Tommy Lee talks to Access Hollywood 4/19

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>>> welcome back. That's tommy lee getting neighborhood, shocking the world is par for the course for tommy. But when i sat down with the rocker yesterday, i learned there's much more than meets the eye. Tommy lee totally unplugged is tonight's inside story.

>> Any time there's something written, it's the tattooed, gun toting, wild man, rocker, wife beater, [ bleep ] all this [ bleep ]. And it's like, i'm just tommy.

>> Reporter: Tommy lee wants to clear the air. I sat down with tommy just yesterday and found a rocker ready for redemption.

>> Who is that guy? Yeah. We all have our things. We all make mistakes, but that's not me.

>> Reporter: From being rock and roll's poster boy for bad behavior as a drummer for motley crue to his volatile marriage to pamela anderson, tommy lee has often found himself under intense media scrutiny, especially when the focus was on he and pamela.

>> What's it been like, tommy, to have this relationship out there all the time?

>> I don't know. It's weird. It's definitely super, super weird, you know. I'm a pretty private person, too. And it was pretty bizarre to have your life and personal life sort of plastered everywhere. And just misconceptions and misprints and misquotes and just like crazy, crazy stuff all over the place, you know. It's frustrating.

>> You and pamela share these kids. What's your relationship going to be like, because all of you are in this together.

>> We're having a really good time. We're having fun. It's all good. We have an awesome family. We spend a lot of time with the boys together. It's all good.

>> Reporter: And tabloid fodder forever, right? Does that get old? Back together, not back together?

>> Yeah, keeps them guessing though.

>> You like that, huh?

>> No, but it's true.

>> Reporter: As for those past wild days, tommy opens up in the upcoming motley crue autobiography 'the dirt,' excerpts from which can be found

the latest issue of 'rolling stone.' In it, tommy revisits the dark days that found him behind bars for spousal battery in 1995.

>> Was the lowest of lows jail time?

>> Yeah, but also awesome at the same time.

>> Reporter: Awesome, jail?

>> I know it sounds so weird to say, but that's life-changing

[ bleep ] right there. That gave me an opportunity to shut everything off and go inside, and I would highly recommend it to anybody. Not jail. But maybe like --

>> have something that makes you look at yourself.

>> Take time and go away.

>> Reporter: With troubled times behind him, tommy is ready to rock again. Since leaving motley crue, tommy has formed a new group, methods of mayhem. They are currently recording an album due out this fall. Get ready for the new tommy lee.

>> Because i'm a cool guy.

>> Ever wonder how tommy and pamela got together in the first place? New year's eve, 1994, pamela made the first move, sending a drink over to tommy at a party. The rest is history. That issue of rolling stone is on newsstands now. Motley crue's autobiography, the dirt, confessions of the world owes most notorious rock band, it's a wild read, due in stores april 22nd.

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