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DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF: Barbara's just one of hundreds in this season's crop. It's a bounty for Hollywood talent agents, who have more vacancies for new midriffs every day. Jeff Morrone has discovered some of the hottest teen stars in the business. Perhaps his biggest discovery was an unknown teenager named Jessica Biel.

JEFF MORRONE: She was my client for five years, and I found her here. She was on stage. She was 12 years old. Most people here weren't interested in her. She didn't, I don't think, really win any awards. And she was 12 years old, and she was- she was, like, way too tall for her age. And she was singing 'Lullaby of Broadway' and, I think, doing fan kicks or something like that, and I just went, 'Oh, my gosh! There's a star.'

DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF: Jessica Biel's first big part was on a fledgling television network devoted to the teenager, the WB. She played a minister's daughter on the wholesome teen drama 7th Heaven. 7th Heaven was part of the WB's newly devised formula, radical by the standards of teen television: Keep it clean.

BOB BIBB, Co-President of Marketing, WB Network: Everyone else was going the edgy route, so maybe we ought to go completely different. And there was about a year period where we went family-friendly. And I think our slogan was 'Where America's families can watch television together.'

ACTRESS: ['7th Heaven'] You have done so well at regaining your balance, getting back on track with your diet and exercise. I'm very proud of you.

BOB BIBB: That was a novel approach at the time because, except for maybe The Wonderful World of Disney, families could not watch television together. So you know, programming and marketing met, and we thought that's going to be our angle.

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