Transcript of Tonight Show w/ Pamela 2/9

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Postby admin » Sat Feb 10, 2001 3:43 am

My first guest stars in and produces her very own syndicated show, 'vip.' Also guest-stars on nbc's 'just shoot me' next thursday, the 15th. Please welcome my buddy pamela anderson!

[ Wild cheers and applause ]

[ wild cheers an

>> jay: You look great, as always.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: Did you watch our 'hollywood survivor'? Are you a 'survivor' --

>> yes, I did. I did. I did. That was good, the fish eye. That was brave.

>> Jay: Are you surprised by who got voted off?

>> Yeah. Yeah. Well, I guess it's hard. You know, they're all --

>> jay: Who would you have voted off? They're not watching.

>> Who i voted off?

>> Jay: Yeah, who would you have voted off? Probably gary.

>> Jay: Oh, gary?

[ Laughter ] now, let me ask you now -- now, you're single again.

>> I know. Yeah.

>> Jay: You're out there dating?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Are you dating anyone we know? Any new, exciting -- no one to talk about yet. But, you know, just keeping busy.

>> Jay: Is it hard to meet guys?

>> Yeah. Well, yeah, it is. Well, not -- you know, it's only been a short time since I've been single, and i've done pretty well for myself.

>> Jay: Really?

>> I'm doing okay.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Jay: Well, how do you go about meeting guys? I me do you, like -- do you let the guys find you? Or do you figure -- like, in your position -- 'cause you're a big star -- do you find the guys?

>> Yeah, i scope somebody out, and then i go in for the kill.

>> Jay: Is that what happens?

>> Yes. No, no, friends introduce me. Friends introduce me.

>> Jay: Oh, is that how it works?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Well, I guess that's always safe.

>> Yeah. Yeah.

>> Jay: Okay. Now, how about valentine's day? You got anything special for that?

>> I'm with my boys.

>> Jay: Oh.

>> Yes, my two little valentines. I'm gonna definitely do it with them.

>> Jay: Okay, and they --

>> it's my first valentine's day alone in a long time. But it'll be good.

>> Jay: Oh, that's good.

>> I'm accepting flowers, presents, anything from anybody.

>> Jay: Oh, that's good.

[ Light laughter ] well, there you are. And your kids, do they make a valentine card, or do they -- or do they go out and buy one?

>> They won't tell me. They're making a surprise.

>> Jay: Oh, that's -- well, that's nice.

>> Very cute. Very cute.

>> Jay: Good, good. Now, you had one for me? Is this for me?

>> Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I had a couple.

>> Jay: It had my name on it.

>> Yes. Let me see. I couldn't decide, so I had a couple here. Let me see.

>> Jay: What does that one say? It says, 'ront?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Very nice.

>> Good. 'Jay, you're the greatest. Your jokes make me grin. And I just laugh out loud when i look at your chin.'

[ Light laughter ] I know, that wasn't very nice. I didn't really -- i didn't know -- somebody else wrote that -- my friend. Anyway, this one, I wrote.

>> Jay: This is yours. Okay.

>> This islovely card.

>> 'When i'm around you i feel sexier and smarter. Too bad I'm young enough to be your daughter.'

[ Laughter ] but that's not a bad thing.

>> Jay: How does that dress stay up?

[ Laughter ]

>> they had to sew it onto me.

>> Jay: No, but see -- now, you see, as a man, we don't -- there's a certain thing that happens. As a guy, when your pants get to a certain angle, they can't stay there. They just go down. But those are at that angle, and I'm wondering --

>> they're hanging from the fallopian tubes, I think.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Okay, that does it for me. Now, i want to ask you about this -- this very sexy tape. These are a couple of friends of yours?

>> Yeah. Yeah, their from --

>> jay: You're not in this one?

>> No, i'm not. But there is -- there's a lot of p**** on this tape.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yes.

[ Light laughter ]

>> jay: Let's take a look.

>> Good kitty.

Blockin', bumpin' beatin' on somethin'

jumpin' up and down till the neighbors start barkin'

rainin', railin' I ain't complainin'

can't bring me down with the beat I'm playin' with you

go, go yeah, come on, everybody

we got it goin' on

go, go, go, go go, go

we got it goin' on

[ cheers and applause ]

>> very important. Very important to spay and neuter your cats and dogs, because you don't know what they're doing when you leave the house.

>> Jay: That's right. When you're away -- when you're away, that could be going on in your home right now.

>> It could be. It probably is, I'm sure.

>> Jay: Let's take a break. More with pamela right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ] to kk back and reach for a . York peppermint pattie. Get the


love is in the air

every where i look around

love is in the air

every sight and every sound

love is in the air...

Love is in the air... Looking good, babe.

Love is in the air.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Welcome back.G with pamela anderson. Now, i -- are those i don't mean to be rude. Are those jewels

>> yeah, well, i wanted to be a little conservative in case you could see through it. Jewels.

>> Jay: Those are lovely --

>> it was interesting getting into these, yeah.

>> Jay: Are they glued on?

>> Yes, yeah, yes, yes.

>> Jay: When you pull the glue off, do you go, 'ow'?

>> I don't know yet.

>> Jay: Oh, okay. I guess we'll find out after the show. You're getting into sports, I understand?

>> Yes, yes, i actually just did the michael jordan golf charity thing.

>> Jay: You play golf?

>> Well, as soon as -- i don't think go-go boots go very well with shorts to your knees. So i was worried about that. So i told him that i would do maybe a bikini golf classic or a skinny golf classic.

>> Jay: A bikini golf classic?

>> Yes, I'm doing the first pamela anderson bikini golf classic, in the bahamas. And hef's all on board. I've got a pink planpicking up the playmates. Everyone's coming.

>> Jay: A pink plane?

