Jessica Biel Visits 'The Tonight Show' 7/12 transcript

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Jessica Biel Visits 'The Tonight Show' 7/12 transcript

Postby admin » Fri Jul 13, 2007 2:47 am

Jay: A little welcome wagon, I'm going to have them here on the show tomorrow. Yeah. All right, you know my first guest from her years on "7th heaven." She's now starring in a new movie with adam sandler called a very funny comedy. It opens on the 20th, next friday. Please welcome the lovely jessica biel.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Good to see you.

Jessica: Good to see you.

Jay: Welcome back. Good to see your mom again.

Jessica: I know.

Jay: I talked to your mom.

Jessica: That's so sweet.

Jessica: Your mom looks good. If you want to know what a a woman is going to look like in 20 years, look at her mom. Your mom still looks beautiful.

Jessica: My mom is gorgeous.

Jay: Oh yeah, very pretty. Very pretty. Now did you watch "beach games," by any chance?

Jessica: I did. I did.

Jay: Okay, now that seems like your type of thing. 'Cause I was told you -- you'd never turn down a dare, is that correct?

Jessica: I can't remember that I ever have, no.

Jay: Okay, really? So anyhow, like, could you stand on your head? Can you do that?

Jessica: Oh, geez, jay, I mean --

[ Laughter ] They're not cute at all.

Jay: Really? Granny panties. I would not have gone there, but okay. So what's the most exciting dare you've accepted, or the hardest, or the scariest, or whatever you want to call it?

Jessica: Well, I -- I went skydiving, actually. Terrifying.

Jay: On a dare. You'd never done it up until then?

Jessica: Never done it, but it was terrifying and exhilarating. And you know what, I really think -- I actually sort of blacked out throughout the fall. You kno

Jay: Right.

Jessica: And then, you know, the guy that -- I'm doing it tandem.

Jay: Okay.

Jessica: So I'm strapped to this me empujando para the -- the cord.

Jay: Right.

Jessica: And so I woke up at that moment and so I realized I have to go again so I can really

Jay: Wow.

Jessica: So I've been twice.

Jay: Wow. Now how --

Jessica: Terrifying, but so worth it.

Jay: Well, how did you do the second time? Did you stay awake?

Jessica: Fully awake.

Jay: Okay, all right. Okay.&

Jessica: Cheeks flapping.

Jay: Right..

Jessica: Ugly, not attractive.

Jay: Right.

Jessica: So much fun.

Jay: Really? All righ to face? What other fears have you -- do you have a hard time with?

Jessica: Well, I -- I actually just sang in this little piano bar

Jay: Singing in public?

Jessica: Even though I -- I was, sort of, a musical theater kid and did all the stuff, but --

Jay: Really?

Jessica: It just makes me so nervous. So I did that in paris. I conquered that fear, which is & really nice.&

Jay: Okay, so you're could do it is what you're saying?

Jessica: No, I did that one.

[ Cheers and applause ] No, no, no. I conquered that fear already sort of. Not really at all.

Jay: But you know, you have -- first of all, you did it in paris, where nobody is paying attention because you're american.

[ Laughter ]

Jessica: That's true.

Jay: So they weren't -- they weren't listening. So you have to do it in front of a crowd. Don't you think? I mean, a bigger venue.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jessica: No. No, I'm so nervous. My heart is pounding out of my chest. Please don't make me do this.

Jay: Well, you should -- you should try then. 'Cause I remember something. I met you when you were what, like, 15 or something like & that.

Jessica: Something like that, yeah. The time. Oh, I know, it's something that you wanted as a kid, but you . Were never able to get or your parents couldn't afford or

Jay: I have it here. And if you sing, I will give it to you. If not, well then --

Jessica: What is it?&

Jay: I'm not going to

Jessica: Oh, I have to sing first?

Jay: It's something. It's something that you told me you wanted when you were a kid, because you we tomboy, bien?

Jessica: Yes.

Jay: And this is not -- it's like a --& it's a girl version of a tomboy thing.

Jessica: Okay.

[ Laughter ] So it must be good.

Jay: Well, it's -- it's & something you specifically told me when you were a little girl, like you were 8 or 9, oh, you wanted this so muf1 couldn't get it.

Jessica: I think I know what it is. I think I know what it is.

Jay: Well, whisper it in my ear first.

Jessica: Power wheels. Let's see.&

[ Laughter ]

Jessica: Oh, gosh.

Jay: What -- what song do you want to sing?

Jessica: Oy! Oh, I don't know.&

Jay: And I will bring it out here. If not, it'll go back --

Jessica: Kevin, something cheesy, & something '80s.

Jessica: Kevin: All right.

Jay: Oh, something from his album?

[ Laughter ]

Jessica: I don't know.

Jessica: Kevin: Do you know what you want?

Jessica: "Almost paradise?"

Jessica: Kevin: You want to do that?

Jessica: So bad.

Jessica: Kevin: You want to try that?

Jessica: So cheesy. Okay. Okay.

Jay: Okay, yeah. Here is the mic. Here is the mic right here. And --

[ Cheers and applause ] If you sing it, even halfway good, this thing you've wanted since you were 8 years old is right backstage. And will be brought -- will be brought out.

Jessica: Okay. It better be worth it.

Jay: Stand up. Stand up. It's what you wanted. It's the color you wanted and everything.

Jessica: I have to stand up?

Jay: Yes, you're a singer. Ladies -- let me introduce you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jessica: Okay.

Jay: I'll introduce you. Ladies and gentlemen, the kit kat club is proud to present --

[ Laughter ] The song stylings of miss jessica biel.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jessica: Give me a note.& Give me a note. Where's my note?

