Jessica Biel visits 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' transcript 12/12

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Jessica Biel visits 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' transcript 12/12

Postby admin » Wed Dec 13, 2006 4:10 am

we have a special guest. "Esquire" called our first guest tonight the sexiest woman alive. And once again, they were right. This weekend, she won the hollywood breakthrough award for her role in "the illusionist." On friday, you can see her second noteworthy performance of year in "home of the brave." Please welcome jessica biel.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ] Well, it's good to see you. Thank you for coming back. How is everhing?

>> Thank you for having me. Everything is good.

>> Jimmy: You're in town, in part, to announce the nominations for the golde globeze% awards.

>> I am.

>> Jimmy: You're doing that with matthew perry, right?

>> Yes.

>> Jimmy: You have to get up early to do that, right? I have to start makeup and hair at 3:30 in the morning. I think I'm just going to stay up. Isn't that the way to do it? Party on? Stay up?

>> Jimmy: I think so. And crash out at noon or something.

>> Exactly.

>> Jimmy: What will happen if you are nominated for a golden globe? Will you announce your own name?

>> I don't know. I don't know how that's going to go. I' never done anything like this. And I sort of feel honored to be asked. So, I'm just going to show up and do whatever they want me to do.

>> Jimmy: Will you have to contain yourself from excitement if you are nominated and you're reading your own name off a card?

>> I don't know. I think it would be okay excited? Wouldn't it be?

>> Jimmy: I think you should accept the award right there. Act like you don't understand. They might feel too guilty and say we better give it to R.

>> I think that's a good idea.

>> Jimmy: That is a great idea. And matthew perry would also be eligible, right?

>> Definitely.

>> Jimmy: Wow. That would seem a little crooked. But it seems like if they're going to ask you to do it, maybe they know something. And maybe it's a good sign.

>> I thought about that.

>> Jimmy: You did?

>> I did. But you can't think about it. You have to let it go and think, this is going to be good experience. It's definitely an honor to be asked to be part of it. Hopefully, maybe it can present. If not, you know, you have to go with t flow and not really -- not really think too much into it.

>> Jimmy: You got great reviews for "illusionist." And it turned out to be a really good movie.

>> Thank you.

>> Jimmy: That's a movie where it's a different -- what era is that that film is set in?

>> 1900 vienna.

>> Jimmy: And you wore -- you wore a costume to your audition for the film?

>> I did. I did. I figured i have one moment to really shine and to stand out. And i kept hearing, from all these different auditions i was going on, that we period pieces, that i just look period. I'm too modern. And thought, i am not going to lose this because i don't look right. I'm going to lose it only if I'm not the right person for the job because of my ability or whatever. So, I just -- i literally bought a skirt. A ribbon belt-type thing. This old, victoryian shirt. I did my hair. Had this blouse. Had this whole thing going on. I went to the audition, fingered crossed that they were not going to laugh at my house.

>> Jimmy: And thank god you got the part. If you dressed up like that and you had to walk home sullenly.

>> Like you said, i should just accept. If i had -- come in --

>> Jimmy: Did I say that? I'm really getting smarter as the years go on.

>> They might have felt bad for me. She bought this costume.

>> Jimmy: That's a great way to go. Are you close to your family? Or do you hate them?

>> I love them.

>> Jimmy: Yodo?

>> I'm very close to my family.

>> Jimmy: What do you do for christmas? What is the tradition? Is there one?

>> We usually stay in colorado. Stay close to my extended family. But this year, we're actually -- we're going to take a family vacation and go some place tropical where we can surf instead of snowboard.

>> Jimmy: How many people will be going on this trip?

>> Just four. My mom, my dad, my brother and dad.

>&gtImmy: You were nice enough to bring photographs?

>> I did not bring these. These were sent by my father. I have no idea what they are.

>> Jimmy: You don't know what these are?

>> I'm sure I've seen them at some point in my life.

