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Kelly: You ever think about going back to high school and you're a "new york times" best selling author?
>> It blows my mind. I've read a couple of books but writing them -- i realized after pregnancy and being a mom there's some great material. Regis: Sure, sure.

>> To write about. Regis: Sure. Being a comedian you put it in writing, huh?

>> Sure. Kelly: It was the only pregnancy book I had ever read that actually said everything, said it all.

>> What happened, how it all started was i gave birth and then was rocking my baby and thinking about my pregnancy and said, my god, everybody lied. It wasn't true. And so it made me keep writing. It wasn't until after i wrote my other books pregnant women were chasing me in mauls, going, write the next one. So what better topic than marriage. Regis: So you have the 4-year-old.

>> Evan is 4. Regis: What's it like at this point?

>> It's juggling. Kelly can relate. I think women really do make the impossible possible. Kelly: Uh-huh.


>> We do that. And, of course, because i like a challenge, i up the ante and became a single mom. Kelly: Always trying to outdo yourself.

>> It rocks. When you have the husband in the house at least you can say watch the kid, I'm going to go lay down. I'm going to take a bath. Now the poor guy has to do everything with me including going to the bathroom. I'm sorry, buddy, i know I ate chile but we got to go. The last time i took a bath and didn't smell like monster bubbles. As soon as he starts recognizing these giant things, I'll stop. Kelly: My favorite bit of information, and i always thought that I had gained the most weight when I was pregnant to any woman who had one child as opposed to seven babies, say, like sextuplets. But jenny gained more weight than i gained. You gained how many pounds?

>> 80. I did. Regis: Here's a picture.

>> This was me during P.M.S. That's my author photo. Yes. It's true. But i did the normal midwest diet. I joined weight watchers. Regis: No kidding?

>> Yeah. I'm working with them to lose weight. Regis: Right.

>> I can't tell you what happened with the saggy part. Kelly: Did you sag, too?

>> I thought "national geographic" boobs only happened in a magazine. You have to do everything morning with your bra, the scoop. Kelly: Yeah.

>> That's what it's come to. Kelly: Whether you have breasts or not. I always say a 32 double long.

>> Oh, that's in the next book. Kelly: How can i droop? I don't this anything.

>> It's so true. I know. Regis: Gee, just stay? Your dresses. That's all I ask. Right back with jenny in a moment.

[Applause] Regis: Jenny mccarthy, new book called "life laughs." Lot going on in this book. You're a single mom, you said.

>> Yeah. Regis: Do you know what happened?

>> I had a realization in my marriage. I was married for seven years. It was really a good marriage but I felt internally not like. I had what i call an oprah light bulb moment. I'll call it a kelly moment now. Kelly: Yes, why not?

>> It's true. What happened was i realized i fell in love with a man, a fantasy of who I thought this man was and not really who he is. I think a lot of people go into a relationship thinking, oh, this man will complete me. This man will make me whole and happy. You have to go into a relationship already complete and already happy. I was looking everywhere else for it and really thought that he would offer that. And it was -- I was getting so angry at him for seven years going how can you not complete me or make me happy? It's because i wasn'T. Kelly: On your own.

>> On my own. It was really hard because growing up in the midwest, a catholic family, you stick it out. Kelly: Yeah.

>> I tried therapy, i tried and tried and tried. No. I have to do what's best for me and my baby. Regis: Were you a good wife? Did you have dinner waiting on the table?

>> I can't cook. Somebody bought me a crockpot. Jenny, stick something in there and turn it on. Ok. I went and looked for some pork. I saw pig 140e8der. That's pork. Threw in it the crockpot and said I'm going to cook it fast, high, threw some water in there. I came out and put it on a sandwich and said, here you go. I was so proud. About an hour later he started vomiting. He became very, very, very ill. I was like, mom, what happened? You cooked it over 10 hours, right? Well, no, i didn'T. But that's what a crockpot is for. Now I have lean cuisine. Kelly: But you're probably having an amicable divorce because he knows you can write about him.

>> I wrote this book for all those moms who are at home with kids who need a good laugh. From my heart, I give them that. Regis: And here it is. "Life laughs" in book stores everywhere right now. Jenny, good luck.

>> Thank you very much

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