Almost paradise we're knocking on heaven's door almost paradise

how could we ask for more I swear that I can see forever in your eyes paradise

Jay: Very good.

Jessica: Okay. Okay. That's it.

Jay: That's very good.

[ Cheers and applause ] There you go, have a seat.

Jessica: Oh, my gosh.

Jay: This is what you said that you wanted when you were 8 years old. Can we bring it out? Let's bring it out.

Jessica: What do I get. Where's my treat?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Here it is right here. Here you go.

Jessica: Do I get to ride it?

Jay: Yeah, hop in it. Hop in. Hop in. There's your gas pedal. You can drive across the floor.

Jessica: I did really want this. I never got one.

[ Cheers and applause ] I was denied as a child!

Jay: Hit the gas. Hit the gas, baby. Go. Yeah, all right!

[ Cheers and applause ] We'll be right back, right after this. More with jessica biel, right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with jessica biel. I see your on the cover of "gq." And you're on the "esquire." You got "the sexiest woman alive." Now see, now this makes me laugh. You know, but see, I also know you as, like, a goofball.

Jessica: I know.

Jay: Now what do your friends think, when they see you? Like people you went to high school with? Do they think that's funny?

Jessica: I think they think it's totally ridiculous. I remember when my brother -- I told him about it, and he goes, "ew. Ew." I go, "I know, I feel so weird about it." It is funny though. It's it was -- it's funny. It's flattering.

Jay: Yeah.

Jessica: But it is a little bit funny.

Jay: Well, now you're like a a paparazzi favorite. Do you mind that? 'Cause it's got to drive you crazy.

Jessica: You know, sometimes it's just -- it can be really weird because it's so surprising that anybody cares what you're doing at the farmers' market buying groceries. I was there.

Jay: Right.

Jessica: I was there one -- one sunday afternoon with a friend of mine. And this woman was with her video camera, which is so weird, your video camera. It's just strange. And I just went over to her and I said, "you know, I'm just buying beets. It's so boring. Can you just let me go on with my day?" And she said, "well, you could have just worn a cuter outfit."

[ Laughter ] It's sunday morning! What do you expect from me? There's so much pressure. I feel I can't handle it.

Jay: Now did you ever -- you make a deal with the paparazzi? You say, all right, look, I'll give you this if you'll leave me alone.

Jessica: Yes. And you know what? Most of the time it doesn't work.

Jay: Okay.

Jessica: But I actually just went to this wedding of my good friend'S.

Jay: Right.

Jessica: And it was on a public beach so, you know, anybody and everybody can --

Jessica: Sure, yeah.

Jessica: Can be a part of this. And they followed me from my house all the way to santa barbara.

Jay: Really, 'cause it's -- all the way to santa barbara? They just follow you?

Jessica: They -- they followed me the whole way there. It's crazy.

Jay: Wow.

Jessica: And I got out, and I said, "you know what?" I walked over to them. "This is my friend's -- you know, it's his wedding. It's his day. Please be respectful of this." We had this whole negotiation. "You'll do this and I'll stand here. And I'll give you this. And I'll smile, and I'll do this, if you do this and you leave." And he said "yes." And it actually worked. We had this whole deal, I felt like I should have signed a a contract. It was --

Jay: Wow.

Jessica: It was amazing, because it actually worked.

Jay: Now everybody is going to want that deal.

Jessica: I know.

Jay: Wow. Now, I understand you got back from where? Was it belize you went to?

Jessica: Yes.

Jay: Okay, well, that's a a pretty place, isn't it?

Jessica: Oh, it's so gorgeous.

Jay: Yeah.

Jessica: I went with a close girlfriend of mine.

Jay: Yeah?

Jessica: It was just so nice. We just relaxed and w and you know, what's so funny about vacation is, I mean, you meet the funniest, craziest people. I met this one, this one guy. Restaurant. And he started chatting with me. He was about 18 years old. And he was there with his father, just graduated f1 and talking about what a a religious christian he was. And I was just so curious and interested, and asking him all these questions.E he was so sweet. And out of "

[ Laughter ] I'm like, "what does that even mean? Fornication? Who uses that?" Can I say that word even, by the way?

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Yes, you can say that word.

Jessica: It's just this bizarre word. And so from there on out, we fornicator."

[ Laughter ] Which is just a weird -- it totally took me by surprise. I was blushing, completely embarrassed. This young 18-year-old kid. I didn't know what to say to him.

Jay: I'd like to see if he'd ask you the same question when he's 22. "Chuck and larry." You're funny in this movie.

Jessica: Thank you.

Jay: It's a movie about, obviously, kevin james and adam sandler pretend to get married. Or they do get married, I guess. To save money on the insurance, because they're domestic a real story, sort of, I guess it's true. And you're their attorney, right? But you think adam is gay? Absolutely. I'm defending them against the state.

Jay: Right.

Jessica: I truly believe that they love each other and they want to be together. So I want to make that happen.

Jay: Right, right.

Jessica: And in -- I think in this clip that you're going to see, we've -- we've become friends.

Jay: Right.

Jessica: And we basically become girlfriends. And we're having a "girls'

Jay: Right, right.

Jessica: Where you're shopping, hanging out and it's really fun. And so I'm really comfortable with him. And he, you know, we're coming in, running in from the rain. And he's questioning me about my body. And it's just this funny little scene. Let's -- let's take a look here.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: That's cute. "I now pronounce you chuck and larry" it opens on the 20th. Jessica, always a pleasure. Thank you very much. And enjoy your new car! Be right back with bill engvall right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ] .

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