Pamela Transcript: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

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you know, I could say that they're hot, hot, hot, but the most important thing is they're here today, the stars of v.I.P.' Welcome pamela anderson and natalie raitano. Rondell>> welcome. Bo>> it's a big old love fest. How you doing?

>> It's a party here.

>> Wow.

>> The partiers have arrived.

>> And can we tart with talking about 'V.I.P.?' It's our fourth season. (Applause) girl power seems to be the big thing now, just the power of girl-ness. You said that you were surprised that so much women watch the show.

>> I said it would be a 50/50 audience but others said it would be drunk people. The beer swilling guys. I appreciate that they're watching the show, but women are watching, too. Bo>> you surprised a lot of people. A lot of people right out of the box looked at you, sized thought she'll only do this and this is as far as she'll go. You've surprised and shocked everybody. Life you go, girl. It's so true. Bo>> how do you respond to that? Have you exceeded your own expectations?

>> I think when people have an image of you like that, you can't disappoint anybody. So i thought that was a plus and the proof is we're doing the showand doing l. Dr. Drew>> we have a clip. Do you want to set it up?

>> Oh, here you are a figment of my imagination on the train.

>> Is that you?

>> Yeah. Right here.

>> Where?

>> You are getting warmer.

>> Is that really you?

>> Of course not. I am a projection of your unconscious mind's conceptualisation of what nicki is.

>> How do you know the big words?

>> You think i'm stupid?

>> The show is so funny. It's like you guys are in on the joke and perpetuate the joke. It's great. And the chemistry, are you guys really friends and not only on the show but in real life?

>> Ye we are together all the time.

>> Pretty much inseparable. Rondell>> I am surprised to see natalie so quiet. I met you about 3 weeks before you started taping the show.

>> I think it hadn't started now. Rondell>> and now she is composed.

>> I am letting her answer. Rondell>> we met at a party for a friend and you talked about finding out about the show and you were so in awe of everything that happened to you.

>> I still am. I am thankful for every single moment. I bought my first home that I'm moving into 2 weeks from now. And i am so thankful. I am still in awe. I still say, aren't i supposed to be waking up at 6 a.M. And teaching aerobics? I am 6 degrees of separation from everyone. Here. Bo>> let's dish and talk about men. What -- i will have both of you, what should a man do to win your heart? Because a lot of men don't get it. To win your others had, what do they need to do? We'll start with you, natalie.

>> First of all, you have to have a life.

>> Number one.

>> You have to have a life. And I think have a life. Because we have lives. And it's hard. I think it's intimidating to men if you have yourself together and you have a job, home, car. You don't need a man. You know? . Sam>> do you guy friends?

>> Both. We hang out all the time.

>> There's definitely time for guys. . Sam>> and where do you like to cruise for guys? I like to hang with you. Restaurants?

>> What's a good place? Through friends. Sam>> and you work so much.

>> We try to go out with guest stars. No. I'm kidding. Rondell>> there's a reason to be on the show. Bo>> and your life style is a little bit different. We consider it's a glamorous life but you also have kids. So how is it for you raising sons and dealing with your superstar status?

>> That's quite a question. I just feel like a mom who works and I have long hours but i bring my kids to work and the cast and crew are an extended family so i am fortunate. I get to spend more time with my kids than a person working 9 to 5. But I do still have to juggle things. I don't have a nanny at home. I am hands on and it's the best part of my lifethis week your home was on and it wasn't the home i thought it would be. It's a cozy cottage.

>> What did i expect?

The outside of the cot lage and i -- cottage but i expected chandeliers and more. But it was just very homey and very warm. And this was much different than i think most people think.

>> I am very home-oriented. Everyone told me to decorate and do things like that. And i have always collected. I have so many collections of things and i am a swap meet whore.

>> You go to the swap meets?

>> Get out!

>> I spent the weekend at her house and she wanted to get up at 4 in the morning and go to the swamp meets.

>> I get antiques. I collect a lot and get shipments. But every piece i pick out myself and i love my home. I love photographery with my kids. Too. Rondell>> and I am trying to picture people going at the swap moot -- meet, 'that's not pam and natalie.' Bo>> if you are looking for pamela anderson, you know where to find her now. At the swap shop. Up next more with the ladies when we come back. S who's going to teach me how to ride this thing? Bo>> we are back with two of the hottest babes on tv, pamela anderson and natalie raitano from 'V.I.P.' And we're talking about relationships and how men and women get along and sometimes I know the two of you are like hand-out buddies on and off the set. What's the best advice that she has ever given you.

>> Can you say the blind leading the blind?

>> Really? Do you guys give each other advice?

>> We have hours of girl talk and just figure things out. It's not one particular thing but just hours.

>> Bo>> has she every dated someone that you said, 'oh, please!' All the time. And we'll tell each other, too.

>> I won't hold back.

>> She'll tell them. Rondell>> it's social.

>> You are so lucky. You are so lucky to have her. If you ever do this -- I even sent the hell's angels after them. Bo>> have you given her advice? And does she take it?

>> She does.