>> Yes, of course.

>> Jay: That's the safest.

>> Yes, of course. It's a little safer. And no, everyone's coming, it's going to be a charity for violence against women and for peta. It's a great foundation.

>> Jay: Everybody plays golf in bikinis?

[ Applause ]

>> yeah. It's pervert golf.

>> Jay: Well, that should be good.

>> Yes, yes.

>> Jay: And, of course, I know you got your thing on the web, what is it, the palm thing?

>> Pam tv.

>> Jay: Pam tv.

>> Yes, it's a little pet, port-a-pet. You play with her a lot, she does interesting things.

>> Jay: It's you and a little thing you can download into your palm.

>> You can download in the palm pilot.

>> Jay: How many guys have downloaded pam on their palm already?

[ Laughter ]

>> that was very funny.

>> Jay: So it's just like a little you, and it moves around.

>> Yes, and you have to give me presents and feed me.

>> Jay: Just like real life.

>> Yes, just like real life.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Now, you're going to do a 'just shoot me,' right?

>> I did do that, yes. I think.

>> Jay: You know you did.

>> I was very, very ill when i did that. I had the stomach flu, i don't know what was happening me, so i had a doctor come by to give me a shot in each butt cheek, actually. I was like -- I remember i had my skirt up, and i was like -- he's like, 'stop flexing, stop flexing.' I'm like, 'i'm not flexing!'

>> Jay: What do you mean, flexing? I don't know what you mean.

>> I don't understand, either.

>> Jay: I don't -- i'm confused. Again, i'm not a medical person.

>> I don't know, what? Want me to show you?

>> Jay: Stand up. I'm

>> you can really see in this.

[ Cheers ] I'm not flexing.

>> Jay: Turn around, turn around. 'Cause we have a lot of medical people --

[ cheers ] I see. Oh, I see now. I understand.

>> See, I was flexing in that.

>> Jay: I hope my wife is watching 'nightline.'

[ Laughter ]

>> you have to blur that part out.

>> Jay: You know, like david spade is on that show. He's single. Could you ever go for him?

>> Oh, i love him. I think I have gone for him. No, no, no.

>> Jay: Little small?

>> I like little guys. Little monkeys, yeah.

>> Jay: Little guys, you don't like the big, tall --

>> big, tall, small.

>> Jay: I introduced you to a couple of guys before the show.

>> Yes, they were great. Airplane mechanics.

>> Jay: Damon and leroy -- elroy. Right there, there they are right there. Damon and elroy.

>> You said -- you said they looked like the number 10, standing together.

>> Jay: They do look like the number 10. One's skinny, one's round.

>> Yes.

[ Light laughter ]

>> jay: Now, what happens in this clip? You have a girl fight?

>> I think so. I'm dying to see it. Because, again, I told you i had the shots. And I was a little dazed and confused. But I hope it was okay.

>> Jay: Let's take a look. Here's a scene from this thursday's 'just shoot me.'

>> That's the outfit.

>> S many shrimp?

>> I don't know, a dozen?

>> A dozen? We're talking shrimp, not

[ laughter ] nina, have you met pamela anderson?

>> Wait a minute. Nina van horn?

>> Yes.

[ Laughter ]

>> i think you know what that's for?Nd i think you know what this is for.

[ Laughter ]

>> no, i don't. What?

>> For slapping me.

[ Laughter ]

>> this isn't over. After I finish that tiger trick, we're going to take this outside.

>> Bring it on, sister, I was born outside.

[ Laughter ]

>> that doesn't even make sense.

[ Laughter ]

>> that was fun. 'That doesn't even make any sense.'

>> Jay: Oh, man. Very good. How's things on 'v.I.P.'? You still having fun?

>> Oh, i'm having a blast. That's not work. It's such a fun time.

>> Jay: I did an episode, and it was a fun time.

>> I know, i know, you gotta come back. We have lots of new people on the show. Engelbert humperdinck did it.

>> Jay: Well, there you go. That's reason enough right there.

>> Exactly.

>> Jay: Who else you got? You got engelbert.

>> Well, next year, I have a ton of people coming on, too. We have dionne warwick, yeah, paul mccartney was on. Yeah, yeah.

>> Jay: I mean, please, nobody gets paul mccartney.

>> He's so great, too. Well, he's the peta -- you know. So he did it for me, for that. There's a lot of people. A lot of sports people next year, mike piazza.

>> Jay: Have you met the rock?

>> No, but he has to do the show, too. I'm gonna beg him when i get

>> jay: When he gets out here. Pamela anderson, ladies and gentlemen. Be right back with the rock.

The Rock part:

>> Jay: Have you -- have you met pamela before?

>> We actually -- yeah, we met at -- where did we kick it at? A laker game.

>> Laker game.

>> Jay: Are you a fan? Do you watch 'vip'?

>> Yeah, absolutelfan. Believe me, jay. I smell what she's cookin'.

[ Laughter ]

[ cheers and applause ]

>> yeah!

>> Jay: Would you do her show?

>> What's that?

>> Jay: Would you do her show?

>> Sure. Yeah.

>> Good, good. You didn't have to work for it.

>> Well, we talked about that before.

>> Jay: Oh, you did?

>> See?

>> Jay: Got to make him workfor it. You can't give in.

>> He wants a lap dance with the xfl cheerleaders.

[ Laughter ] isn't that what they're doing?

[ Cheers ] that's what I heard about.

>> Jay: What is that, with the -- are they lap dancing at the xfl games?

>> I don't think so. Well, I've never been to a game. I'll go to the game tomorrow, here in L.A., At the coliseum. But I don't think there's actual lap dances. There might be. Maybe that's when the camera's off.

>> Jay: Have you seen the cheerleaders? What do you think?

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