Jenny Mccarthy On 'last Call With Carson Daly'

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Postby admin » Tue May 17, 2005 4:25 am

>> I can't believe how incredibly hot you look.

>> Carson: Wow, how incredibly hot I look? Look at you.

>> But you're looking like a rock star.

>> Carson: How old are you now?

[ Laughter ]

>> I'm 32.

>> Carson: You look better now than when I remember you. When I met jenny at mtv, you were doing "singled out."

>> I was.

>> Carson: You were just fresh off the playboy stint.

>> Actually, I was just leaving mtv, and you were just beginning. Now we're old and ugly and hairy.

>> Carson: Well, it's funny -- you have this book that you're going to promote tonight, and knowing you as long as I have, every guy was trying to sleep with jenny, and, apparently, one of them got through because she's writing all these mommy books.

[ Laughter ]

>> That's not true. Actually, can I tell you that it's completely weird now because guys don't necessarily hit on me anymore. I don't why. Probably because I'm married and have a baby.

>> Carson: Well, that could have something to do with it.

>> That could have something to do with it -- me talking about blowing out my vagina and stuff like that.

>> Carson: Literally, her last book -- and we'll get into it -- was just repulsive. I haven't had sex since. I mean, it's just -- well, that's a whole other thing.

>> Wait until we get into that one.

>> Carson: You're really gross with this pregnancy stuff.

>> The other one -- we talked about purple twinkie things down here.

>> Carson: Ugh.

>> Now, this is about sploinky stuff, but anyways --

>> Carson: Let's go back to the guys. So, they're not hitting on you?

>> They're not hitting on me anymore.

>> Carson: I wonder why.

>> But, I still have to have security, like when I go to vegas and stuff, but it's for drunk girls. Literally. And I love it, because I love drunk girls, but drunk girls attack me.

>> Carson: What do they do?

>> "Jenny, you rock! I love you!" And leaping at me.

>> Carson: I know that girl. You met her in vegas.

[ Laughter ]

>> Didn't you date her for a while?

>> Carson: Probably.

[ Laughter ] It wouldn't surprise me. Really, they just attack you?

>> You know what? I love it. I've always been on the girl's side, which is why I write these kinds of books.

>> Carson: You really had a whole, like, sort of women empowerment thing going with your time there, when the guys would all at "singled out" wanna grab you, and you just smack them and stuff.

>> Make fun of 'em. You know, 'cause they're all dorks.

>> Carson: I love it. I love it.

>> Carson: So let's talk about the book for a second. Here it is. Is this your child? Is this your son on this book? Or is this a baby double?

>> No, I had to have a baby stand-in. You know why? Because my son is now a toddler. And this is from 0 to 12 months, so I had to have a stand-in.

>> Carson: Go back to that for a second, steve. Look at the look on your face. Describe your expression there.

[ Laughter ]

>> I'm so embarrassed.

>> Carson: You look terrified you're holding a child.

>> Wait, where's my camera? Is this my camera?

>> Carson: Sure.

>> Let me just tell you, and explain the reason for this. This is what happens when you have too much botox around your eyes.

>> Carson: Really? You get botox?

>> You have this look -- not anymore. After I saw this picture, I was like, great.

>> Carson: You put it in right before you went to the photo shoot for this?

>> I put it in right before I did the photo shoot, because yeah, I'm getting old. And what it does is, it --

>> Carson: What is it?

>> This is what it does to your face when you're smiling.

[ Laughter ] So I smile. I go, okay.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: Oh, you lose all expression, right?

>> You lose -- well, this doesn't move.

>> Carson: Yeah.

>> So watch it -- it does that.

[ Laughter ] So now watch. It now moves.

>> Carson: Oh, yeah. Is it like a one-hittebotox?

>> No, they have to do it in five different places.

>> Carson: Yeah, but once they do it, does it sort of paralyze your face, and then that's it, you're screwed? Or does it wear off, like novocain?

>> It paralyzes it for about three months. It burns and stings.

>> Carson: Wow, why would you ever do that? You look great.

>> You know, 'cause I'm a girl and insecure.

>> Carson: All right. All right.

[ Laughter ]

>> I never took myself as the prissiest, prettiest woman alive. That's not my problem.

>> Carson: How long have you been married now, jenny?

>> I've been married six years.

>> Carson: And you have one child?

>> One child. I'm practicing.

>> Carson: And you had the book before this was about being pregnant. And this sort of picks up once the sucker comes out.

>> This is about the first year.

>> Carson: What about some of these chapter titles?

>> Well, I can tell you, a few of them like, there's one called "blowing out your vagina."

[ Light laughter ] And then, "sex, yeah right, go poke it in the light socket," is the name of another chapter. "Damn it, my ass is bleeding again" is for hemorrhoids.

[ Laughter ] You know what? It happens. So I had to write about it.

>> Carson: I'm not kidding, it's right here -- "damn it, my ass is bleeding again."

[ Laughter ] Did you want to know the sex of your child?

>> I did. If I could know what he wanted to do for a living, I would have found out.

>> Carson: You wanted everything ahead of time.

>> I wanted everything now. Mm-hmm.

>> Carson: Right. And did you -- was there an option? Did you think of perhaps having a caesarian section, or --?

>> I went into emergency c-section. I pushed for 3 1/2 hours, a la the hemorrhoids.

>> Carson: Right.

[ Laughter ] Isn't that something you can sort of book in advance, like, you want a view with your room or you don't care? Like, "I want the c-section and drugs," or "I'm gonna go ahead and go al naturale"?

>> You can absolutely book what you want.

>> Carson: But sometimes you have to go -- it doesn't work, and then they force --

>> When they say, "gee, your baby's heart rate is gone, we need to go to emergency c-section," which is what happened.

>> Carson: Oh, okay. And then he came out --

>> And then he came out, and he's fine. I love him.

>> Carson: I know you're the only one that looks terrified. They baby's fine.

>> I know, I know.

>> Carson: Apparently, your heart stopped for a second there, too.

>> No more --

>> Carson: It says here we have a clip of your book, which I have never seen before when it comes to promoting a book.

>> Well, people come out here and promote their tv and movie clips, so I thought, "why not have my book clip?"

>> Carson: All right. Let's take a look at the clip from jenny mccarthy and "baby laughs: The naked truth about the first year of mommyhood."

[ Woman laughs ]

>> Jenny.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: All right. There it is. I like that. It's good for the book.

>> I crack myself up.

>> Carson: So here's the book, jenny mccarthy, "baby laughs." And, just, I guess, don't do botox was the theme of this interview.

>> Yes.

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