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Postby admin » Thu Jan 25, 2001 11:12 pm

here's the latest on Pam:

January 23, 2001

Dear Diary:

What a wet week -- it's been raining like crazy out here in California. This is our monsoon season and the kids are going bonkers stuck inside the house. But at least it doesn't last long - just a few hours of rain followed by lots of sunshine. They don't call it La-La land for nothing!

I've been busy shopping for cool clothes this week. What do you gear up for in LA in the winter - ski bunny or pre-spring bathing suits? Decisions, decisions!

Now that the new year is in full swing, I've started living up to my resolutions: exercise, keep the fatty foods down, spend time with the kids and my loved ones, and think positive! Hey, when you consider the alternatives, it's a pretty good philosophy.

Hugs and Kisses-

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