>> Jimmy: Here we go. Let's start with this one. This is from way back in 1986. Look how cute. What is that game here? Do you know?

>> I can't read that.

>> Jimmy: It's a make me pretty game. It worked. I guess you won.

[ Laughter ] This is -- this is you auditioning for "the karate kid"?

>> That's my brother and I. We got those -- i don't do karate.

>> Jimmy: They're called -- that's what it is.

>> We got those f christmas one year from my grandma.

>> Jimmy: That's a great idea. Give kids things to encourage them to fight together.

>> Yeah.

>> Jimmy: And this is -- this is 1988. The christmas angel.

>> No. That's the christmas bride.

>> Jimmy: The christmas bride?

>> That's the wedding?

>> Jimmy: Who do you marry? Santa or jesus?

>> I'm not sure. I was marryied to myself. I was excited about being in that dress.

>> Jimmy: Was this a present you got for christmas?

>> I think it was. I think it was also a part of a three-foot-tall doll that was exactly the same size as me. And we could wear the same clothes.

>> Jimmy: Really? That's pretty cool.

>> Creepy. But very cool.

>> Jimmy: And slightly erotic.

[ Laughter ] You can market those things. This new movie -- tell us what the new movie is about.

>> Jimmy: "Home of the brave." It's about four soldiers coming home from iraq. And basically how difficult it is and a struggle it is to assimilate back into normal life.

>> Jimmy: Had I not -- i went over to an air force base in germany germany. That's insane. No soldiers look like you. And that's crazy that you would play a soldier. But there are actually -- first of all, there's a lot of women over there, going back and forth to iraq. And there were some very attract attractive women over there.

>> I think the percentage is one in seven.

>> Jimmy: Attractive?

>> One in sevenñ/ women.

[ Laughter ] There's so many women. And they are. Women from all walks of life.

>> Jimmy: Yeah.

>> They're beautiful. And they're smart. And it's amazing.

>> Jimmy: And you play seone who lost her hand.

>> Yes.

>> Jimmy: In iraq.

>> Yes. I lose my right hand. And it was really lily interesting because i wasn't sure what kind of research i wanted to do for this project. I decided to talk to these women veterans who were amputees.

>> Jimmy: Really?

>> Real women. It was really interesting. I got to ask them these personal questions about how they felt about the war. How they feel about their life now and before. And what -- what site like to exist with this disability.

>> Jimmy: Yes.

>> And what surprised me more than anything, was the military creates such a family. Such a tight unit, they wanted to go back.

>> Jimmy: Yeah. Because they left their friends over there.

>> They left their fellow soldiers there.

>> Jimmy: Right.

>> It shocked me. I thought, these are the most courageous women I've ever met.

>> Jimmy: We have a clip. In this clip, your character is -- this is your first day back on the job.

>> Yes.

>> Jimmy: And your job is what? The film?

>> I play a gym teacher. This clip is --

>> Jimmy: Oh, my god. Can you imagine if you were a gym teacher? That one I'm not buying.

>> Come on.

[ Laughter ] Come on.

>> Jimmy: But this is -- your first day back to work.

>> Yes. And struggling with people trying to help me when i just want to do it on my own. You know, try to get back.

>> Jimmy: Jessica biel in "home of the it opens friday.

>> Let me give you a hand.

>> It's all right. It's okay.

>> Mud on here.

>> It's okay. It's okay.

>> I teach boys P.E. But I've been teaching your girls the last eight weeks.

>> Oh.

>> Long day?

>> Yeah. Takes some getting used to.

>> You want to grab a cup of coffee or something? I can fill you in on your students.

>> I don't think so. Thanks.

>> You

>> I'm sure.

>> Okay.

>> I got it. I got this.

>> Jimmy: There you go. That looks good. Jessica biel, everybody. You going to stick around? We're going to make sandwiches.

>> Yes.

>> Jimmy: And fantasia will join us. Jessica bi. "Home of the brave yts on friday. We'll be right back.

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