>> Yeah.

>> It's true. Girlfriends are girlfriends because we respect one another's opinions.

>> And she and I always think nobody is good enough for either one of us bo>> so you guys really are great friends. Bo>> i have to sayone thing. Pam and i co-habitateed in a house.

>> She took me in, in a moment of need. She did. Me and my brother stayed with you for a little while after i broke up with a boyfriend. Sam>> person.

>> Yeah. And i brought you things.

>> The dried flowers. I was so excited because she brought her whole dried flower collection.

>> Another thing that people don't know.

>> I am obsessed with home stuff. I am so into that kind of thing. Sam>> and she hung them up on the wall and then she left and there were nails in my wall and no flowers. I was like, damn, pam! And we had nicknames. You were pam-bo.

>> Right.

>> And I was sam-bo. Right. Rondell>> and i wonder how that would have worked in my house. It's a white thing. Sam>> you have two boys. Do you want another kid? Do you want a girl in

>> I do. But I could also be a great stepparent to a girl. I want to try. But att, if you have kids, i'll take 'em. If you have 2, you could have 10. Especially mine. And I love kids and it's really important it me that someone has a passion for things and have children. I love animals. There are few things that i need and want but they are very important. Bo>> you might have to have a ceo if -- from a fortune 500 company.

>> It's not a financial thing. It's about passion. Passion for something. You know?

>> They have to be secure with thems. Rondell>> so it could be a homeless guy with a really nice box?

>> I wouldn't go that far. (Laughs) rondell>> you guys talked about passion before. And natalie you said in an article that pam has been in playboy many times that playboy is not something that you would think of.

>> I just don't feel playboy-ish.

>> Playboy would be honored. Bo>> but you obviously love your body. You got a great body. I am asking you why you won't pose.

>> You need the ... Where do you start?

>> I don't think I'm there yet.

>> Not there yet? Honey, you've been there so many times.

>> And it's just me.

>> But it's the funniest thing. I am running around because i was a dancer my whole life, i am not ashamed of my body at all. I'll answer the door naked -- not for guys. Rondell>> i am just getting the address. I got a package to deliver a little later.

>> She is always closing the door and changing.

>> She is like, what? Do i have to pay the 8.99 to see you naked? (Laughs)

>> it's crazy. She runs around, smoking a cigarette and talking to the phone.

>> The picture you guys are painting of your life sounds so much fun.

>> We have a great time. I have everything that I want except for the right man one day. We thought we'd learn something today. Rondell>> you are. Bo>> pam, ask him questions like about men, you know, like what is up with the call-back? Why don't you call back? Sam>> why do you wait 3 days? Rondell>> I told you. We have meetings late at night. We are required and told at the meetings, we cannot call until a certain time goes by. I can't share any more secrets. We have to take a prake but next, we'll have their handwriting analyzed by an expert. J bo>> welcome back to pamela anderson and natalie raitano. Did you know that your handwriting can reveal a lot about your relationships?

>> Paul ai -- paula, i have a question. What does handwriting tell you

>> it tells you about the relationship, everything about it.

>> Let's take our fabulous guests. What does their suggestsay in

>> wsee pamela's side with her ambition and the say he connects the i shows creativity. And we see her independence. But there's a wonderful cup on it showing warmth and caring and love. Now, the m is interesting. The 3rd hump is higher so she is concerned about other people and now they perceive her. Her pamela shows imagination and she uses a lot of exclamation points with expressiveness and she shows the loving nature, but the heart does have a break in it.

>> Oh! Now natalie.

>> Wow. The capital letters shows her showmanship. They are a lot a like. And i figure your house cost a lot buzz you have a little depression in finances with a wide loop.

>> Oh, the my.

>> I spelled my name wrong?

>> Great.

>> And in your name, in the t and the f in from, you have all the wonderful connectives, showing a persistence. Never give up. Keep going. Now the capital 'I', it shows conflict and the bottom part where it goes around and under, this is the masculine or male influence in your life so there has been disappointment in that area.

>> Wow. That's surprising. (Laughs) so the analysis doesn't reveal anything new?

>> She is right on.

>> What about you?

>> I had someone tell me --

>> i think it's right on.

>> Someone told me i am an exhibitionist.

>> Oh, yeah. But in a positive way.

>> Pamela, you are sensitive. You look at it like i offended you.

>> Oh, no.

>> I am very hard to offend, trust me.

>> Now the broken heart, the next time you sign the name are you going to be aware that it was broken?

>> I don't know. I won't let it brother me.

>> She is the strongest. You know? Yeah.

>> Is she like a big sister? Oh, yes. Definitely. Do you feel like you were separated at birth?

>> People even come up to us and say, remember in the beginning, a long time ago --

>> even your family. Remember?

>> I was like, i am not in the family. I am really not.

>> I am not your niece.

>> If you have ever noticed, when you become best friends with something, you start to look like each other, even though you don't look anything like each other. You pick up mannerisms and things like that.

>> I wish you so much more success.

>> It's in the relationships. Rondell>> thanks again. Pamela and natalie.

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