Jessica Biel Visits 'late Night' 10/7 Transcript

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>> Conan: All right, everybody, we're back. Yes. My next guest started out on a television show, "7th heaven," and now she's moved on to the big screen. Her latest film is "elizabethtown" and she was just named the sexiest woman alive by "esquire" magazine. Please welcome jessica biel.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Conan: How are you?

>> I'm really good. How are you?

>> Conan: You look beautiful.

>> Thank you.

>> Conan: And so do I.

>> And you look fantastic. Sexy.

>> Conan: Thank you. I don't know. I just thought I did and then I saw myself in the monitor and I'm, like, oh, I do.

>> No, you do.

>> Conan: Thank you. Thank you very much. Well, welcome to the show and congratulations.

>> Thank you so much.

>> Conan: Sexiest woman alive. That's got to be a lot of pressure.

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: Yeah. I mean, I think you're holding up well.

>> Thank you.

>> Conan: But, sexiest woman alive, it just feels like, you know, a lot, right?

>> It does feel like a lot. I mean, I sort of feel like, are you sure? Did you pick -- I mean, I feel like my parents must have voted for me or paid them off.

>> Conan: That would be weird. If your parents were in on it.

>> Or something. How could I --

>> Conan: Right.

>> I feel completely flattered and honored, but it's just bizarre. It's very weird.

>> Conan: Right. I think it's -- I think they're right. And I want to say, this is interesting to me because, you know, you posed for these photos in "esquire," very sexy photos, but when you do film work and it calls for some nudity, you actually use a body double and it's someone that you get to choose, is that right?

>> That's right.

>> Conan: What is that like? I have to say, like, that's very strange.

>> That has to be one of the weirdest experiences I've ever had in my life. I'm literally sitting in a room with a director and a couple other men who are a part of the casting process and women are just coming in, they take off their clothes and they --

>> Conan: Do they take off all their clothes?

>> Everything except their panties. I feel like I'm a guy. Yeah, next, turn around, all right. All right, yeah, nice one. I mean it's -- it's a bizarre --

>> Conan: I'm a guy and I've never done that. Yeah, yeah, one more, all right. And then over there. And then over here.

[ Laughter ]

>> It's so weird. So, I mean, I just try to talk to them.

>> Conan: Sure.

>> Where are you from? Nice bum. Looking great.

>> Conan: Nice bum. I use line a lot. Where are you from? Nice bum.

[ Laughter ]

>> It's really weird. It's very weird.

>> Conan: Now, but you are -- you're comfortable with yourself. I was reading this article. You're comfortable with, like, public displays of affection. You're not uptight about things like that.

>> No, I love that. I'm a big, huge fan of pda.

>> Conan: Pda.

>> Pda. It's the slang.

>> Conan: Yeah, yeah. No, it's nice. You know, you see a couple strolling along, kissing, hugging, you just want to join them. I just feel, like, aww.

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: I bet that guy would be okay with that, yeah. Well, all right. Do you ever go up to couples, and, can I get in on this?

>> No, I actually haven't gone up ever before but I think it's going to be a weird, kind of scary thing if I do that.

>> Conan: So, you're comfortable with that.

>> I just look from afar and go, oh, I want a hug.

>> Conan: Yeah. Yeah. Well, I'm sure plenty of people around would be happy to help you out. I am not like that when I'm out in public. I'm not. No, when I'm out with my wife, I'm just, like, yes, hello, ha, ha. But I'm very, you know -- I'm just not that kind of person.

>> No.

>> Conan: It must be nice to be that way.

>> I like it. Affection is good. Showing it in public and not being afraid, it's nice. You need to show your wife more affection.

>> Conan: I will do it. I will do it tonight.

[ Laughter ]

>> Do it.

[ Cheers ]

>> Conan: Wait, wait, wait. No, no, no.

[ Applause ] Depends on what's on television. But we'll see. Now, but you're also -- you're a fearless person. You've done something that I've never done and that I have no interest in doing. You've gone skydiving.

