Matthew Lillard Shares Pamela Experience

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Postby admin » Sat Jun 22, 2002 3:47 am

Craig: Did you meet some celebs during the filming of e movie?

>> Yeah. They had one of -- like the greatest compliments i have ever received was from pamela anderson. Craig: Oh, yeah?

>> Yeah. She has a cameo in the movie and she says, 'you were so perfect as the shaggy.' See, that was pretty much the best. Craig: What did you say to her?

>> 'Thank you, the pammy.' Craig: And you guys -- did you rap with her about anything else?

>> There was this really awkward moment where -- it was the first day of shooting and i walked back to my trailer, like a five-minute walk and I was accidentally five paces behind pamela anderson and you don't know whether to step up or stay behind, she's got security guards and I don't want to get throttled, finally she slowed down and we start walking and she goes into this whole, like, kind of story about her a tommy lee's problems, and they have been -- craig: Wow.>> Yeah. Craig: And you're the sounding board.

>> And I'm listening, knee deep in a conversation with the pammy about the tommy, and I was like wow -- and i start giving love advice and at the end i said just so you know in a million years I would never ask you about tommy but you have to be strong. You have to shut him down. In fact, you should hook up with kid rock rock. Kid was supposed to do -- craig: You're the man.

>> Love connection. Craig: Woolery, right there.

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