know, got up from under the rock and started losing the weight. And wanted to be, you know, sexy again. Because I was so chubby. Craig: Yeah, yeah. How is your husband?

>> He's great. I love him. Craig: Yeah. How long have you been married?

>> Five years. Craig: That's a long time in this town.

>> It is. No one would have thought it. Craig: How did you know that he was the one?

>> The weird thing is that I was with someone for four years and I don't know that you remember that, and I was waiting for someone to walk through the door and he did. Craig: You were in a relationship that you weren't into, is that what you were say something

>> Yeah. And this man walked through the door and shook my hand and introduced himself and I said to him, I am going to marry you. And he said, do you want a close-up or something because he was the director. And I said, no, you don't love me now but you will learn to love me. Craig: Did you know him before?

>> No. He kind of looks exactly like you which is kind of funny. Craig: Yeah. Yeah.

[Applause] Are you an --

>> No, the carpet does not match the drape. Craig: I like brunette women.

>> You do. But dido is blonde. Craig: She is also extremely gifted musiccally. I loch the dmp ido. This is -- i love the dido. You have a sitcom deal?

>> I am with cbs now and I am so excited because I have never been with cbs. And back in the days when joan crawford was like others I am under contract. I have been in six years for development for telephone shows. Different -- television shows. We are getting paid. And it's great. But I can't wait -- i call myself, I am between "facts of life" and "E.R.." I am hoping that cbs, come on. Pulls their balls out and doeses it right, you know?

[Applause] Craig: What about that knee? I don't think that anyone on cbs has pulled their balls out. I don't think -- unless something happened on the "nightly news." I didn't see anything.

>> You gave them the balls. Craig: We will come back and we will play the "five questions." Back with "five questions."

>> I hope so.


[Applause] Craig: I crossed you off the list once i saw that. I am very judgmental. All right.

>> You guys are insane!

[Applause] Craig: It's time for "five questions." Here we go. Geography. You hosted the world's best beaches. In what city do i find t ipanema beach. You know that one?

>> Wow, i would have to say -- craig: Way down in south america.

>> Brazil? Craig: Good. What city in brazil?

>> I don't fricking know. Craig: We will accept reo. Yeah, brazil.

>> Good enough.

[Applause] Craig: On the periodic table what does the system bell "si" stand for?

>> That is so easy. Craig: What?

>> Goldslager.

[Applause] Craig: Let's see.

>> That's why. Because of -- I didn't get it. Craig: All right. Don't say it. Think of a number between 70 and 100. Tell me when you have it. Do you have it?

>> Yes. Craig: Is it 83?

>> No. Craig: That is incorrect.

[Applause] Craig: I have hid under your seat cushion. I have hid something under there. Is it an old "people" magazine or a grilled chicken panini.

>> Definitely the chicken. Is it to make me bend over. Craig: Let's see.

[Applause] You are so much fun.

>> I don't want to leave. Craig: Your sitcom was called "jenny." Name three other sitcoms with women's names in the title.

>> Sybil, roseanne, and ellen.

[Applause] Craig: Why don't we keep her out with jeremy piven is here, ok? He won't mind. Great to see you.

>> You, too. Craig: Big hand for jenny mccarthy. We'll be right back.

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