>> Yes. Twice.

>> Conan: Twice?

>> Twice. It is so exhilarating. It's so much fun.

>> Conan: No, the first time, first of all, this is why I'm curious. Did you jump out of the plane alone, or did you do the tandem thing where the instructor is, like, hanging on to you?

>> Both times tandem because you have to go through a lot of training to do it on your own and I wasn't really interested in that. I just wanted to jump out, experience it. The first time, it was so terrifying to take that leap out of the plane.

>> Conan: Yeah.

>> I think I just blacked out. I think I literally was like -- oop, unconscious, unconscious.

>> Conan: That's why it's good with another person around, I think.

>> Exactly. So, I don't remember the freefall. And the person that I was skydiving with, who went after me, said, oh, the freefall is awesome. And I just missed it.

>> Conan: Right.

>> So I went again and I knew what was coming and I wasn't as terrified and the freefall is killer.

>> Conan: See, that's the part where people are doing loops.

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: And spinning around. See, I've always been afraid that if I went, even if there was an instructor hanging on to me, I would be so overcome with terror, and I'd be thrashing around so much, I would knock him unconscious.

[ Laughter ]

>> That's a major problem. You don't want to be thrashing around.

>> Conan: That would be me, all the way down, just --

[ Laughter ] That's why I want -- I applaud that you were able -- are you going to do it again, do you think?

>> I think so. I mean, if I'm a great location, have a great view, I can do another cool freefall, I'm in.

>> Conan: All right, now, I want to ask you about something else. There is, I'm told, that there isa drink, an alcoholic beverage, that you discovered in another country. Was it in europe?

>> Yes.

>> Conan: That you feel you want to import to america because it's not available in america but you want to bring it here.

>> All the ingredients are available in america, but I don't think we've figured out how to put them all together.

>> Conan: Right.

>> I found this shot, it's a shot, in prague, when I was shooting "the illusionist" there, over the summer. Basically, all it is is a shot of vodka and a slice of orange and you take the orange and you dip it on either side and coffee grinds.

>> Conan: Coffee grinds.

>> Coffee grinds. I know it sounds weird.

>> Conan: Okay.

>> And then you take the shot and you bite the orange and you get the instant rush of caffeine and sweet. It's a fantastic shot.

>> Conan: What is this drink called?

>> Well, there wasn't a name for it. So we were trying to -- my friends were trying to come up with some great name.

>> Conan: Right.

>> On set, my friends starting calling me jes and then jester and then it ended up being jester the molester. But I'm not a molester. It just rhymed. It was a weird thing.

>> Conan: Good to run around saying I'm not a molester on television.

[ Laughter ] I'm not a molester. So, you want to call the drink --

>> Very, very bad.

>> Conan: You want to call the drink the molester.

>> The molester.

>> Conan: That's great.

[ Laughter ] You're trying to import the molester into the country and having a hard time.

>> Yes.

>> Conan: You're going to have some problems. Why can't I get this molester into the country? Now, this is very exciting. The new movie, "elizabethtown," is a cameron crowe picture, and, you know, that's -- I've got to imagine, very cool. He's such a brilliant guy.

>> So cool.

>> Conan: You must be excited.

>> I'm so excited. I haven't seen it yet, but my experience working on that film was one of the most creative, wonderful collaborations I've been a part of. He's just -- he's so amazing.

>> Conan: I've met him. I've had the privilege of meeting him, like, one or two times. He's a really nice guy, too. I think he would put you at ease.

>> He does, completely at ease. You know, I had a very small part in the film and yet, every day, I was there he gave me all the attention in the world and i felt like I was, you know, number one on the call sheet. It was so great. It was lovely.

>> Conan: Well, it's "elizabethtown" opens next friday, so check that out. Jessica, thanks so much for stopping by. Great to have you on the show.

>> Thank you so much.

>> Conan: Jessica biel.

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